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Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build Guide

Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build

So you got bored and wanted to do more than swing a big sword around, huh? Well, we have for you a new build to try out. Introducing the Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build. Throw fireballs from afar and relax as each boss falls to their knees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pyromancers showcase versatility, excelling in both ranged and melee combat scenarios.
  • Pyromancy Flames come in three forms: Pyromancy Flame, Pyromancer’s Parting Flame, and Demon’s Scar, each catering to different playstyles.
  • Powerful pyromancies such as Chaos Bed Vestiges, Black Fire Orb, Carthus Beacon, and Great Chaos Fire Orb are highlighted, each with lore connections and gameplay impacts.
  • Rings play a crucial role for pyromancers, with options like the Fire Clutch Ring, Dark Clutch Ring, Dusk Crown Ring, Witch’s Ring, Great Swamp Ring, Chloranthy Ring, and Ring of Favor, each offering specific benefits and drawbacks.

Why Use a Pyromancer Build?

Using a Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build can be a rewarding choice for several reasons. Firstly, Pyromancers offer a high degree of versatility. 

They can seamlessly transition between ranged and melee combat, employing powerful fire spells from a distance or engaging in close combat with fire-infused weapons. This adaptability allows you to approach various in-game challenges more flexibly, adjusting your tactics as needed.

One of the strengths of the Pyromancer build lies in its scaling. Pyromancy benefits from both Intelligence and Faith, allowing you to invest in both stats to maximize your Pyromancer’s effectiveness.

This dual scaling opens up opportunities for hybrid builds, combining the power of fire spells with the strength of melee combat or defensive miracles, depending on your preferences.

Pyromancers are known for their high damage output. Pyromancy spells can deal substantial damage, particularly against foes vulnerable to fire. This damage potential proves invaluable in tackling challenging boss fights and dispatching tough enemies that might otherwise pose a formidable threat.

Pyromancy Dark Souls 3

Another advantage of Pyromancy lies in its area of effect abilities. Many pyromancy spells possess AoE properties, making them exceptionally effective against groups of enemies or in PvP encounters. The ability to control the battlefield and inflict damage across multiple targets is a distinct advantage of the Pyromancer playstyle.

Moreover, Pyromancy has relatively low stat requirements, especially when compared to some other magic types, making it accessible for a variety of character builds. This accessibility allows you to experiment with different character configurations while still harnessing the power of fire.

Whether you’re delving into the PvE aspects of the game or engaging in PvP encounters, Pyromancers can excel in both domains. Your adaptability, damage potential, and strategic spellcasting make you a formidable opponent in various scenarios.

Lastly, the Pyromancer playstyle is known for its unique and enjoyable flavor. Utilizing fire-based magic and weapons adds an exciting dimension to your gameplay experience. Watching enemies burn or explode in fiery fury can be a highly satisfying and gratifying aspect of playing a Pyromancer in Dark Souls 3.

Pyromancy Flames To Use

For your Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build, you have access to three methods of casting pyromancies. Each method is unique, which lends itself to a different playstyle with different pros and cons. Each of those three methods is explained here in depth.

Pyromancy Flame

The Pyromancy Flame is a crucial tool for pyromancers in Dark Souls 3, allowing them to cast a variety of fire-based spells. It scales with both Intelligence and Faith, providing versatility for hybrid builds. 

Pyromancy Flame

You allocate spell slots through Attunement, enabling them to customize their spell selection. The Pyromancy Flame can be upgraded to increase spell power and used to imbue weapons with fire. It also features unique visual effects, immersing you in the pyromancer experience.

Overall, it’s central to a pyromancer’s abilities, offering powerful spellcasting and diverse combat options.

Pyromancer’s Parting Flame (Ashes Of Ariendel DLC)

The Pyromancer’s Parting Flame is a specialized pyromancy catalyst with a unique combustion effect, making it exceptionally powerful in close combat situations. 

It maintains the same scaling as the standard Pyromancy Flame, can cast a variety of pyromancy spells, and is upgradeable for increased effectiveness. 

Pyromancers Parting Flame

This distinctive tool enhances the Pyromancer’s gameplay experience and provides a dynamic element to their spellcasting. But something important to note is that it has a lesser spell buff than the default Pyromancy Flame.

