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Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave Guide

Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave

What Is Ballistic Weave Mod In Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 has a proper modular system that allows you to enhance your armor or gear pieces. Among different mods in the game, The Ballistic Weave is the best mod for boosting your favorite armor pieces to their absolute maximum stats. 

My Experience With Ballistic Weave Mod

In my experience, the Ballistic Weave mod in Fallout 4 is one of the best quest rewards you’ll encounter. It offers the best damage and energy resistance in your armor pieces, rivaling power armor. 

After applying the Ballistic Weave mod to my armor, I was able to venture into areas with tougher enemies without my power armor. I had never felt more powerful without my power armor before, as I was able to take consecutive hits only to see my health go down at a snail’s pace. 

This was the best feeling in the game, as I felt so overpowered while using Ballistic Weave mod-infused gear. 

Best Way To Use Ballistic Weave Mod

You can add Ballistic Weave to almost any clothing item and some headpieces. When you apply the Ballistic Weave mod to your gear, it grants a substantial amount of damage and energy resistance. 

Did You Know: The best form of Armor protection in Fallout 4 is applying the Ballistic Weave mod to clothing, as it provides a maximum of 220 physical and energy defenses.

Different Ranks Of Ballistic Weave Mod

On top of the base Ballistic Weave mod, which already enhances your armor rating significantly, you can take it 5 steps further. You can upgrade the Ballistic Weave mod to MK 5, which will offer the maximum protection to the player.

Here are the stats on different ranks of ballistic weave mod in Fallout 4:

Stage Damage Resistance Energy Resistance Armourer Adhesive Ballistic Fiber Fiberglass
Ballistic Weave
30 Damage Resistance
30 Energy Resistance
Ballistic weave Mk II
45 Damage Resistance
45 Energy Resistance
Ballistic weave Mk III
65 Damage Resistance
65 Energy Resistance
Ballistic weave Mk IV
90 Damage Resistance
90 Energy Resistance
Ballistic weave Mk V
110 Damage Resistance
110 Energy Resistance

Important Points For Using Ballistic Weave Mod

There are a few pre-conditions and important points that you should keep in mind before and after infusing your gear with Ballistic Weave mod. I’ve listed them below:

  • You must have the Armorer Perk to apply the first level/rank of Ballistic Weave mod. If you want to use a higher level of the mod (up to MK V), you’ll need to upgrade the Armorer perk accordingly. 
  • You must have completed at least one of the Railroad Safehouse quests assigned to you.
  • You must take part in the Road To Freedom, and the Treadecraft quests in order to win over the Railroad faction and gain membership.
  • Lastly, you must have completed at least one of the Jackpot quests assigned by PAM down at the Railroad HQ. If you’re wondering what these are, they’re merely fetch quests that will become available after completing a Railroad safehouse quest for PAM. 
  • The Ballistic Weave mod becomes a must-have if you’re thinking of playing Fallout 4 at survival difficulty. 
  • If you don’t want to side with the Railroad faction, you can simply learn about crafting this mod and safely complete quests for other factions. You can do this as long as you don’t undertake a “point of no return” mission.
  • You can also apply the Ballistic Weave mod to your companion outfits. This is a great option if you want to keep their original style but upgrade their armor stats.

Now that these are out of the way let’s jump over to locating the Ballistic Weave mod in Fallout 4.

How To Get Ballistic Weave Mod In Fallout 4?

In Fallout 4, there are 4 main factions that you can complete quests for. These factions are the Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, Minutemen, and the Railroad. You don’t have to side with any of these factions, but completing quests from the Railroad faction will help you obtain the Ballistic Weave mod in Fallout 4. 

Locate Railroad HQ (Road To Freedom Quest)

So, to unlock the Ballistic Weave for all your armor pieces, you’ll have first to locate the Railroad HQ:

You’ll need to head over to the Old North Church. It’s in the North end of Boston. Here’s its location marked on the map: 

Old North Church

Once you enter the church, go through the crawl space in front of you. Once you exit the narrow hole, take a sharp right and enter the doorway under the collapsed structure. 


After entering the doorway, you must descend down to the basement. 

