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Lies Of P: Complete Trophy Guide [& How To Unlock]

Lies of P Trophy Guide

Are you a bit of an achievement hunter? Well, this guide on the Lies of P Trophies will help you understand the method to get all the achievements, including the hidden ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lies of P has a total of 42 achievements, including hidden ones.
  • Various achievements are related to defeating bosses, exploring the game, and using specific strategies.
  • The game offers multiple possible endings based on the choices you make.
  • Some achievements require specific dialogue choices and interactions with in-game characters.
  • Collecting various items, weapons, and records is necessary to unlock certain achievements.
  • Using a summoned Specter can be helpful in boss fights.
  • Upgrading weapons and Legion Arms is necessary for specific achievements.
  • The text provides tips and strategies for some of the more challenging boss fights.
  • Achieving different endings in the game unlocks distinct achievements.
  • Exploring the game thoroughly is essential for collecting various items and achieving all the available trophies.

How Many Achievements Are In Lies of P?

There are a total of 42 achievements in Lies of P and each of them is detailed below. I have personally spent 60+ hours in the game and half of that was my first playthrough which was focused on exploration.

If you really want to then you could definitely complete all the achievements in under 30 hours by having a guide and foregoing all the other exploration aspects.

All Trophies And Achievements In Lies Of P:

Fatal Blow

Fatal Blow

So this is relatively easy to get. You simply have to deliver a fatal blow, which in this game means to simply backstab an enemy.

There is actually a tutorial segment which teaches you how to backstb an enemy so getting this achievement should be easy as pie.

Stargazer's Guide

Stargazer's Guide

After making your way out of Krat Central Station, the starting area of the game, you are greeted with the city of Krat and can walk out to touch the first Stargazer and get this achievement. One of the most easy Lies of P Trophies you can get since it literally asks you to get one foot in the door.

Parade Master

Parade Master

Ah yes, your first boss achievement. You get this upon defeating the Parade Master boss which can be quite challenging for new commers to the souls-like genre and even a few souls veterans.

If you are having trouble with this fight then check out our comprehensive guide on beating the Parade Master boss.

First Lie

First Lie

After defeating the Parade Master you make your way to Hotel Krat, but there appears to be a defense mechanism in place that does not allow puppets to enter. We find out that this mechanism is a simple question of “Are you a puppet or a human?”

To get access to the hotel and move onwards with the game you ahev to lie and say you are “human” which will net you this achievement. If you answer with “puppet” then the game will simply not let you go past this stage until you lie.

The Ultimate Defense Technique

Ultimate Defense Technique

So this is gogint o be either very easy or very hard to get depending on what kind of play style you adopt. If you like to dodge and weave through attacks then this will be annoying for you. If you prefer to block or parry all the hits then this will be quite easy for you.

Essentially the game has a weapon break mechanic for almost all the enemies you encounter, including bosses (most of them anyways). The way to do this is to perfect parry the attacks and do this repeatedly.

For most common enemies you can do this 3-4 times and their weapon shiuld break. Go try this against the butlers with the candle holders as weapons since they break with 2 perfect parries and are ther easiest to get this achievement from.

Scrapped Watchman

Scrapped Watchman

The Scrapped Watchman is the second boss you will fight and has an interesting moveset. It’s quite predictable with well telegraphed stikes that allow you to get your parry or dodge timings down perfectly.

If you are having trouble with this fight then we have a detailed guide on the Scrapped Watchman which can help you out a ton.

The Bastards and the Sweepers

The Bastards & The Sweepers

So this will be the first humanoid enemy you face off against. You get this achievement for defeating the Mad Donkey on Elysium Boulevard where he is hungry for Gepetto’s blood and recognizes you as a threat.

My advice for beating him would be to not try and parry his strikes but rather go around him by dodging and strafing to get backstabs. Backstabs are exceptionally strong against humanoid enemies and act like a cheat code.

Upon defeating this Stalker you will be awarded his outfit and quite fashionable donkey head, alongside the achievement.

Exploring Possibilities

Exploring Possibilities

A very easy achievement to get once you find a different weapon in the game. All you have to do is simply go to a Stargazer and disassemble you two weapons and put them together in a  different way. Very simple and quick to knock out of the park.

