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How To Reach Raven Rock In Skyrim

Raven Rock Skyrim

As part of the Dragonborn DLC, you can explore the island of Solstheim pretty early on in the game. There you can find Raven Rock, a small settler town that once made a small fortune in mining as an Imperial colony. Now, it is a shadow of its former glory, abandoned by the Empire and colonized instead by House Redoran. Despite this, there is a whole lot to explore at Raven Rock, and the island of Solstheim itself. If you want a taste of Morrowind without going too far from Skyrim, this is the place for you. That said, you’ll have to get here first.

Unlocking the Dragonborn quest

Skyrim Cultist's Orders Note

If you want to reach Raven Rock in Skyrim, you’ll first need to unlock the quest “Dragonborn”. You’ll need to progress the main questline a little bit to do this, up to the point where you are summoned by the Greybeards to High Hrothgar. After you’ve completed your training with the Greybeards, you will get the quest “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller”. At this point, there is a chance to encounter a band of cultists anywhere in Skyrim. My encounter with them was immediately after descending the mountain back down to Ivarstead, so it can be pretty immediate.

Once you defeat the cultists, check each one for a note. Once you read this note, you will begin the Dragonborn quest, allowing you to seek transport to Solstheim, the home of Raven Rock.

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Crossing the Sea of Ghosts

Raven Rock Skyrim Gjalund

Traveling to Raven Rock will require you to cross the Sea of Ghosts. You won’t be able to simply swim across this sea; trying to do so will prompt a message saying you can’t go that way. Instead, you’ll need to find someone with a means of transport willing to take you across.

This objective will take you to Windhelm, specifically the city’s port district. Once there, head over to the docked longships and speak to Gjalund, the captain of the Northern Maiden. He’ll be your ticket to Solstheim; he just doesn’t know it yet. Initially, he is against the idea of heading back to Solstheim, describing a pretty bad experience regarding the very same cultists you bumped into. To change his mind, you’ll either have to use your silver tongue or your deep pockets. Once you convince him, Gjalund will agree to ferry you to Solstheim, on the condition that you depart immediately. In a few short moments, you will arrive at Raven Rock, the main settlement in Solstheim.

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What is there to do in Raven Rock?

Bloodskal Barrow

There’s a surprising amount to do in Raven Rock, and the island of Solstheim itself. You’ve got a bunch of quests to do, starting with the Dragonborn quest that got you here. It doesn’t end with getting off the dock; instead, you’ll need to find out about Miraak, the character named in the Cultists Orders note. You’ll also need to explore a bit of the island to achieve this goal. There’s no need to rush this quest, though, as there are plenty more for you to check out:

  • Black Book: Winds of Change – You can initiate this quest by reading the Black Book down in Raven Rock Mines. You’ll need to uncover the secret behind this book, which will afford you one of three rewards. Each reward comes in the form of a perk, each with different effects. Arguably the best perk is Scholar’s Insight, making skill books earn you an additional skill point in its particular skill. Lover’s Insight will have you deal 10% more damage to characters of the opposite sex and get 10% from vendors of the opposite sex. The last reward is Companion’s Insight, making every one of your attacks deal no damage to your followers.
  • An Axe to Find – This is a pretty good quest to do early on, as you’ll get a unique pickaxe out of it. This pickaxe is required to mine Stahlrim, which is a valuable material both to sell and to use for your own equipment.
  • Put A Fork In It – If you want to get your hands on a Daedric relic, this quest is up your alley. You can initiate it by picking up and reading the Mysterious Note in The Retching Netch. At the end of this quest, you’ll get yourself the Staff of Sheogorath, a weapon that can easily paralyze nearby enemies.
  • Served Cold – If you like Solstheim enough to want to put down roots, you should prioritize this quest. You’ll need to complete the March of the Dead and The Final Descent quests first, then speak with Captain Veleth. You’ll get this quest as a result, with the reward being Severin Manor, a cozy home in Raven Rock.

Places of interest in Raven Rock

In addition to quests, there are a few places of interest in Raven Rock and beyond. The Retching Netch is a pretty important place to visit, being the inn of Raven Rock. You’ll be able to find some quests here, a place to sleep, and a Dunmer follower, if you’re so inclined. If you want to recruit him, you’ll need to part with 500 gold. Raven Rock Mines is another good place to visit, housing a few quests and treasures for you to uncover. Severin Manor is another interesting location, even if you don’t complete the quest to make it your own. There is a workbench, smelter, and other smithing facilities for you if you’d like to forge something.

There are quite a few noteworthy places on the island of Solstheim other than Raven Rock, with several being related to certain quests. While on the island, you should check out Fort Frostmouth, a fortress constructed during the Imperial colonization of Solstheim. Skaal village is another interesting place, being more like a piece of Skyrim transplanted to the island. You should also give the Earth Stone a look; it’s an interesting location close to Raven Rock, and it is related to what brought you to the island in the first place. There are plenty of other locations for you to discover, but these ones should give you a flavor of what to expect.


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