Once you’re in the basement, you’ll need to keep following along the path until you come across a locked door with a circular puzzle on its side. 

Freedom Trail Puzzle

You’ll need to spell out Railroad on the dial to unlock the door. Simply align each letter over the red arrow and press the middle of the dial to register that letter. Keep repeating until you’ve fully spelled out the word, and then the passage will open. 

After the passage opens up, enter it and keep following the path till a cutscene triggers with you meeting Desdemona, Drummer Boy, and Glory.


After the cutscene, you’ll have completed the first quest for the Railroad called Road to Freedom. After ending this quest, you’ll have access to the Tradecraft quest immediately. 

Securing The Carrington’s Prototype (Tradecraft Quest)

After activating the Tradecraft quest, you’ll need to talk to Deacon, who’ll be present in the room. After a few dialogs, he’ll tell you to meet him at the old freeway next to Lexington.

After following the location already marked on your map, you’ll meet with Deacon under the freeway in disguise. 


Keep following the mission waypoints till you find an ally named Ricky. After an encounter with him, you should choose to go through the tunnels to access the safe house while having a conversation with Deacon. 

You’ll go through the tunnels and enter the facility. Here, you’ll fight through some synths in order to retrieve the prototype. You just need to keep following the mission markers. 

You’ll learn from Deacon that the prototype is locked deep within the defense facility known as the Switchboard. You’ll need to keep following the mission till you reach a room called Department X RND.

In this room, you’ll find a safe in the wall that Deacon will open up. He’ll hand you over a powerful handgun called the Deliverer.

Deliverer Handgun

You’ll find the Carrington’s Prototype along with a few Stealth Boys on the shelf on the back. 

Carringtons Prototype

After acquiring it, head up through the elevator and back to the Railroad HQ. Give the prototype to Desdemona, and she’ll let you into the Railroad Faction. At the end, she’ll tell you to hand over the Prorotype to Doctor Carrington, which will begin the Boston After Dark quest. 

Completing The Final Set Of Quests

Note: Now, you’ll simply need to complete a few more minor quests in order to finally have a conversation with TinkererTom, who’ll unlock the Ballistic Weave for you.

Once you talk to Dr. Carrington after starting Boston After Dark, he’ll tell you to save a Synth called H2-22 and escort him to safety. 

As you return to Railroad HQ after completing Boston After Dark, talk to Dr. Carrington first to turn in the quest. 

Now, you’ll need to head over to the robot PAM. She’ll give you the Mercer’s Safehouse quest. It’ll require you to reach the designated settlement, clear it from enemies, and put security measures like turrets around it. Once you’re done, return to PAM back at Railroad HQ.

Mercer Safehouse

Once you talk to PAM, she’ll give you another quest called Jackpot, which is the easiest of the bunch. Simply grab the RFID Device from PAM and go to the marked location. Here, you’ll open a secret room. Loot some stuff that you need and return it to PAM, as she’ll mark the quest completed.

RFID Device

After completing this final quest, you’ll need to head over to Tinker Tom and start a conversation with him. He’ll start talking about Ballistic Weave and once the conversation is over, you’ll have unlocked it. Now, you can go ahead and craft it, then apply it to clothing of your choice.

Tinker Tom

Crafting The Ballistic Weave Mod

After you’ve unlocked the Ballistic Weave mod, you’ll need to craft it in order to apply it to your non-armor gear clothing. 

To craft the Ballistic Weave mod, you’ll need 3 main components: adhesive, ballistic fiber, and fiberglass. You’ll easily acquire these by deconstructing junk items found throughout the world. 

If you’re wondering how to acquire Ballistic Weave ingredients specifically, I’ll break each one down below:



To rapidly farm adhesive, I would suggest you collect as much Wonderglue and Duct Tape as you can. 

You can find these items in tool chests, storage shelves, empty buildings, and toolboxes. You’ll also find these scattered around in the open world. 

Once you have enough, dismantle them to gain a ton of adhesive. 

Ballistic Fiber

Ballistic Fiber

Acquiring Ballistic Fiber is easy as long as you’ve invested at least one point into Scrapper Perk. 

With this, you’ll be able to dismantle Military Ammo Bags and Military Grade Duct Tape to acquire Ballistic Fiber. 