Also, a unique feature of this weapon is the weapon art called “Parting Flame.” This is unique in the fact that if you kill 12 enemies with this equipped in your off hand, then you gain death echos. When ready, your hand will start to glow which, upon using the weapon art, you will gain one estus flask back.

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Demon’s Scar (Ringed City DLC)

The Demon’s Scar is an extraordinary weapon in Dark Souls 3, possessing a dual nature as both a curved sword and a pyromancy catalyst. Its distinctive features and versatility make it a standout choice among pyromancers and hybrid build enthusiasts.

One of its primary distinctions is its hybrid nature. The Demon’s Scar excels as a melee weapon and a catalyst for pyromancy spells. This dual-purpose capability allows you to seamlessly transition between close-range combat and ranged spellcasting, adapting to various combat scenarios with ease.

Similar to traditional pyromancy catalysts, the Demon’s Scar scales with both Intelligence and Faith. This unique scaling makes it an ideal choice for pyromancers who want to maximize the power of their fire-based spells while maintaining the option to engage in melee combat.

Demons Scar

In terms of spellcasting, the Demon’s Scar is a capable catalyst for Pyromancy. It grants access to a wide range of pyromancy spells, including offensive fire spells like fireballs and firestorms, as well as utility spells to control the battlefield or heal. Attuning spells and allocating spell slots can be done just as with any other pyromancy catalyst.

As a curved sword, the Demon’s Scar retains its fire damage and scaling, making it an imposing weapon for close-quarters combat. Its unique moveset and fiery attacks give you an advantage in melee battles, allowing them to inflict substantial damage upon their foes. Such as its weapon art, which, upon completion, spawns lava at the place where you end your attack.

Like other weapons in Dark Souls 3, the Demon’s Scar is upgradeable using Titanite. This enhances its base damage and fire damage scaling, further increasing its effectiveness in both melee and spellcasting.

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Best Pyromancies To Use

There are many different pyromancies in Dark Souls 3, but only a few stand out as viable damage dealers. Each is viable in a certain scenario and can be played with in different builds.

You want to cast fireballs but also be able to swing your sword at enemies? Maybe you want to challenge yourself and only play with the spells provided to you. Well, here we will go in-depth on each Pyromancy so you can make the judgment on which one is best suited for your Darks Souls 3 Pyromancer Build.

Chaos Bed Vestiges

The name “Chaos Bed Vestiges” suggests a connection to the Chaos Flame and the Witch of Izalith. The Witch of Izalith was one of the original Lords in the Dark Souls universe and attempted to recreate the First Flame by using her own soul. This resulted in the creation of the Chaos Flame, which brought about the chaos demons. The “vestiges” in the spell’s name may refer to the remnants of the Witch’s power.

The Chaos Bed Vestiges pyromancy can be obtained by transposing the soul of the Old Demon King, a boss you encounter in the game. This boss is a descendant of the Chaos Flame, which adds to the thematic connection of the Pyromancy to the chaos and fire themes in Dark Souls III.

Chaos Bed Vestiges

When you cast Chaos Bed Vestiges, you unleash a massive, fiery projectile that travels quickly toward your target. 

Upon impact, it causes a significant explosion of chaos flame that damages enemies in its vicinity. This Pyromancy deals substantial fire damage and has a relatively long range, making it effective for both PvE and PvP encounters. If you only decide to use one Pyromancy, then this is the one since it’s a must-have for your Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build.

Black Fire Orb

These pyromancies are deeply tied to the Abyss and were discovered by High Lord Wolnir in his pursuit of power. Wolnir, originally a conqueror and ruler, became corrupted by the Abyss and was ultimately consumed by it. He used the power of the Abyss to expand his kingdom and extend his own life but ultimately succumbed to its influence.

The description of both Black Serpent and Black Flame mentions that they were discovered from the Abyss by High Lord Wolnir. This suggests that he played a role in the development or discovery of these pyromancies. 

Black Fire Orb

After his descent into the Abyss, Wolnir became a part of the Catacombs of Carthus, where he ruled over the Grave Wardens who serve him. These Grave Wardens are known for their use of dark pyromancies, hence the connection to the pyromancies bearing Wolnir’s name.

When you cast Black Fire Orb, you create a dark fireball that you can hurl at your target. Upon impact, it explodes in a burst of dark flames, dealing dark damage to the enemy. It is a good pyromancy to have in case you need to inflict damage other than fire since some enemies may be immune to fire damage.

