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8 Best Amulets In Lies of P

Best Amulets Lies of P

The newest soulslike game on the scene has captivated many fans for its challenging yet rewarding style of gameplay that leaves you running to optimize your playthrough.

Amulets, one key element of the game that can drastically influence your playstyle and performance, are key for you to hone your mastery and knowledge so that you can get to slaying all the bosses in no time. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Lies of P Best Amulets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dancing One’s Amulet: Enables dodging with depleted stamina, aiding in learning attack patterns and stamina management.
  • Piercing Hatred Amulet: Grants immunity to status ailments, particularly valuable in challenging playthroughs.
  • Nameless One’s Amulet: Offers a chance to avoid Pulse Cell consumption, potentially improving survival in boss fights.
  • Ghost Walk Amulet: Allows dodging Fury Attacks, crucial for late-game difficulty spikes.
  • Extreme Modification Amulet: Enhances weapon attack damage based on charged Fable slots, adaptable to different playstyles.
  • Awakened God’s Amulet: Amplifies Fable art damage against staggered enemies, situationally effective.
  • Arm of God Amulet: Provides stacking physical damage boosts on successful attacks, offering offensive power with a limited duration.
  • Conquering Amulet: Ranked as the best, it increases weapon attack damage upon successful deflections or perfect guards, promoting efficient playstyles.

What are Amulets in Lies of P?

Amulets are accessories that provide impactful buffs and enhancements to Pinocchio’s abilities and are the main component that makes your build differ from others. These Amulets generally provide you with enhanced stats such as increases in Attack, Defense, and Stamina recovery, amongst many others. 

Although they may vary slightly as to what specific stat they improve, they are each unique and different from one another in the passive buffs they provide you, and this can vastly shift your approach to each fight after considering the various capabilities you now hold.

The Amulets can vary in usefulness as some pivot you towards a very aggressive playstyle with incentives on attacking relentlessly and parrying perfectly. In contrast, others allow for a more flexible and forgiving playstyle that works towards minimizing your mistakes and allowing you a smoother overall experience. 

Amulets Lies of P

These benefits, however, are not all free of cost. Each Amulet has a weight that it takes up, and depending on the Amulet, the weight capacity gets closer and closer to reaching a Heavy Load that hinders you in combat. 

Players can avoid this, of course, by upgrading their capacity. Still, even this has limits when finding the right balance between your amulets, depending on which stage of the game you’re at.

This is predicated on the fact that you have unlocked more Amulet slots, which were increased by progressing the P-Organ System and activating their specific P-Organ Nodes. 

This point is highlighted to stress yet again the importance of Amulets as they are not to be underestimated since the power and abilities they provide you are extremely important and impact heavily on how hard or easy you find a Boss fight.

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The Best Amulets in Lies of P 

There are a variety of Amulets that exist in Lies of P. Most of these are available for you to find in the open world; although useful in their own ways, they are a few steps behind the special Boss Amulets that you can only get from Alidoro or Explorer Hugo. 

In this guide, I have chosen to highlight and explain these more impactful Amulets along with descriptions of what they do and even locations for you to obtain them. 

In the following list, I have narrowed it down to 8 of what I think are the Best Amulets in Lies of P, along with a summarized version of their details.

Item Name Weight Effect
Conquering Amulet
Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by weapon attack
Arm of God Amulet
Temporarily increases physical damage upon a successful attack
Awakened God’s Amulet
Increases Fable Arts damage inflicted on a staggered enemy
Extreme Modification Amulet
Increases Weapon attack in proportion to number of Fable slots
Ghost Walk Amulet
Fury Attack Dodge available
Nameless One’s Amulet
Has a chance of none being consumed when using Pulse Cells
Piercing Hatred Amulet
Bestows you with Immunity to all attribute status ailments
Dancing One’s Amulet
Enables dodging even at low Stamina

Following along with the previous note of briefing you about the Amulets included in the list on what they do and their direct effects in correlation with their weight. 

We will explain each Amulet’s ranking individually regarding its impact, how to maximize its usage, and even the locations to obtain them within the game.

1. Dancing One’s Amulet

This Amulet allows you to dodge even when your stamina bar is completely depleted, enabling you to dodge endlessly to avoid attacks as long as you get the timing right. 

However, This does take you into negative stamina, which means if you keep dodging repeatedly, it might take you longer to recover that stamina once you’re inevitably out of that cycle.

Regardless of the minor drawback, this is still an excellent Amulet for Players who find it hard to manage their stamina, especially for those who find themselves in sticky situations after spamming one too many attacks and being left with no stamina to now dodge the next incoming attack. 

Dancing One's Amulet

It does a great job at making up for your mistakes and minor misplays and is a great fit for newer players to get accustomed to different attack patterns and timings. Furthermore, its strength lies in how early you can get it, as it is the first special Boss Amulet you can get in the game by defeating the Parade boss.

Alternatively, this is already a great Amulet for those who wish to use it situationally, as it’s a good counter to enemies that pester you with the Shock status debuff and is a good short-term solution for you to make it past those pesky situations without compromising too much health and time.

Give the Parade Leader’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Parade Master Boss to get this Amulet.

2. Piercing Hatred Amulet

The Piercing Hatred Amulet is one of the most useful Amulets in the game. It is quite frankly a godsend for players looking to NG+ since it minimizes many of the hindrances you experience and makes your next run a lot smoother.

 This Amulet grants you immunities from status ailments such as Corruption, Decay, Electric Shock, and overheating, showing its worth especially due to the fact that so many enemies in this game can all hit you with the effects as mentioned above, and avoiding these aspects in fights makes your run much more efficient.

