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Quirrel Hollow Knight Guide

Quirrel Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is packed with amazing story, scenery, dialogue, and NPCs. One of these NPCs is today’s point of discussion. We will be talking about Quirrel Hollow Knight and all the interactions you have with him.

We will also be delving into some of his lore, covering his journey inside and outside Hallownest. So join us on this journey to understand the bug that is Quirrel.

Key Takeaways:

  • He is found at the Black Egg Temple and will leave if you enter the room at the left of the first boss.
  • He is found polishing his nail at the edge of the Lake Of Unn in a shack and will leave if we have obtained the Mantis Claw.
  • He is located at the edge of a platform at Queen’s Station and will leave if we have the Mantis Claw or leave Queen’s Station.
  • He is found in the Mantis Village just thinking and will leave if we defeat the Mantis Lords, enter the City of Tears, enter Deepnest, or complete our dialogue with him in Mantis Village.
  • He is found in Crystal Peak just looking over Dirthmouth and will leave if we obtain the Crystal Heart or talk to him in the City Of Tears.
  • He is found relaxing in a Deepnest hot spring and will leave once we complete our dialogue with him.
  • He is found contemplating beside a giant window at the City Of Tears unless we meet him in Crystal Peaks or defeat the Soul Master boss.
  • He is located outside the Teacher’s Archives in Fog Canyon. If you interact with him here, then he will not be interactable with anywhere else in the entire game.
  • He is found sitting beside the Blue Lake and will leave since we have our final dialogue and goodbye with him.

Who is Quirrel?

He is a friendly and enigmatic bug who wears a large, round mask with a glowing orange eye in the center. Quirrel is known for his calm and composed demeanor. He often sits in various locations throughout Hallownest, seemingly lost in deep thought.

Quirrel plays a significant role in the game as he assists the Knight on their journey through the mysterious and dangerous underground kingdom of Hallownest. He provides guidance, valuable insights, and helpful advice to us, making him a reliable and trusted ally.

If you were ever to compare him with another fictional character, then it would be Solaire from Dark Souls 1. He gives off the same energy of a man searching for something missing but is not afraid to lend you a helping hand simply to help without a hint of an ulterior motive.

While Quirrel’s true identity and backstory are shrouded in mystery, his character is memorable for his wisdom, peaceful nature, and the air of mystery surrounding him throughout the game. Players often appreciate his presence as a source of support and intrigue in the game’s dark and atmospheric world, hence the apt comparison to Solaire.

Encounters With Quirrel

You interact with Quirrel Hollow Knight a total of 9 times throughout the story of the game. Each time has its significance and is related to the story in one way or another, subtly guiding you towards the next area to progress the story while increasing the shroud of mystery surrounding Quirrel’s connection to it all.

Black Egg Temple

At the start of Hollow Knight, when you first enter the Black Egg Temple, you’ll find Quirrel inside. This encounter is quite significant, as it sets the tone for your journey and introduces you to some of the game’s central themes and mysteries.

When you approach Quirrel outside the Black Egg Temple, you’ll notice he’s standing still, seemingly deep in thought. As you approach him, he briefly acknowledges your presence but remains silent. This encounter is notable because it symbolizes the beginning of your quest to unravel the secrets of Hallownest.

Black Egg Temple

The Black Egg Temple itself is a mysterious and foreboding structure that holds a central place in the game’s story. It serves as a focal point for your mission. It represents one of the key objectives you’ll need to explore and ultimately confront as you progress through the game.

During this initial encounter, Quirrel’s silence emphasizes the enigmatic nature of the world. It sets the tone for the exploration, discovery, and challenges that lie ahead. It leaves you with questions and a sense of intrigue about both Quirrel and the Black Egg Temple, motivating you to delve deeper into the game’s lore and unravel its mysteries.

Lake Of Unn

The Lake of Unn is a serene and beautiful area in the game. It is known for its tranquil waters and the presence of the character Unn, a deity associated with dreams and calmness. When you first encounter Quirrel in this location, he is standing near the edge of the lake, gazing into the water.

During this interaction, Quirrel Hollow Knight does not provide much dialogue. Still, his actions and demeanor convey a lot about his character. The only piece of dialogue he offers is in the form of telling us that our nail (our little sword) seems worn out.

Lake of Unn

He appears lost in thought while polishing his nail, seemingly entranced by the peaceful atmosphere of the lake. This moment reflects Quirrel’s contemplative and introspective nature. It also suggests a connection between Quirrel and the themes of dreams and serenity, as represented by Unn and the Lake of Unn.

Most people find this encounter with Quirrel poignant and memorable, as it adds depth to his character and provides a quiet, reflective pause amid the game’s challenging and often grim world. It’s one of the many instances in Hollow Knight where the game’s storytelling relies on atmosphere and subtle character moments to convey emotions and themes.

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Queen’s Station

When you first encounter Quirrel at Queen’s Station, you’ll find him sitting at the edge of the station platform. As with many of Quirrel’s interactions throughout the game, he doesn’t speak much, but what he says makes up for it.

During this moment, Quirrel is seen resting, taking a break from his journey. His presence at Queen’s Station emphasizes the interconnectedness of Hallownest and the importance of this transportation hub. It also adds a sense of continuity to the game’s world, as players may have encountered Quirrel in other locations before or after this encounter.

Queens Station

This interaction with Quirrel at Queen’s Station is another example of how the game uses subtle character moments to create a rich, atmospheric world. While Quirrel doesn’t provide specific information or guidance during this encounter, his presence adds depth to the game’s narrative and contributes to the overall ambiance of Hallownest.

