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Valheim Mistlands Update: What We Know So Far

Valheim Mistlands Update

A mere month after the release of Hearth and Home, Ironside have announced the next big update they have in development – the Mistlands. It currently exists as one of the three unfinished biomes, though certainly the most eerie and mysterious. Players are keen to know what exactly lurks in the eternal darkness of the web-ridden forest, though currently available information is sparse to say the least.

Though we don’t have anything concrete just yet, the information in their Steam announcement looks very promising, especially for those wanting more to explore in the Tenth Realm. It looks like we’ll have to wait quite some time for the Mistlands update, but it seems we can expect a near complete overhaul of the biome we currently know.

Valheim Mistlands

Another welcome announcement is the collection of smaller updates in the works, something to tide us over until the release of the new and improved Mistlands. One such update will add some much needed flavor to the Mountains, a biome that I personally love, but does lack the depth and detail present in many of the others. There isn’t anything definitive here either, but it looks like we’ll have a place to explore while we take shelter from blizzards.

Valheim Mistlands

An October announcement couldn’t be called complete without mentioning Halloween. Though certainly not what first springs to mind when thinking about Vikings, Halloween has come to Valheim. You can craft a “Jack-o-turnip” to help spook up your home for four turnips and two bits of resin. It’ll probably only last until the end of the month, so if you want some, make sure to craft them by then.

So concludes this little article. Sadly, it isn’t much to go on, but it certainly shows a promising direction for Valheim, albeit a long journey to reach its end. I’ll be keeping an eye on Valheim’s development, so be sure to check back for future updates. In the meantime, check out our article on Valheim’s progression as it currently stands.


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