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Valheim Core Wood

Valheim Core Wood: How to Harvest the Conifers

You won’t get far without crafting in Valheim. Though the initial biome, the Meadows, is fairly safe, you’ll want to fashion yourself a few tools and weapons before long. These basic bits of equipment are good enough to get you started, but you’ll need an upgrade before you start exploring further afield. Fine Wood is one material you’ll need for these upgrades, but you’ll also need another type of wood – Core Wood. In this guide, I’ll tell you exactly how to get it. Harvesting

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Project Zomboid Infection

Project Zomboid Infections: How to Treat Illness & Injury

Death can come quickly in Project Zomboid. Sure, the zombies are the most obvious threat, the one that usually ends a survivor’s story, but an untreated cut can kill a survivor just as easily as the undead hordes. Untreated wounds can kill through blood loss, debilitate a survivor and make them easy prey, or make them contract illnesses. If you want to survive in Knox