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Lies of P: Scrapped Watchman Boss Guide

Scrapped Watchman

Lies of P is the latest souls like game on the block and it has taken the gaming community by storm. The game innovates the previous Souls game mechanics but also keeps them original enough to spark that nostalgia. 

Moreover, with its intricate world-building and beautiful cinematics, the game is gradually making its way to the top ranking. This means that it’s up to us to inform you all about this game. So, without further ado, let’s get into this Lies of P Scrapped Watchman guide.

Who is the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P?

The Scrapped Watchman is the third boss you will face in Lies of P. He is a mechanical robot that now brims with electricity and does lethal damage. 

You will find this boss in the Krat City Hall area and will have to defeat him to advance further. He possesses a unique character design and move set that can be hard to deal with. But fear not; we will provide you with all the relevant information related to the Scrapped Watchmen. 

The Lore of the Scrapped Watchman is that of tragedy. He was built by Mr. Venigna, who wanted to provide the townspeople with a reliable protector to stop evil and a friend around whom people feel safe. However, during the building phase, the Watchman was hit with excessive charge that made his appearance crude and made the city council hesitant to display this puppet.

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Puppet

Even now, the puppet sits abandoned behind the town hall while the trial for his freedom runs. Furthermore, your first interaction with him will also make you question if he is your enemy as he utters the words: “Children… frozen… abandoned by you! I… avenge… my friends…” making him someone who is just seeking revenge for the unjust death of his friends.

However, don’t let his backstory distract you from the fact that he Is a boss you must defeat, and it won’t be easy to do so if you are hesitant. So, to help you navigate the fight, let’s look at the move set of the Scrapped Watchman.

Scrapped Watchman Move Set

Even though the Scrapped Watchmen Is only the third boss in the game, there is a huge jump in fighting prowess from the Mad Donkey to the Scrapped Watchman. 

Lies of P Boss

Hence, it is crucial that you understand the Watchman’s attacks and fighting pattern if you wish to defeat him. The Watchman has two phases in the fight, and with the second phase, he gets a lot more new attacks in his arsenal. So, let’s take a deeper look.

Phase 1

Swing Attack

Firstly, we have the Backhand attack. During this, the Watchman will extend his hand outwards in front of himself and swing it at you, moving himself back. This attack can disorient you if you get hit by it, so make sure you are alert enough to dodge backward.

Spin Attack

As quite obvious by the name, the spinning attack is one of his most damaging attacks during Phase 1. The Watchman will become stationary and will have a wind-up animation, after which he will launch three consecutive spinning attacks. 

The first two attacks are of mediocre power, but the third attack is a red fury attack that you can only counter with the Perfect Guard. Hence, it is in your best interest to not get caught up in this, as it will make you lose a decent chunk of your HP.

Ground Slam

Next up, we have the Watchman’s ground slam. During this attack, the Watchman will pull his hand up and back as if he is winding up a punch, and then he will slam the ground where you are standing. This is only a one-hit attack, but it still does significant damage, so it’s better you dodge It by going sideways.

Claw Attack

This is a multi-attack combo where the Watchman launches attacks from side to side in succession, doing decent damage with each strike. The attacks are easy to dodge if you roll backward or do a perfect guard.

These are all the attacks at the disposal of the Watchman during Phase 1.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, the scrapped Watchman retains his old move set from Phase 1, but they are upgraded with lighting damage mixed into them. Furthermore, some of his attacks leave electric discharge on the ground, which, after a while, causes a lightning strike. If you get caught in that strike, you take a chunk of damage. Besides that, he has three new attacks, all quite lethal if he chains them with other attacks.

Lightning Roar

First up, we have his Lightning Roar attack. This attack is triggered once his health bar reaches below 50%, causing him to let out a blood-curdling roar that electrifies the air in a circle, dealing damage if you get caught in it. This isn’t a game-changing attack, and even if you get caught by it, it’s not too much to fret about.

Electric Jump

Moving on, we have his Electric Jump attack. During this attack, the Watchman first takes a couple of steps back and then jumps up in the air. There, he locks on to you and flies towards you at an alarming speed as he rolls up into a ball. 

Once he hits the ground, he will leave multiple spots of electric discharge around the arena, causing lighting to strike on each one. Be extremely careful here, as getting hit by the lightning strike does huge damage to you and could potentially make you lose the fight. You best bet here if you move far away from the boss at this point so that you are safe from the chaos that ensues afterward.

