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Lies of P: How To Defeat The Parade Master

Lies of P How To Defat The Parade Master

Lies of P is the latest souls like game that has taken the gaming community by storm. The game showcases polished mechanics and an intricate world that keeps you hooked. The game introduces formidable foes with skilled move sets, which can be hard to beat. Hence, as always, we are here to help you beat the Parade Master with this Lies of P Parade Master guide.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Parade Master is your first boss in Lies of P.
  • He has a wide range of attacks such as Punch, Sweep, Slam, Dash Attack, Body Slam, Fury Attack, and Swing Attack. 
  • You can beat the Parade Master by finding timings in the vulnerable moments between his attacks, especially dash attack.

Who is the Parade Master?

The Parade Master is the first boss you will face during your playthrough. You will encounter him in the Krat Central Station and will have to defeat him to move forward. The Parade Master is a giant puppet that can launch powerful slam and sweep attacks. 

Parade Master

These attacks can be brutal if you get caught up in a couple of them. Furthermore, despite his big size, he is quick on his feet, making some of his attacks unexpected. Hence, don’t let the fact that this is the first boss distract you from how powerful he is. 

Parade Master’s Move Set

Here, we will describe the entire move set of the Lies of P Parade Master to help you understand his tells and what moves you should parry, block, dodge, or straight-up run away from.


The Parade Master can launch a punch at the player. You can recognize the attack is coming as he will move his arm backward and then push it forward, giving you a window to dodge.


During this attack, the Parade Master will raise both hands and then do a sweep attack above his head in an X shape. You can dodge this if you dash to either side.


In this attack, the boss will raise one of his hands in the air and slam you into the ground; you should remain alert to dodge this as he can chain it into three hits. One slam for each hand and then one last one with both. This will take a decent chunk of your HP, so it’s best not to get caught by it.

Dash Attack

The Parade Master will do this move when the player is far from him. He will stand still in a running form and charge at you to do a slam or punch attack, which can be dodged by rolling backward. There is a time window here to do damage after he has landed his attack.

Body Slam

This is one of the heavy-hitting attacks in the Parade Master’s arsenal. During this attack, he will move a little forward and then open his arms and jump at you, slamming you into the ground and taking away most, if not all, of your HP. Once he opens his arms, it’s your queue to dodge.

Swing Attack

This attack becomes available during the second phase of the fight, where he will use a stick as a weapon to launch multiple attacks at you. These attacks can be chained, so make sure you don’t get caught up in them, as they can prove lethal. He can also do a full swing attack where he rotates in a 360-degree motion, meaning you will have to dodge backward to avoid it.

Fury Attacks

The Parade Master can launch any of his previously described moves as a fury attack. You’ll know it’s a fury attack once he starts glowing red. The only way to be safe from this attack is to either do a Perfect Guard, which is quite challenging to pull off at the start or to avoid it.

These are all the move sets available to the Lies of P Parade Master. Now it’s time to take a look at how you can defeat him.

How to Defeat the Parade Master

As mentioned, the parade master has powerful sweep attacks along with slam attacks. As they are attacks that require big movements, the intervals after his attacks leave him quite vulnerable. The first opening that you can find is after his dash attack. 

First, stand back from the Parade Master, so he will have to use his dash attack to get close to you. Once he gets close to you, he will either slam the ground where you are standing or throw a jab attack.

 You can dodge the attack and get some good hits in before he begins attacking again. Make sure you figure out the right amount of hits to deal with because it is better to play this fight out patiently.

Fighting Parade Master

Here, you can either repeat this strategy or find timing between his next attacks to output damage and get his health bar lower. Once his health bar drops down to 60%, it will initiate the second phase of the boss fight and will make the Parade Master take a cage off his back.

In the second phase of the fight, the Parade Master will have a higher range and arsenal of attacks up his sleeve. This will mean that you will have to play even more cautiously than before and find the right timings.

Luckily, during this phase, the strategy to bait him into doing the dash attack works; however, it will be a bit harder. First, create some distance between you and the Parade Master, forcing him to use his dash attack. 

This time, his dash attack will consist of three quick movements followed by a swing attack in both directions, first right, then left. You will have to meticulously dodge and deal damage. You won’t have enough time to land as many hits as previously, so it’s better to back off early. You can also take this time to heal yourself if you are low on health.

Low Health Parade Master 

You can do the same as phase 1 and continuously do this, as his other attacks can be a bit more difficult to maneuver around.  

