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Lies Of P Riddles: All Riddles & Locations Explained

Lies of P Riddles

In the mysterious and perplexing world that is Lies of P, there are many secrets you will come across that hold great importance in how they influence the game. The Riddles are exactly this and have a vast impact on you, expanding the story and lore of this game to make your run even more enjoyable.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the detailed information you need to know to get you started on solving the Lies of P Riddles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Riddles in Lies of P are mysteries encountered throughout the game, prompted by a ringing phone associated with Arlecchino, the King Of Riddles. They present a short monologue followed by a riddle and two answer options.
  • Successful Riddle-solving grants a Trinity Key, Crucial for accessing designated Sanctums across the game world. These Sanctums contain outfits, treasures, and materials to aid the player’s journey and trials.
  • Incorrect answers to riddles can lead to missing Trinity Keys, potentially denying players benefits. Accumulating too many wrong answers may necessitate restarting the run.
  • There are five phone Riddles in Lies of P. Each has a specific location and provides a trinity Key upon successful resolution. Locations and answers are detailed for each.
  • Trinity Sanctums are crucial after obtaining Trinity Keys. They house valuable loot, and keys from earlier Riddles can be used on Sanctum doors later in the game. Sanctums may be hidden or guarded by traps, presenting additional challenges. Rewards and locations for each Sanctum are outlined.

What are Riddles in Lies of P?

Riddles in Lies of P are mysteries that are scattered throughout the land and are prompted to you when you suddenly come into contact with a phone ringing, attributable to Arlecchino, the King Of Riddles. After you pick up the receiver, the King of Riddles presents you with a short monologue followed by the Riddle and two options to choose an answer from. 

Upon answering the Riddle successfully, you obtain a Trinity Key, an object essential to accessing the pre-designated Sanctums Located around the world of Lies of P. 

These Doors lead to different outfits or useful treasures and materials for you to obtain that can aid you along your journey and provide you additional benefits throughout the various trials the game will present to you going forward.

Trinity Key

It is important to stress that although the Riddles present to you early on give you some slack on whether or not you answer the Riddle correctly, getting enough answers wrong can cause you to miss out on one of the Trinity Keys. 

This locks you out of possible benefits you could have gained. Of Course, this won’t be the end of the world, but mistakes in this regard are fixed tediously because you may even have to restart your run to rectify them.

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All Riddles and Their Locations Explained

There are five phone Riddles to encounter in Lies of P, and all of them grant you a Trinity Key once you solve them. Here are the answers and locations you need to decipher them.

Riddle 1: Chapter 2 – Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer

Riddle 1- Chapter 2 - Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer

Location: The first phone Riddle can be found in the Krat City Hall Courtyard, where after reaching the station, you should continue straight forward until you reach the bridge. 

After reaching the entry point to the bridge, simply go to the alley on the right side and continue forward until you reach the first phone booth.

Riddle: “By morning, it walks on feet numbering four. At midday, just two, no less and no more. It walks on three feet when evening arrives. And if you solve this, then I’ll know you’re alive.”

Answer: Human

Riddle 2: Chapter 5 – Malum District Stargazer

Riddle 2- Chapter 5 - Malum District Stargazer

Location: For the second phone Riddle, you must be in the Malum District, and commencing the search for this phone booth starts from the Stargazer, where you can continue to follow the path that has Black Rabbit Symbols on the walls. 

This leads you to an open area where enemies are waiting to ambush you, and after getting rid of the inconvenience they pose, Travel beyond the flaming symbol and take a turn left. 

Here, you’ll find an entrance to a closed room; afterward, just go up the ladder available in the corner of the room, and you will find yourself at the phone booth for the second Riddle.

Riddle: “I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold. But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old. What am I?”

Answer: Candle

Riddle 3: Chapter 7 – Grand Exhibition Gallery Stargazer

Riddle 3- Chapter 7 - Grand Exhibition Gallery Stargazer

Location: The third Riddle can be found in the Grand Exhibition Gallery. You encounter this phone booth while going through the main path leading to the gallery. You have to initially move past the locked gates and go up the stairs where the phone booth is right next to the entrance, making it impossible to overlook.

Although this Riddle is slightly unique amongst the Lies of P Riddles in the fact that it doesn’t give you the Trinity Key Straightaway after answering the puzzle. 

To obtain the Trinity Key after solving this Riddle, continue your way in the area until you go down a flight of stairs and reach a room where there are statues present. Afterward, interact with the statue on the right twice until it starts facing you, and the Trinity Key should automatically present itself.

Riddle: “Think about this, whatever it takes: what cannot be used before it breaks?”

Answer: Egg

Riddle 4: Chapter 9 – Krat Central Station Street Stargazer

Riddle 4- Chapter 9 - Krat Central Station Street Stargazer

Location: For this Riddle, you’ll have to revisit Krat Central Station. Once you have reached the Station, follow the path leading from the Gate and then take a left. 

Continue along this path and take another left, where you’ll hear the phone booth ringing and find the next opportunity to obtain the next Trinity Key.

Riddle: “This blue flower has many ways to take root, but only on man does it ever bear fruit.”