Carthus Beacon

Carthus Beacon is associated with the warriors of Carthus of the Sands, known as grave wardens. These warriors used this Pyromancy to bolster their damage output during combat, contributing to their reputation as relentless harbingers of death.

In summary, Carthus Beacon is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III that boosts your damage with consecutive attacks, making it a valuable tool for aggressive adventurers who seek to maximize their offensive potential during battles.

Cathus Beacon Pyromancy

When you cast Carthus Beacon, it enhances your damage output with consecutive attacks. This means that if you land successive attacks on your target without interruption, the damage dealt with each subsequent hit will increase.

Carthus Beacon encourages an aggressive and relentless playstyle, rewarding you for maintaining a continuous offensive assault on their foes. It’s perfect for curved swords, which can attack quickly and allow you time to roll away with invincibility frames.

Great Chaos Fire Orb

Great Chaos Fire Orb is also associated with the Witch of Izalith and the Bed of Chaos. The description suggests that the chaos flame, which is the source of this Pyromancy, is a manifestation of primordial life born in the Bed of Chaos. 

The Witch of Izalith’s attempt to recreate the First Flame resulted in the creation of the Chaos Flame and the emergence of chaos demons, making it a grievous sin in the game’s lore.

Great Chaos Fire Orb

In gameplay, Great Chaos Fire Orb is a potent and visually striking pyromancy that deals substantial fire damage. It’s a favorite among pyromancers and can be especially effective against enemies weak to fire or for dealing area damage to multiple foes.

When you cast Great Chaos Fire Orb, you throw a large and powerful chaos flame projectile that explodes upon impact, dealing significant fire damage to the target and the surrounding area. The explosion has a lingering fire effect, making it useful for area control and crowd control.

Best Rings For Pyromancers

Rings are essential for having your Pyromancies do damage. Sure, you can do damage without them, but who does not like seeing big numbers after your attack connects. So here we will provide you with a selection of a few rings that are a must-have if running pyromancies in your build.

Now, these rings are meant to be interchanged depending on what enemy or boss you are facing up against. Some bosses are entirely immune to fire, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup source of damage, such as Dark damage.

Fire Clutch Ring

Each of these rings provides both advantages and disadvantages when equipped, amplifying a specific type of damage while simultaneously increasing the vulnerability to that type of damage. The Fire Clutch Ring, in particular, focuses on enhancing fire-based attacks.

When you equip the Fire Clutch Ring, it significantly boosts the damage output of your fire-based attacks. Whether you’re wielding fire-infused weapons, casting fire spells, or using any abilities that deal fire damage, this ring can substantially increase their effectiveness. 

Fire Clutch Ring

It’s a coveted choice among players specializing in Pyromancy or prefers using fire-themed weapons and spells since it increases fire damage by +15%, a must-have on your Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Build.

However, the trade-off for this substantial damage increase is a noticeable reduction in overall damage absorption. Wearing the Fire Clutch Ring makes you more vulnerable to physical and elemental attacks from enemies and bosses. 

This means that while your fire attacks become more potent, you’ll need to exercise caution and precision in your gameplay, as you’ll be taking increased damage from various sources.

Dark Clutch Ring

When you wear the Dark Clutch Ring, it significantly augments the damage output of your dark-based attacks. This includes dark-infused weapons, dark spells, or any attacks that deal dark damage. Players who specialize in hexes, dark sorceries, or dark miracles often find this ring particularly beneficial, as it amplifies the potency of their dark-themed abilities.

Dark Clutch Ring

However, just like the Fire Clutch Ring, equipping the Dark Clutch Ring comes with a notable trade-off. While it enhances your dark damage capabilities, it concurrently reduces your overall damage absorption, but the damage increase is quite significant at +15%.

As a result, you become more susceptible to physical and elemental attacks from enemies and bosses while wearing the ring. This heightened vulnerability necessitates a cautious and strategic approach to gameplay when using the Dark Clutch Ring.

Dusk Crown Ring

The Dusk Crown Ring provides a significant benefit to spellcasters by reducing the consumption of MP when casting spells. This means you can cast more spells before depleting your MP bar, which is highly advantageous for sorcerers, pyromancers, and clerics who rely on spells as their primary form of offense or support.