Grab Attack

Lastly, he has a grab attack. Grab attacks are known to be quite powerful in every game, and such is the case for Lies of P as well. The grab attack is an upgrade on the Ground Slam attack from phase 1. The attacks start with the same animation of the Scrapped Watchmen moving his hand back and extending it forward.

However, now the stakes are much higher; if you do not manage to dodge in time, he will grab you and leave you powerful, as you can not escape from his hand unless he lets you go. This attack can one-shot you even if you are 90% HP, so be very alert for such an attack.

These are all the attacks that the Scrapped Watchman can throw at you. The ones to look out the most for are the Grab Attack, Electric Jump, and Spin Attack. Now that you know the move set of The Scrapped Watchman, it is time to see how you can beat him.

How to defeat the Scrapped Watchman?

If you have played any Souls game before, you know patience is key to winning fights. Lies of P is no different, and it rewards those who are patient enough and meticulous in the timings they attack. The Scrapped Watchman is quite a ferocious foe to run up on, so it will take all your might to defeat him.

First, you will have to stand out of his range. This is because, in melee range, there is a high chance that you can combo-ed and lose more than half of your health. 

Furthermore, for our strategy, you have to stand outside his range so that he attacks you with a ground slam, a swing attack, or an Electric Jump attack. When he launches a swing attack, there is a timing to get a couple of hits in. This will slowly start filling his stagger gauge as well.

Scrapped Watchman Boss Fight

Moreover, if he does a ground slam attack after dodging, you can go in to land some hits on him, as he will be too slow to launch a counterattack at that point. However, make sure that you don’t stick around for too long as they will make all your efforts go down in vain. 

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Additionally, if he does an Electric Jump attack when he lands, he will be dazed and will enable you to get at least 4 to 5 hits on him before he comes back to his senses. However, do note that there will be electric strikes across the arena, and you will have to dodge them after getting your hits in. This is dangerous timing, but it is one where the reward is too good to pass up.

Electric Strike

Be on the lookout for his spin attack, which you will have to avoid getting caught up in. Your timing during this attack will be to dash toward him during the first two spins, get a combo or two in, and then immediately back up. This is because the third spin will be a red fury attack, which you cannot dodge, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. 

Boss Battle

During his second phase, be especially careful of the lightning strikes; they will stagger you as well, making you more sluggish in your dodging. Rinse and repeat the same strategy, or run away and make him engage you and then land your attacks on him. 

It might take you a couple of tries, but with enough patience and practice, you can beat him. If you are still having trouble finding timings, you can summon the Specter In front of the boss room, which will distract the boss by drawing his aggro, allowing you to get multiple attacks in for free. However, once you hit the Watchman, his attention will be back to you, so just wait for some seconds so that the Specter takes his attention again.


Defeating a powerful boss is always rewards as you know that the rewards and loot from the aftermath will be worth it. The rewards for defeating the Scrapped Watchman are the same and make you thankful for enduring that daunting fight. The rewards include:

These are the best rewards that you would have seen up until now and will keep you motivated for the rest of the fights. The Broken Hero’s Ergo is quite valuable as it is multipurpose. You can either use it to get 5000 Ergo or trade it to Alidoro in exchange for a special weapon, Etiquette, or an Extreme Modification Amulet. We advise you to hold on to the Broken Hero’s Ergo so that you can trade it, as that is too good to pass up.

Is that the end of the Scrapped Watchman?

Once you have defeated the Scrapped Watchman, you must be feeling quite good about yourself for not having to go against that thing again, right? Well, sorry to say, but that happiness will be short-lived because as you make your way through the game, you will face off against the Green Monster of the Swamp, whose body will resemble someone that you would have defeated before.

Green Monster of the Swamp

Yes, you guessed it right, it will be the Scrapped Watchman, which means that you will once again have to remember his attack pattern and move sets along with the newer additions to beat him. 

Hence, if you have already figured out his weakness and the timings between his attacks during this fight, it will help you exponentially in the future and enable you to quickly climb the skill ladder. 


The Scrapped Watchman boss fight was the first real fight I struggled with; however, it made me learn so many crucial things that were helpful till the end of the game. Therefore, make sure you pay attention, look for openings, and try out new attacks so that you can learn how to adapt to the enemy’s fighting style and learn which attacks he is about to launch.

This is even more helpful in the case of the Scrapped Watchman, as you will meet him again in the near future as well. With that, we conclude our Lies of P Scrapped Watchman guide. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the game so far.


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