King’s Flame

Kings Flame

Ok, so this is the boss of Veignini Works factory and its quite annoying to fight, in my opinion. The difficulty does not arise from long combo strings but rather from the annoying amount of distance that each attack put between you and the boss.

The best way to go about this fight is to imbue your weapon with the electric element so that you can apply static shock to the boss. This works the best against it since it is a puppet by all means, even though it looks nothing like one.

Also if you are having more trouble then just summon a Specter and use throwables such as the Throwing Cell which is quite useful against this boss.

After defeating Fuecoco you will get the achievement and can move on to the rest of the game.

Fallen Archbishop

Fallen Archbishop

The point of frustration for many Lies of P players. Fallen Archbishop Andreus is one of those bosses that regularly make an appearance on Lies of P rage compilations and one that any new player will struggle on.

The 2 phase fight alongside the devastating combos can be quite a troublesome hurdle to overcome for many players. The best way to go about it is to simply summon the Specter so that it can take the boss agro off of you.

Doing so will allow you to set up the flame element on your weapon which is the most effective against corpses such as Andreus. Also do not forget to use throwables, in particular the Thermite throwing cell alongside the Fire Canister.

After going through both of his phases you will be rewarded with the boss’s rare ergo and the achievement.

The Delayed Match

The Delayed Match

One of the few gang fighst in the entire game, which is actually quite astonishing when you think about it. The Black Rabbit Brotherhood have taken a hold over the Malum District so its your job to go and stop them in the spirit of a true protagonist.

The fight has no separate phases rather it has the eldest of Black Rabbit Brotherhood fighting you with assistance from the other 3 members occasionally. Some of them are quite easy to deal with while others and really annoying with their high mobility but overall a very fair fight.

I recommend you go in with a summoned Specter and try to use the Carcass Body Fluid Bottle throwables to inflict them with acid. This is the most effective since they are human and human enemies are the most weak to acid.

After going at it for a little while you will learn the pattern of the fight which will eventually grant you victory and the achievement.

Bear Gold Coin Fruit

Bear Gold Coin Fruit

So you get this by taking the elevator that is located inside of the building behind the Black Rabbit Brotherhood fight. This should lead you to Giangio who will talk to you about needing gold coin fruit.

Enter the door on your left and go collect from the tree. This act will award you with the achievement and open a plethora of new gameplay options for you.

King of Puppets

King of Puppets

The King of Puppets is the mid-game boss you have to face and is easily one of the most fun fights in the entire game. The rhythm, tempo, movement all comes together perfectly to give a masterful performance that could be called a work of art.

To get some easy wins on this boss you can summon a Specter and buy a crystal from Giangio which restores the summoned Specter’s health. This will keep it healthy in the fight of phase 2. You should also equip the electric element since Romeo is a puppet at the end of the day and takes more damage and increases stagger damage. 

After defeating Romeo you will be awarded his Rare Ergo to make the best boss weapon in the game (in my opinion) and get the achievement.

From Across the Rift

From Across The Rift

To get this achievement you will have to do a bit of exploring around and kill all the different colored dimensional butterflies. The easiest way to tell if there is a dimensional butterfly nearby is the lamp on your belt will start to glow red and illuminate the area.

The Champion of Evolution

Champion of Evolution

Champion Victor is one of the more funny bosses Lies of P has to offer since his attacks all have a nice rhythm to them, similar to the King of Puppet’s second phase.

To beat Champion Victor there is only one rule. Do not get greedy since he hits quite hard if he gets his hands on you. So that piece of advice will go a long way to getting victory.

Once you defeat this amazing monstrosity of science and human nature you should get the achievement.

Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

Puppet Devouring Green Monster

One of the more annoying fights in the game due to the poorly telegraphed attacks and annoying habit of repeating attacks which are either difficult to parry or provide little to no guard regain.

To beat this beast and claim he achievement you should first and foremost summon a Specter to get some agro off of you and secondly you should equip the flame element since this monster gets burned more easily.

Do not forget to use throwables such as the Thermite and Shot Put but also learn how to parry its charging fury attacks since those are going to be key to scoring a victory. Once defeated you should get the achievement.

Strongest Legion Arm

Strongest Legion Arm

This achievement is gotten for upgrading any one Legion Arm to the maximum level. That means you have to collect a total of 6 Legion Calibers and put them all into just one arm.

