How To Get Lakeview Manor in Skyrim: Building a Homestead

Lakeview Manor Skyrim

Adventuring is the main draw of Skyrim, whether it be to complete quests, find valuable loot, or explore interesting locations. Sooner or later, though, you’ll want to find a place to relax in between adventures, one where you can safely stash your loot and maintain your equipment. While you can purchase a home in each … Read more

How To Obtain Dawnbreaker In Skyrim

Dawnbreaker Skyrim

Saying that there is a hoard of quests and equipment in Skyrim is an understatement. There’s a seemingly unending amount of things for you to do in the game, including helping out the divine entities of Tamriel. This often happens by accident; you’re exploring one of the many dungeons in Skyrim, crack open a chest, … Read more