If you’re finding it difficult to locate these items throughout the world, you can buy its shipments instead from the following vendors: 

  • Prydwen’s Quartermaster Teagan
  • Alexis Combes in Vault 81
  • Assaultron KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor
  • The Traveling Merchant Lucas Miller



Just like Ballistic Fiber, you can also obtain a ton of Fiberglass by speccing into the Scrapper perk. 

After you’ve got the Scrapper perk, you’ll need to dismantle Aluminium Cannisters, Cigar Boxes, Abraxo Cleaners, Telephones, and Rat Poison. 

You can also buy its shipments from the following vendors:

  • Deb in Bunker Hill
  • The Traveling Merchant Lucas Miller

After you’ve acquired the materials mentioned above, you can go ahead and craft the Ballistic Weave at any Workbench in Fallout 4.

Best Clothing To Apply Ballistic Weave On

The best thing about the Ballistic Weave mod is that it applies to non-armor clothing pieces. This means after wearing clothing infused with Ballistic Weave underneath, you can wear armor on top of it to multiply your defense stats. 

Here are some of the best clothes you can apply the Ballistic Weave mod onto:

Green Shirt And Combat Boots

Green Shirt & Combat Boots

This outfit includes a pale green buttoned shirt with black boots and khaki pants. Now, it may look casual, but it grants a boost of Charisma and Endurance stats by 1. You can boost its defenses by infusing it with the Ballistic Weave mod. 

This combination of clothing is really great for you if you’re thinking of building large settlements or want to take on some of the stronger enemies in Fallout 4. 

You can acquire this clothing set from several merchants in the wasteland. You can also come across them while looting corpses of characters in the base game, as well as the Fall Harbor DLC expansion. 

Baseball Uniform

Baseball Uniform

If you’re a baseball fan, this outfit is sure to match your enthusiasm both in real life and in-game. This outfit has a white and red color pallet with a combination of a buttoned shit, a long-sleeve red undershirt with white sneaks and pants. 

The uniform itself grants strength and Agility boost to your character by 1 increment. The cap in the uniform gives you an additional 1-point boost in Perception stat. 

Once you add the Ballistic Weave mod to this outfit, you’ll boost its energy and damage resistance. It goes really well, considering you can wear it under armor pieces. 

If you want this outfit, you can check with the Moe Cronin merchant near Diamond City. 

Battered Fedora


You’ll be the sole survivor who’ll be moon-walking in the wasteland over the corpses of enemies with this Ballistic Weave-infused hat. 

Unlike the Worn Fedora variant, the Battered Fedora can be fitted with the Ballistic Weave mod, upgrading your defense stats significantly. 

Besides its killer looks, this fedora also grants you a boost in luck stat by +1. With this stat boost coupled with Ballistic Weave, you can get upwards of 110 damage and energy resistance on your player. 

You can acquire this from the Charles View Amphitheater or on the bodies of Triggermen. 

Army Fatigues

Army Fatigues

The Army Fatigues were worn by soldiers who were helping civilians evacuate to Vault 111. 

These fatigues provide a good +1 strength and Agility bonus to your character. They don’t take armor slots like the rest of the outfits, so you can wear it underneath your armor. 

Once you infuse this uniform with Ballistic Weave, it’ll be a great defense boost for your character. 

You can find the dirty Army Fatigues on Gunners and Dead Soldiers. If you’re looking for a clean pair, check out the Cambridge Police Station. 

Minuteman Outfit

Minuteman Outfit

The Minuteman outfit in Fallout 4 consists of a blue buttoned shirt and a tattered jacket with its sleeves rolled up, matched with casual jeans and boots.  

Besides looking like a colonial explorer in this outfit, you’ll also get a boost to Agility and Perception by +1 in this. Once you install Ballistic Weave Mod on this, it’ll give you the perfect high damage and energy resistance. 

Similar to other outfits in this list, this can also be worn under your armor pieces to boost your defense stats further. If you want this outfit, you can find it on dead Minutemen bodies in the Lexington Super Super Mart. 

Military Fatigues

Military Fatigues

Military fatigues might sound similar to the Army Fatigues we’ve discussed previously, but these are different in some ways. 

