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Everything New in Valheim Hearth and Home

valheim hearth and home

Valheim’s recent Hearth and Home update has given us a bunch of new ways to spruce up our Viking villages, alongside a multitude of other additions to the 10th realm. From Lox mounts to tar pits, let’s explore every new addition in the Valheim Hearth and Home update.

New building pieces, furniture, and decorations

valheim village

The new update has brought countless new opportunities for Valheim’s passionate builders. Along with several new additional shapes and pieces for existing materials, we have an entirely new series of pieces to work with. Built with new materials found in the plains, Darkwood and slate roofing can be used to add more detail to existing builds, construct traditional Viking structures, or provide a modern touch should that be your thing.

To go with your impressive architecture, Hearth and Home adds a slew of decorative pieces. Wolf and raven decorations have been added, accompanying the lonely dragon carvings we’ve worked with so far. Crystals finally have a use beyond weighing you down, making for a nice glass window, or a see-through wall if that’s what you prefer. New furniture options can further spruce up the interior of your buildings, giving you a throne fit for a konungr, new ways to display your vast wealth, and even a Viking hot tub to relax in. Iron grates have also been added, allowing you to create that perfect dungeon, capable of securing your treasure and local nuisances alike.

The Cartography table

Valheim’s Hearth and Home update has also given us a few more station upgrades and a bench we’ve all wanted for a while – the cartography table. This handy station allows you to share your map discoveries with your fellow Vikings, or the same in reverse. The cauldron has received some upgrades, namely in the form of a spice rack and butcher’s table, expanding what meals can be put on the menu. To help you cook your meals faster, an iron cooking station has been added, which can accommodate 5 items, rather than the previous station’s 2. Another long-standing issue has also been resolved in the form of the obliterator. No more will you have to hurl your unwanted belongings into the ocean’s depths, instead, simply stuff the obliterator full of your trash, flip the switch, and be rid of those useless items.

Changes to the food system in Valheim Hearth and Home

Valheim hearth and home food

Arguably the most important adjustment, this update noticeably changes the food system from what it once was. Before, we were able to rely on 3 food items for high boosts to both health and stamina. With the new change, we’ll have to switch up our menus.

Food is now split into 3 categories: health-focused, stamina-focused, or a blend of both. This is indicated by a red fork, yellow fork, and white fork respectively. Alongside this, timers have now replaced the bar that once accompanied the food indicator, showing exactly how long each buff has left.

A new berry, fittingly named the bukeperry, will allow you to switch up your diet as and when you like, though you might want to wash your mouth out afterward. As the new health system is geared toward specialization, this berry will make for easy changes between roles, should you need to quickly switch from an athletic buff to a tank one.

New recipes added in Valheim Hearth and Home

New recipes accompany the additional cooking facilities and food system changes. Each animal now drops its own type of meat when killed, which can be cooked and eaten as is, or seasoned with other ingredients for a more substantial meal. From soups to skewers, your Viking will be able to enjoy a hearty dinner after a hard day in purgatory.

Valheim Hearth and Home additions to the equipment roster


Food and building components are not the only additions in this update, several new weapons have arrived in the 10th realm too. You will be able to craft a bone tower shield and iron buckler, alongside a silver knife and a crystal battleaxe, offering a third use for those crystals. Lastly, the butcher’s knife will allow for the quick and easy slaughtering of your tamed animals, if terrorizing the local wildlife wasn’t enough for you.

Tweaks to the combat system

Another set of tweaks and rebalances has come to Valheim, this time for combat. Blocking now depends on the new stagger bar. Taking consecutive hits to your shield will cause you to stagger, breaking your guard and leaving you at your enemy’s mercy. Speaking of shields, tower shields and bucklers are now more distinct; tower shields will offer more defense and a higher knockback, while bucklers keep you quick on your feet and can parry enemy attacks. Whichever you choose, ensure you keep your max health as high as possible, as this is now closely linked to your ability to block attacks.

Several miscellaneous tweaks have been made to equipment stats. For example, bows will now require less stamina to draw, while two-handed weapons are more capable of crowd control. The changes aim to make all weapons more viable as a primary, though whether that’s been successful is of course up to you.

Changes to the plains in Valheim Hearth and Home

Valheim hearth and home plains

The current final biome of Valheim has received some love in this update. Of particular note are the new tar pits, which you should avoid getting caught unawares by. These pits are the source of tar, a new material required for the Darkwood building pieces. However, they are closely guarded by growths, little tar monsters that spit a barrage of the stuff. Get ambushed by a couple of them and you will have an express ticket back home.

A nicer change comes in the form of a new interaction with our fluffy friends the Lox. With some endgame materials, you will be able to craft yourself a Lox saddle, with which you can ride your tamed beasts. Additionally, you can now name your Lox and any other pets you might have with a simple push of left shift and E.

This concludes the changes and additions brought by the Valheim Hearth and Home update. Enjoy trying out all the new features!


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