Answer: Ergo

Riddle 5: Chapter 10 – Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer

Riddle 5- Chapter 10 - Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer

Location: The final phone booth holding the last Riddle can be found at the Relic of Trismegistus. This particular Riddle joins the likes of the 1st and 3rd Riddle in a way that is impossible to miss. 

This Riddle will be available in the cave you open after the attack on the hotel. Progress your way through the cave to reach the boss room, but just before reaching there, you will hear a ringing sound coming from the left side. 

Simply proceed down the leftward path, and you’ll find yourself at the last Riddle phone booth in the game.

Riddle: “This one is black and white, a no or a yes: is Geppetto’s creation a Killer? Confess!”

Answer: No

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Trinity Sanctums

Trinity Sanctums are the next foremost important step to the game after you obtain the Trinity Keys. Scattered throughout the world of Lies of P are doors that can only be opened with a Trinity Key, and through access to these areas, you can unlock specific items that may help you across their run.

Furthermore, there isn’t some restriction limiting the use of a Trinity Key to some specific pre-designated door. A key obtained from a prior Riddle can be used on a sanctum door even later.

The Sanctum itself is where the loot lies and may vary in its difficulty to even get to since not only are some of the locations in tedious and hard-to-find areas, there may even be elaborate traps looking to take you out before you get there!

With all that said, here is everything you need to know about the locations of the sanctums according to their respective riddles and the rewards you get from opening them.

Sanctum 1: Chapter 3 – Workshop Union Culvert

Sanctum 1- Chapter 3 - Workshop Union Culvert

Location: Following up on the location of the phone booth from where you answered the Riddle initially, make your way back to the bridge and cross it so that you can now enter the factory. 

After entering the factory, you’ll have to go through the caves, carefully avoiding the rolling boulders and dealing with any enemies in your path or even skipping them. Once you reach the inner part of the factory, you’ll find a small platform. Take a left from here and simply follow the path at the end until you reach a door. 

You can now use your Trinity Key to open this door forever and finally claim the loot inside. The loot is in a safe inside the Sanctum, which you have to interact to open.

Rewards: Blue Blood’s Tailcoat and Quartz.

Sanctum 2: Chapter 4 – ST Frangelicoc Cathedral Chapel

Sanctum 2- Chapter 4 - ST Frangelicoc Cathedral Chapel

Location: The location of this Sanctum lies in the Cathedral, and to even get to the Sanctum itself might prove slightly tricky. You must first maneuver across wooden boards to go from one platform to another until you climb a ladder and progress to the top. 

There are even moving mechanical objects that you should be mindful of. Once you reach the top, follow along the path until you see a slight drop off to the leftward path. You should follow this trail and jump down. 

Finally, you can choose to ignore the enemies and go down the ladder, avoiding boulders; yet again, you must keep progressing forward until you finally reach the second Sanctum.

Rewards: Black Cat’s Amulet and Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel.

Sanctum 3: Chapter 6 – Estella Opera House Entrance

Sanctum 3- Chapter 6 - Estella Opera House Entrance

Location: You must progress through the Opera House to find the trail to the Sanctum. Leading to the path is an infrastructure that is quite damaged, leaving only a singular plank of wood connecting the room. 

Jump down from here, and upon turning around, you’ll find the Sanctum door that can now be opened by the trinity keys you obtained from the Lies of P Riddles. 

Rewards: Belford Superior Radiation Converter and Quartz.

Sanctum 4: Chapter 9 – Krat Central Station Lobby

Sanctum 4- Chapter 9 - Krat Central Station Lobby

Location: Reaching this Sanctum is really quite easy as once you have arrived in the lobby of the Krat Central Station, make your way forward up the stairs and then a left into the open room where a downward staircase will now appear before you. Right down from that staircase, there is the fourth Sanctum that you can now access.

Rewards: Workshop Master’s Workwear and a Carrier’s Amulet

Sanctum 5: Chapter 11 – Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Sanctum 5- Chapter 11 - Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Location: The Final Sanctum in Lies of P is situated at the Ancient Tower at the Arche Abbey Outer Wall. To first even get into this Ancient Tower, simply follow the multiple staircases and ladders that lead up to the entry point of the tower.

Once you find yourself in and encounter the Arches right in front of the staircase, you are now at the inner part of the tower. You must finally make your way down to the bottom floor, where the door to the final Sanctum awaits you.

You get a fitting final experience as within the last Sanctum awaits you, Arlecchino himself, King of the Riddles. In quite the sorry state, Arlecchino still himself asks you the final Riddle, and upon answering successfully, you can acquire the last obtainable items from the Sanctums.

Rewards: Alchemist’s Cape and Quartz.

Final Thoughts

So, in regards to whether you should go out looking for these Trinity Sanctums, I personally believe you should because the rewards for them are actually well worth it when you think about the NG+ and NG++ side of things.

If you don’t want to complete this as you are going along your game, then what you could do is get all the Trinity keys in your playthrough, and then before going to NG+, you could backtrack through the game to open the Trinity Sanctums.

This way, you get some excellent rewards and don’t have to worry about breaking the flow of your gameplay and immersion.


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