For starters, you’ll get a +2 Agility bonus with this outfit and +5 energy resistance. The Military Cap also gives you a boost in Perception stat by +1. Pair this with the Ballistic Weave MKV, and you can get upwards of 300 Damage resistance with this outfit. 

These are pea-green fatigues with black boots. The overall look also differs from the Army Fatigues, and there’s a hat instead of a helmet and big pockets on the shirt. This looks like something that a higher-ranking officer would wear as opposed to an on-ground soldier.

You can get this outfit by progressing through the DIA cache quests for the Railroad assigned to you by the PAM robot. 

Mechanist Armor

Mechanist Armor

This looks like a watered-down version of power armor, but its stats are nothing to laugh at. 

This armor offers base 72 Damage and Energy Resistance, respectively. It also boosts your player’s Endurance stats by 1 and reduces the incoming damage from robot enemies by 15%. 

The helmet alone adds another 13 Damage and Energy Resistance, bumping up the total DR and ER to 85. You’ll also get a nice boost in Charisma and Intelligence stats by 1. 

However, once you pair this armor with the Ballistic Weave mod, you can bring the suit defenses to a whopping 195 Damage and Energy resistance, which is among some of the highest numbers you can achieve in Fallout 4.

You’ll need to complete the quest Restoring Order to receive this armor set.

Green Rag Hat

Green Rag Hat

It seems like headpieces are a popular choice for people who want to incorporate Ballistic Weave into their build. Headpieces infused with this mod give you tremendous damage and energy resistance that players often skip over the entire outfit. 

Green Rag Hat is also one of the best hats for Ballistic Weave as it provides a base 10 Energy Resistance (up to 120 ER) and up to 110 Damage Resistences once fitted with Ballistic Weave. 

The looks are not too bad either, as this can go with almost every outfit. You can easily modify it at any workbench to give you a crazy amount of defense stats. 

General Zao’s Submariner Uniform

General Zao Uniform

You might have caught some similarities between General Zao’s Submariner Uniform and the Chinese Jumpsuit. But the key difference between them is that the Submariner Uniform can be upgraded with the Ballistic Weave mod. 

The outfit itself provides a base 5 Radioactive resistance with a +2 boost to your character’s Endurance stat. Pairing this with Ballistic Weave will tremendously boost your character’s overall damage and energy resistance. 

You can acquire this outfit from General Zao on board the Yangtze, You can either loot it from his corpse or pickpocket it, which will also give you a Submariner Hat. 

Maxson’s Battlecoat

Maxsons Battlecoat

In my opinion, Maxson’s Battlecoat is one of the coolest outfits that can be modded with the Ballistic Weave. It belongs to Arthur Maxon, the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel faction. 

It’s a black officer uniform with a heavily padded leather coat that’s somewhat heavier than your average clothing. 

The Battlecoat provides a staggering 50-base Damage Resistance and a nice +1 bonus to the Perception stat. Once you install the Ballistic Weave mod, you can get upwards of 160 damage resistance from the coat alone. 

You can eliminate Arthur Maxon and loot this coat from him. However, this will completely cut your ties with the Brotherhood of Steel faction. 

Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave – FAQs

Is Ballistic Weave Powerful?

Yes. Ballistic Weave Mod is one of the most powerful mods in the game when it comes to boosting your character’s damage and energy resistance. 

How to unlock Ballistic Weave in Fallout 4?

You’ll need to complete a few quests from the Railroad and then unlock the mod by talking to TinkererTom after you’re done.

What is the best outfit to put Ballistic Weave on in Fallout 4?

Either military/Army Fatigues or Baseball Uniform are some of the best clothing items you can install Ballistic Weave mod on. 

Can Ballistic Weave help me through Survival Difficulty in Fallout 4?

Ballistic Weave mod is a must-have if you aim to finish Fallout 4 on survival difficulty. It gives you a tremendous amount of damage and energy resistance on top fo the armor you’ll wear. 

If you’re done hunting for best clothing to go with the Ballistic Weave Mod, you should try enhancing your build further by looking for Fallout 4 Bobbleheads with the help of our guide.


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