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A Guide To Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark

Azure Wind Island Lost Ark

The world of Lost Ark is home to a wide range of beautiful and interesting locations to explore, and Azure Wind Island is one such location. It’s an island just off the coast of Yorn, one so small that you’d be forgiven for never even noticing it in the first place. But finding it is just half the trouble, as Azure Wind Island has an item level requirement of 840 that you’ll need to reach before you can set foot on its shores. But, Azure Wind Island is worth a visit once you’re able. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to reach Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark, and what you can do once you arrive.

Where is Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark?

Azure Wind Island Lost Ark Location

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If you’re looking to reach Azure Wind Island, I’ll assume you have a ship, and you know how to use it. You’ll need to sail down to Yorn, specifically sailing close to the peninsula, branching out from Yorn, and reaching close to Rohendel. From the peninsula, sail east a short distance to reach Azure Wind Island.

Azure Wind Island quests

Azure Wind Island has a surprising number of quests despite its size, with a four-part main questline, a side quest, a series of miscellaneous tasks, and a bunch of various items to grab while you’re here.

Azure Wind Island main quests

To unlock the other quests present on Azure Wind Island, you’ll need to clear the main questline first. On that note, your first main quest will be Dying Horse, which can be accepted from Sanar soon after arriving on Azure Wind Island. As you might guess, this quest involves helping Sanar investigate and cure his horse’s illness. You will be rewarded with 2 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests, 3 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests, and 960 Silver.

The Mane of the Azure Wind is the second quest in the main questline. You can take the quest from Meadowkeeper High Priest, and it is a pretty quick one. You’ll get yourself a new mount, the Cloud Steed, along with another 2 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests, 3 Splendid Guardian Stones, and 960 Silver.

Manarim will give the third main quest, Once Filled With Flowers, which involves a brief investigation into a particular flower. You’ll get yourself another set of Stone Chests and Silver, along with unlocking the final main quest, The Meadow Fairy. This quest can be accepted from Arone, and will set you on another investigation, this time into a bunch of suspicious dolls. You’ll get more of the same in terms of material rewards, but you’ll also unlock the thirty or so other quests on Azure Wind Island.

Azure Wind Island side quest

Azure Wind Island sports only one side quest, which can be unlocked by completing any one of the miscellaneous roster quests, which I’ll mention later. Once you’ve done one, head to Arone and accept the quest, Returning the Flowers. For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Lavish Life Leapstone Chests, a Wind Mane Mustang mount, and 2,400 Silver.

Azure Wind Island miscellaneous quests

There’s a whole host of roster quests that serve as prerequisites to other, more valuable quests. Pretty much all of these quests are straightforward diversions, being little more than an easy supply of roster exp, Silver, and a smattering of various items. The real reward is the other quests that they unlock, as four unlockable quests will reward you with stat-increasing potions. Once completed, these four will also unlock the quest for the Azure Wind Island Soul.

Hidden quest on Azure Wind Island

Azure Wind Island also has a hidden quest chain, which requires the Song of Spring Sheet Music and a bottle of Peach Wine. To obtain the Song of Spring, you’ll need to pay a visit to Shangra Island and complete the quest “Shangra’s Pure Energy” to receive it as a reward. The Peach Wine can also be obtained on Shangra Island by collecting Firm Peaches and trading them for wine.

With both items in hand, head to the western part of Azure Wind Island and enter the ruin. Interact with the Strange Stone found inside to start the hidden quest chain.

Una’s Task

To unlock Una’s Task, Ruffians in the Ground, you’ll need to have completed The Mane of the Azure Wind, an earlier entry in the main questline. It’s a basic extermination quest, one that will earn you a bunch of rewards if you stick with it. Each completion will earn you reputation points, which are required to reach a reputation level. Each level offers increasingly good rewards, peaking at a general stat increase potion and a Giant Heart.

Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seeds

There are five Mokoko Seeds on Azure Wind Island in total. Three can be found fairly close to the port, with one being in the castle in the south, the second in the horse pen, and the third down on the beach. The other two can be found in the north of the island, with one being slightly to the east of the center, next to a tree outside of some ruins. The final Mokoko Seed is near the ruins where you found the Strange Stone.

Azure Wind Island Soul

Like any other island in Lost Ark, Azure Wind Island has a Soul for the completionists out there. The Azure Wind Island Soul can be obtained as a reward for completing the “Buried in Flowers” quest. You can accept this quest from Arone, once you’ve completed the four important roster quests. These are Spreading Your Wings, Meadow’s Riddles, Of the Meadow, To the Meadow, and Song of the Azure Wind. Alongside the Azure Wind Island Soul, Buried in Flowers will reward you with some Roster exp, 3 Lavish Life Leapstone Chests, and 2,400 Silver. With that, you’ll have completed pretty much everything there is to do on Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark.


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