Very easily doable if you have been using one Legion Arm throughout the entire game and pumping all your Legion Calibers into that.

Corrupted Parade Master

Corrupted Parade Master

The Corrupted Parade Master is simply a rehash of the Parade Master but with a few new attacks with longer range. He is quite easy to beat and once you get some fire procs on him he is as good as toast. You should get the achievement after defeating him.

Revenge of Black

Revenge of Black

One of the most annoying fight in the entire game. Honestly the best way to go about this fight is to summon a Specter and let him take agro from all the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Then when they are focused on him go ahead and backstab them all until they are about the same health.

Make sure you don’t kill them without getting them all down to a few hits since they will spawn in their revived elder brother to fight for them.

After taking them down you will unlock the achievement and this is one of those bosses that make you sigh with relief that its over because it was not fun at all.

Extreme Potential

Extreme Potential

To get this achievement you simply have to get access to the 5th Tier of P-Organ upgrades which can easily be achieved by simply going to the Saint Mercy Statue to reset your P-Organ and reallocate all the Quartz into less demanding upgrades which unlock the path faster.

To be clear you don’t have to get any upgrades in the 5th Tier but rather just unlock it to get the achievement.

Strongest Normal Weapon

Strongest Normal Weapon

Another easy achievement to get since for this you only have to upgrade a blade to +10 which requires Hidden Moonstone, Crescent Moonstone, Half Moonstone, Full Moonstone.

I recommend you upgrade the Living Puppet Axe blade since its the best option when going for a Motivity build and does crazy amounts of damage if you use it alongside the Aegis Legion Arm.

The Complete One

The Complete One

My personal favorite fight in all of Lies of P. Get ready for a challenge with this one since if you were not familiar with the parry mechanic up till now then you are about to be acquainted with it the hard way.

Laxasia is a very tough fight but make sure you have acid on your blade and do not forget to use throwables. Doesn’t matter which ones, just use them whenever you get the chance in phase 2 and make sure you use a Specter to draw some agro away from you.

Once you are done with this amazing experience of a fight you will unlock the achievement. One of the toughest Lies of P Trophies to get but totally worth the extra points to show it off on your profile.

The Awakened God

The Awakened God

So Simon Manus is quite a disappointing fight if I am to be honest.The first phase is insanely easy while the second phase is just boring with you having to run away from large area of effect attacks.

The fight pretty much boils down to taking your time with the second phase and hoping you get some good RNG. After defeating Simon Manus you will be granted this achievement.

The Story of the One Who Dreamed

Simon Manus

Getting your hands on this achievement is pretty easy you simply have to defeat Simon Manus. Your answer here does not matter so pick whatever route you are running at that time and you should get the achievement.

Strongest Special Weapon

Strongest Normal Weapon

An easy achievement to get since for this you only have to upgrade a special boss weapon to +5 using the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant and Full Moonstone of the Covenant.

For this we recommend you use any boss weapon you like but make sure its one weapon since there are a limited number of upgrade materials in one playthrough. So do keep that in mind when you are aiming for this achievement.

The Story of the Refined Old Lady

Old Lady

After unlocking the Golden Tree Fruit go to Giangio and get a cure for Antonia. Now you can playthough the game as normal but after defeating Laxasia The Complete go back to Hotel Krat and talk to Polendina.

He will inform you of Antonia’s passing, go up to Gepetto’s room and on the wheelchair you will see a record and a letter. After reading through the letter fully you should get the achievement.

The First Puppet

First Puppet

The true final boss of the game and my second favorite fight in the entirety of Lies of P. You get no Specter in this fight, it’s just you and the Nameless Puppet going head-to-head, deciding which one of you gets to keep the heart.

The only way I can tell you to beat this fight is “git gud” and buckle up for a bumpy ride because the second phase for this fight is no joke. However, if you overcome this difficult adversary then you are among the elite of the elite players. Upon the puppet’s defeat you will gain the achievement.

Legion Arm Collector

Legion Arm Collector

Pretty simple, you just have to collect all the Legion Arms that the game offers you by using the Legion Plugs you find out and about in the world.

End of Riddles

End of Riddles

You can get this achievement for solving all the telephone riddles and opening all five Trinty Sanctums in the game. This will not only reward you with a bunch of Quartz but also the achievement.