However, the Dusk Crown Ring comes with a noticeable drawback. While it reduces MP consumption, it also lowers your maximum HP. This means you’ll have less health overall, making you more vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

Dusk Crown Ring

The trade-off between increased spellcasting efficiency and reduced health is crucial when deciding to equip this ring.

The Dusk Crown Ring has a lore connection to Dusk, princess of Oolacile, and the land of ancient golden sorceries. Its unique abilities make it a valuable tool for dedicated spellcasters who want to maximize their spellcasting potential but are willing to accept the risk of reduced health.

Witch’s Ring

The primary function of the Witch’s Ring is to boost the damage output of pyromancies. When you wear this ring, your fire-based spells and pyromancies will deal significantly more damage. This includes offensive spells like Fireball and Great Chaos Fire Orb, as well as buffs like Carthus Flame Arc.

The Witch’s Ring has a strong lore connection to the witches of Izalith, a group of powerful sorcerers known for their mastery of Pyromancy. The ring is engraved with the portrait of a great witch. It is said to allow the wearer to tap into the essence of these witches, enhancing their pyromantic abilities.

Witch's Ring

In Dark Souls III, you can obtain the Witch’s Ring by exploring the Catacombs of Carthus area. Specifically, it is found in the Smouldering Lake, an optional area accessible from the Catacombs. The ring is guarded by a hostile worm-like enemy known as a Demon.

The Witch’s Ring is a prized possession for those who specialize in Pyromancy. It amplifies the damage output of fire-based spells by +25%, making it easier to deal with enemies and bosses weak to fire.

However, like many specialized rings, it takes up one of your ring slots, so you must decide whether the increased pyromancy damage justifies the loss of another potential ring’s benefits.

Great Swamp Ring

Wearing the Great Swamp Ring significantly boosts the effectiveness of pyromancies. This means that your fire-based spells and pyromancies will deal more damage when this ring is equipped. 

For those who rely on pyromancies as their primary form of attack, this ring is invaluable, as it enhances their ability to defeat enemies and bosses quite quickly with its +12% pyromancy damage increase.

Great Swamp Ring

The ring has a profound connection to the lore of the Great Swamp, which is regarded as the birthplace of Pyromancy. However, it is also a place that fell victim to the Abyss, a dark and corrupting force in the Dark Souls universe. The description of the ring hints at the tragic fate of the Great Swamp and its inhabitants, who were consumed by the Abyss.

In terms of gameplay, the Great Swamp Ring can be found early in the game, making it accessible to Pyromancer builds from the outset. You can also get this ring as your starting item if you choose the pyromancer class to begin the game. This accessibility, combined with its potent effects, makes it a popular choice among those who embrace the art of Pyromancy.

Ring Of Favor

Firstly, it enhances your maximum HP, granting you a larger pool of health points. This increase in vitality can be pivotal during intense battles, allowing you to endure more damage before succumbing to defeat. Whether you’re facing formidable bosses or relentless adversaries, the added durability provided by the ring can be a lifesaver.

Secondly, the Ring of Favor bolsters your stamina, which governs your ability to perform various actions, including attacking, blocking, and evading. With higher stamina, you can engage in more actions in quick succession and maintain better control during combat. 

Ring of Favor

This heightened stamina is particularly advantageous for characters who rely on melee combat, as it allows for more aggressive and agile gameplay.

Lastly, the ring augments your maximum equip load, enabling you to carry and wear heavier equipment and armor without being encumbered. 

For players who prefer donning robust armor and wielding weighty weapons, this increase in maximum equip load is invaluable. It grants you the flexibility to customize your character’s equipment setup without compromising mobility, making it an attractive choice for a range of character builds.

Cholranthy Ring

The Chloranthy Ring primarily enhances your stamina recovery speed. When you wear this ring, your stamina regenerates at a notably faster rate. This effect is particularly advantageous during battles, as it allows you to perform actions like attacking, blocking, and evading more frequently and efficiently.

Chloranthy Ring

In gameplay terms, the Chloranthy Ring provides a substantial benefit that can make a significant difference in the heat of battle. 

It enables characters to maintain a relentless offensive, block more attacks, or dodge more effectively, all while preserving their stamina pool. This ring is a staple choice for both PvE and PvP combat, where stamina management plays a crucial role in determining victory.


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