However, you can also find the right timings in them if you properly understand his attacks. The addition of Swing attack to his arsenal is something to look out for, though. That attack is deadly and will lead to your downfall if you don’t understand it fully. 

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This hit-and-run strategy is perfect for defeating this boss. It will reward those who are patient enough to seek the right opportunity rather than running in just trying to deal as much damage as possible. Also, if you take your time, you will learn more boss mechanics and how to go about it, which will help you in future fights.


Defeating the Parade Master will not only give you the accomplishment of beating a boss but also item rewards you can use in game. The rewards are:

  • Parade Leader’s Ergo
  • 1 Quartz
  • 1852 Ergo

If you require more Ergo, you can use the Parade Leader’s Ergo to get an additional 5000 Ergo. You can use this inflow of Ergo to invest in your levels and skills or to purchase better equipment to deal with the treacherous path that lies ahead. However, you can also hold on to that and trade it down the line for unique weapons and accessories.

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Corrupted Parade Master

The Corrupted Parade Master is the improved version of the Parade Master that shows up later in the game. He is found in the Collapsing Krat and will push you much more than the previous version. In your fight with him this time, he will be able to summon minions that will hinder your movements; however, they are relatively easy to kill due to their low HP. 

Corrupted Parade Master

Furthermore, the Corrupted Parade Master can inflict decay on you with his left arm, making it quite lethal if hit multiple times. The Moveset for this mutated Parade Master is the same with some variations, so let’s see how you can work around them to defeat him.

Helpful Tips Before the Fight

Firstly, this should be a given, but try to upgrade your weapon as much as you can afford to. The Corrupted Parade Master is much tougher than his previous version and will require you to land more heavier hits to cleave your way through him.  

Moreover, you can use Purification Ampoules on yourself. This will allow you to be able to get rid of the Corrputed Parade Master’s Decay once the bar is full. Doing so will ensure that you don’t lose much HP and don’t have to consume your health pots so early in the fight.

Furthermore, you can also keep some Thermite with you as well. This will help damage the enemy from afar, which you can do quite a lot if you follow our strategy below. The thermites will ensure that you are at least doing some damage even while being away from the boss.

Lastly, if you are unable to do any more upgrades and still feel like you are lacking in damage, you can add Fire Abrasives to help boost your damage. This will bridge that gap and ensure you can maintain the upper ground in fights.

How to Defeat the Corrupted Parade Master

Due to him having the same move set, you can defeat the Corrupted Parade Master using the same strategy as before. However, there are certain attacks that you need to watch out for, which have been upgraded due to his mutation. 

First is that his dash attack got an upgrade. Now, he will do a double dash into a swing. To identify this attack, you will notice him raising his weapon in the air and behind his head. Here, you can dodge this attack by ducking into him and landing some hits. However, sometimes, he will do a multi-swing combo, which can deal significant damage, so be on the lookout for it.

Defeat Corrupted Parade Master

Next up, his body slam is more telegraphed now. He will directly jump into the air and fall on you, which can easily be avoided by dodging him and landing a few hits. However, he might squirm and move his arms around to save himself. If he is going to squirm, he will first raise his hand into the air, letting you know what’s coming next.

One of his most powerful attacks now is his grab. If you stand in melee range of him, he will do a quick hand movement to grab you and deal enough damage to one shot; hence, it is best that you don’t go near him unless for short trades during the timings.

Lastly, he has an attack where he runs towards you while raising his tentacle hand. With that hand, he can either do a normal sweep attack or try to do three swipes in successions, making it integral to dodge the first one. You’ll know if there are more hits if he raises his tentacle hand again. 

Tentactle Hand

Other than these attacks, the rest of his attacks are the same for the most part, and your best bet is to stall for him to do the dash attack. This is because the risk involved in going for hits during the rest of the attacks is relatively high due to short intervals between attacks. 


Once you beat the Corrupted Parade Master, you will move one step closer to finishing the game and will get the following rewards:

You can use this Ergo to boost your weapon by upgrading it or getting new equipment to prepare for the next boss and stage of the game. Furthermore, you can use the Quartz to upgrade your P-Organs, which would have now been unlocked since you would’ve already beaten the third boss.


With that, we conclude our Lies of P Parade Master guide. He isn’t a hard boss to beat if you just play it slow and don’t get greedy. Remember, it is all about finding the right timings. You should learn to look for timings in every fight, as they are integral to the gameplay mechanics of this game. 

Moreover, learning to distinguish between boss attacks, especially the Parade Master’s, will help you in the later stages due to you having to face the Corrupted Parade Master.


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