The Story of the Prince

Story of the Prince

Getting this achievement is surprisingly easy as it it tied to the “End of Riddles” achievement. Go to the final Trinity Sanctum and keep talking until you exhaust all the dialogue options. 

Make sure you have the “Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance” which is located in Lorenzini Arcade when going through the dialogue.

Afterwards you will receive a “Moon World Warrior Toy” which can be taken back to Veignini to unlock this achievement.

Rise of P

Rise of P

The best ending in the game out of its three possible endings. This is considered the best ending because of the key figures that don’t disappear permanently and the reconciliation with Gepetto.

To get this ending you have to tell lies  throughout the majority of the scenarios presented to you. Then when you reach Sophia you must choose the option to “Give her peace” and “Refuse” when Gepetto asks you to give your heart.

Upon defeating the Nameless Puppet the game will give you the “Rise of P” ending and the achievement.

Pianist of Krat


An easy achievement to get by just simply going over to the piano in Hotel Krat and playing it after getting an ending. It does not matter which ending you get as the outcome for you playing the piano will be the same. Definitely one of the easiest of Lies of P Trophies you can get.

The Story of a Stranger Girl

Story of a Stranger Girl

After you get Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel and have it decoded from Veignini you need to read through the entire letter and then talk to Eugenie. During this dialogue option you will be given the option to tell her one of two choices.

You have to pick the “Alidoro was Eugenie’s brother” option and then receive the items she gives you. Doing so will award you with the achievement for this questline which is actually quite easily to miss.

Free from the puppet string

Free From The Puppet String

This is one of the three endings of Lies of P and its considered a very neutral ending since it’s better than the bad ending but worse than the good ending.

To get this ending you have to tell the truth throughout the majority of the scenarios presented to you. Then when you reach Sophia you must choose the option to “Let her live” and “Refuse” when Gepetto asks you to give your heart.

Upon defeating the Nameless Puppet the game will give you the “Free from the puppet strings” ending and achievement.

Veteran Explorer

Veteran Explorer

For this you need to find all the cryptic vessels and have them decoded from Veignini in Hotel Krat. Afterwards you have to find the location they are at and solve the puzzle. Once you solve all six cryptic vessel puzzles you will be awarded this achievement.

Learning about Emotions

Learning About Emotions

To get this achievement you simply have to gather all the gestures in the game which can be quite easy if you simply interact with the characters of the world.

The Story of the Blue Butterfly


This achievement ties directly into the “Rise of P” ending where after completing the game if you go back to Gepetto’s room and collect the letter sitting on top of it you will see it’s from Sophia. Reading through the entire letter will award you with this achievement.

Real boy: They all lived happily ever after

Real Boy

So this is an ending of the game, one of the three possible endings and by far the worst ending. You kill all the people in Hotel Krat and replace them with puppets of themselves which breeds a very uncanny valley type of atmosphere.

The way to get this achievement is after defeating Simon Manus you take the elevator down and when Gepetto gives you the choice you choose to give your heart.

Normal Weapon Collector

Normal Weapon Collector

Nothing much to say regarding this achievement since it simply requires you to explore around the map and get familiar with all the paths in the game.

If you are having trouble then it is definitely recommended that you open up a guide and simply follow it along to get all the weapons you missed throughout your playthrough.

Special Weapon Collector

Special Weapon Collector

This achievement is also quite easy to get but only if you do not go for any of the boss amulets and only get the boss weapons from Alidoro/Hugo.

Every time you beat a boss just keep it’s Rare Ergo and once you encounter Alidoro, before fighting Fallen Archbishop Andreus, you can send him to Hotel Krat where you can find him tucked away in the left most corner of the ground floor.

The Story of One Father


This achievement is tied to the “Real boy: They all lived happily ever after” ending. After getting that ending you must go up to Gepetto’s room and read the letter left on his desk. Read through the entire letter and you will unlock this achievement.

Golden Melody

Golden Melody

Finally we reach the least completed achievement in the entire game. You get this for collecting and listening to all the records in real time.

This does require you to go into NG+ since there are certain Golden Reconds that can not be found unless you do that but it is definitely worth it since they OST for this game is an absolute treat and what better way to reward yourself than by relaxing to the beautiful sounds of Lies of P after completing every achievement in the game.


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