Mantis Village

The interaction with Quirrel Hollow Knight plays out like most of his other interactions, with you finding him lounging about in a dangerous area, seemingly unfazed by the perils you had to cross to simply look upon these vistas.

During this encounter, Quirrel is true to his character by not engaging in too much idle chatter but instead gives us a helpful tip of seeking out the Nailsmith before going any further into the underbelly of Hallownest.

Mantis Village Hollow Knight

His actions speak volumes about his character. His willingness to sit and meditate in such a perilous location reinforces his calm and contemplative nature. It also hints at his extensive knowledge of Hallownest’s history and inhabitants, as he is willing to venture into areas that might deter other adventurers.

This interaction with Quirrel in the Mantis Village contributes to the overall world-building and storytelling in Hollow Knight by showcasing the diverse and sometimes dangerous environments within the game and by providing a glimpse into the character of Quirrel himself.

Crystal Peak

Coming across Quirrel in Crystal Peak, he is found staring down at Dirthmouth, taking a break from his journey. This is consistent with his character throughout the game—calm, composed, and introspective.

Crystal Peak

He offers some dialogue about how it’s absolutely horrible that the infection has caused to the miners to mine endlessly without purpose. Some could say this is an allegory for life and working an unfulfilled job, but that’s neither here nor there.


Our interaction with Quirrel is actually very small this time. It alludes to the same as it did in the Mantis Village, except this time, we see him sitting in a soul-replenishing hot spring. He gives us a brief sentence about how Deepnest houses a village that rejected Hallownest, and it’s ways deep in its heart.

City Of Tears

The City of Tears is a grand and melancholic location in the game, known for its stunning architecture, rain-soaked streets, and somber atmosphere.

When you first encounter Quirrel in the City of Tears, he can be found sitting on a bench in the first tower of the city, overlooking the scenery through a giant window. This encounter is significant because it provides valuable information and insight into the history and lore of the city.

During this interaction, Quirrel engages in a brief conversation, which is quite out of character for him. He shares his thoughts on the city, its beauty, and its tragic past. Quirrel’s dialogue pertains to how he feels called to the city but remains hesitant for some reason unknown to him as well. He also mentions that he would like to know where the rain comes from since it is perpetually raining.

City of Tears

This not only adds depth to the game’s world but also hints at the broader narrative of Hallownest and the events that have transpired within it, alongside some foreshadowing for where Quirrel’s quest will take him.

The City of Tears is a central location in the game, and this encounter with Quirrel helps establish the city’s somber and mysterious tone while also showcasing Quirrel’s thoughtful and philosophical nature. It’s one of the moments in the game where players can gain a deeper understanding of the world they are exploring and the character of Quirrel himself.

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Teacher’s Archives / Monomon

Before we enter the Teacher’s Archives, we see Quirrel once again standing outside and feeling drawn inside. However, this time, he is not hesitant; he simply lets us go first. Although this interaction deepens his character’s mystery for the final time.

During the Uumuu boss fight is also significant, as it demonstrates his willingness to assist the player character, the Knight, in critical moments. By puncturing the outer membrane of Uumuu, Quirrel enables the Knight to damage the boss, providing valuable support during a challenging encounter.

Quirrel Hollow Knight

These moments further emphasize Quirrel’s character traits, such as his bravery, his deep knowledge of Hallownest, and his willingness to aid the player on their journey. They contribute to our appreciation of Quirrel as a memorable and enigmatic character in the game.

Upon defeating Uumuu, we are able to access the tank of Monomon, one of the dreamers who guards the Black Egg Temple. When we go to enter her mind, we see that it is fortified by a field that cannot be undone by us. This is when Quirrel jumps onto the platform and reveals everything to us.

Quirrel’s revelation that his hat is actually Monomon’s mask adds a layer of intrigue and mystery to his character. It suggests a deeper connection between Quirrel and the Dreamers.


His willingness to undo Monomon’s protection to aid the Knight further emphasizes his role as a complex and enigmatic character who plays a pivotal part in the unfolding events of Hallownest while also leaving much to be desired in terms of lore and how this even came to transpire.

These moments showcase the depth of storytelling and character development in “Hollow Knight,” and they contribute to players’ understanding of the intricate world and narrative crafted by the game’s developers.

Blue Lake

The final interaction with Quirrel at the Blue Lake in Hollow Knight is a poignant and emotional moment in the game that occurs toward the end of the player’s journey. The Blue Lake is a serene and beautiful location where players can find Quirrel one last time.

When you approach Quirrel at the Blue Lake, he is standing near the water’s edge, looking out at the peaceful scenery. At this moment, Quirrel finally breaks his silence and engages in a heartfelt conversation with us.

During this interaction, Quirrel reflects on his journey, expressing his weariness and the weight of his past. He talks about his experiences in Hallownest and how he had lost his purpose. This conversation reveals a more vulnerable side of Quirrel, who had been portrayed as calm and composed throughout the game.

Quirrel also expresses his admiration for us, recognizing their strength and determination. He mentions that the Knight has given him a renewed sense of purpose and hope. This conversation serves as a touching farewell and a moment of closure for Quirrel’s character arc.

Quirrel at Blue Lake

The final interaction with Quirrel at the Blue Lake is a memorable and moving moment in Hollow Knight that adds depth to his character and offers a sense of closure to his story within the game. It’s a moment that many players remember fondly as they progress through the game’s narrative.

With this interaction, we bid farewell to Quirrel, never to see him again or hear his helpful advice just one more time. At least he got his one wish granted by finding why the City Of Tears is always crying and that source be his final resting spot.


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