However, getting to use this Amulet isn’t as easy as it sounds since it’s acquired after defeating the final Boss in the game and may not come into major play for you until at least your second playthrough. 

Regardless of this fact, the Amulet stays crucial for players who wish to avoid the inconveniences of the status ailments, which is why it’s considered one of the best Amulets in Lies of P. 

It’s only a matter of time before you start gunning for the end game so you can equip this absolute blessing as soon as possible. Give the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Nameless Puppet Boss to get this Amulet.

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3. Nameless One’s Amulet

The Nameless One’s Amulet grants the chance of not actually consuming a Pulse Cell when one is being used and is very useful for the long-winded Boss Fights, where you might just need that extra bit of health to clear it. 

This Amulet is heavily predicated on chance, however, and although the odds improve the more Pulse Cells you hold, it all boils down to how your luck is, frankly, and many players have instances of getting both extremely lucky as well as unlucky with the Amulet procs. 

Nameless One's Amulet

Some might say that it is a double-edged sword where, in extremely unlikely scenarios, you’re not getting the passive procs in the middle of a fight. It takes a decent amount of weight in your capacity, too; it only brings you to a disadvantage. 

However, going off of the pure potential of the Amulet, it can still prove to be extremely useful in Boss fights and may come in clutch at timely moments, placing it as high on this list as it is.

Give the Twisted Angel’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss to get this Amulet.

4. Ghost Walk Amulet

This Amulet gives you the ability to dodge Fury Attacks, attacks during which the Boss is highlighted in a sharp red and are usually extremely difficult to dodge due to variable delays in between attacks and require a lot of memorization and pattern recognition to work your way easily around. 

This Amulet helps you overcome that hurdle and is extremely useful during the mid to late game when the difficulty spikes up, and being unable to dodge or avoid these Fury attacks may lead to your death.

Ghost Walk Amulet

The only drawback to this Amulet would be the fact that it takes up a whopping 21.9 weight capacity and may force you to even take off some of your defenses to help alleviate the weight. In the long run, it is a method that relies on you dodging, which is inferior to deflecting, where you’re bound to benefit more during a Boss Fight. 

This does, however, play a great role in the bridge between these methods as training wheels since using this Amulet can help you get the experience and know-how you need on the timings and variations of Boss attacks so that when you eventually take the Amulet off, you’ll find fighting without it much easier and can use the now opened up slot on an Amulet that further optimizes your build.

Give the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster Boss to get this Amulet.

5. Extreme Modification Amulet

This Amulet boosts your Weapon Attack damage based on the amount of charged Fable slots you have. This increase to your damage output can be quite substantial, depending on the number of Fable slots you have.

Extreme Modification Amulet

It’s a great match for players who don’t like to use Fable Arts as much as the traditional hack-and-slash route but is a great addition even for those who do even amidst using the Fable Arts, which is, perhaps, the best way at going about doing damage in this game, you are bound to get the buff to your attack damage on top of everything.

Give the Broken Hero’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Scrapped Watchman Boss to get this Amulet.

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6. Awakened God’s Amulet

The Awakened God’s Amulet mainly boosts the damage of your Fable art when attacking an enemy that is staggered. This would be when the enemy is prone to Fatal Attacks; instead, you would now use your Fable Art that deals quite a bit more damage than just Fatal Attacking. 

However, this may vary from Boss to Boss, and since some bosses aren’t staggered during the state, they are weak to Fatal Attack.

Awakened God's Amulet

In these cases, it is best up to the player to discern when to simply just Fatal Attack and then save using the Fable Art after the Boss has been hit and is now recovering, giving way to the bonus damage your Fable Art is provided from the Amulet since during that recovery animation they may be staggered.

This Amulet is, hence, a more niche pick since it can’t flat-out apply to every Boss out there but may prove to be situationally great, providing you with the much-needed buff to your attack, making it easier to slay whatever Boss falls under its criteria.

Give the Fallen One’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating Siman Manus, the Awakened God Boss, to get this Amulet.

7. Arm of God Amulet

Finally, down to our top two Amulets, both of which could be in contention as the best Amulet in the game, we have the Arm of God Amulet. 

This Amulet has perhaps the most flat-out offensive power out of all the Amulets in the game and provides stacking increases in physical damage every time you land a successful attack. The stacking, however, is not infinite and is estimated to reach a max of up to 4.

Arm of God Amulet

Although the effect of the buff is short-lived since it lasts up to 5 seconds and may not be optimal against enemies that don’t give you longer openings to attack them, it, without a doubt, provides you with great offensive firepower and the increases attack damage can pile up and help you shred any enemy that comes into your path.

Give the Reborn Champion’s Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Champion Victor Boss to get your hands on this Amulet.

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8. Conquering Amulet (Best)

The top spot on our list goes to the Conquering Amulet as the Lies of P Best Amulets. This Amulet provides you with explosive buffs to weapon attack damage every time you deflect something or get a perfect guard. With how often you have to deflect in this game, you will certainly see the damage of this buff coming through. 

This also incentivizes you to play more efficiently and falls in line with what the current meta of the game seems to be, spamming a load of charged heavy attacks and Fable arts followed by immediately moving to a defensive stance where you look to deflect or perfect dodge opening up a new window for you to go in and deal damage yet again.

Conquering Amulet

The only drawback to this Amulet is to maximize its damage output, which requires a higher skill to utilize for which players will need to mechanically improve upon but is something you will have to eventually get good at anyway, so taking that into consideration places this Amulet at the top of our list of Lies of P Best Amulets.

Give the King’s Flame Ergo to either Alidoro or Explorer Hugo after defeating the Flame King Fuoco Boss to get this Amulet.


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