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Valheim Obliterator: How to Build One & What Does It Do?

Valheim Obliterator

When starting out in Valheim, players will initially have nothing, being forced to scrounge around for resources to fashion a set of basic tools. Despite starting with nothing but bare hands, Vikings will quickly obtain a hoard of materials, equipment, treasures, and resources of varying value. Pretty soon, your inventory will be packed and your chests bulging, stocked with trash, leaving you nowhere to store your valuables.

At first, this was a real problem. Items could not be destroyed, nor would they despawn after throwing them into the world for a while. Once you had your items, and you’d acquire a lot pretty quickly, they were with you forever, whether you liked it or not. At least, this was the case until the obliterator came to Valheim.

The obliterator was a massive deal, letting Vikings dispose of their useless items through better means than chucking them in the sea or digging a giant trash pit. You’ll even get a little reward for doing so, something much more valuable than an accumulating garbage heap. The only question is – how can you build it?

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What you need for the obliterator in Valheim

First things first, you need to get your hands on a few materials before you can put together the obliterator. It needs 4 Copper, 8 Iron, and 1 new item – the Thunderstone. For the copper, you’ll need to explore a Black Forest biome and keep an eye out for ore-filled boulders. They’re fairly easy to spot, being big mossy rocks pockmarked by chunks of copper. Keep an eye out for burial chambers while you’re here, the treasure held within will be useful later. Next, you’ll have to venture into the Swamps for the Iron, which can be pretty dangerous. If this is your first time in Valheim’s Swamps, I’d suggest sailing close to the shore while looking out for crypts lit by greenish torches.

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The Iron is buried within, guarded by a bunch of undead. The last item might be a little harder to obtain, depending on how lucky you got with your merchant spawn. If you know where Haldor the merchant is, great, simply grab 50 coins and head over to him. You can purchase the Thunderstone there, and you’ve got what you need. If you don’t, then you’ve got a bit of exploring to do.

Finding Haldor

Valheim Obliterator Haldor

Locating Haldor the merchant is pretty useful, as he sells a few handy bits of equipment. Some items, like the Thunderstone, are necessary for crafts, making tracking him down essentially a prerequisite for building certain things. But finding Haldor can sometimes be easier said than done. Sometimes, he can be found pretty close to your spawn in the center of the world, though he’ll be at least 1500 meters from the center. Others, he’ll be hanging out right on the edge of the world. The only certainty is that he’ll be found somewhere within a Black Forest biome.

To find Haldor, you’ve got two options. You can simply embark on an adventure, exploring each Black Forest you find. If you’ve got the right one, a money bag will pop up on your minimap once you get within a couple hundred meters of him. If you don’t want to bother risking a world-spanning odyssey, you can use a particular world seed at the start of your game. This seed, HHcLC5acQt, will see Haldor set up shop very close to your spawn, making your shopping trips much easier. The seed also has all of Valheim’s bosses spawn nearby, making it pretty good for a boss rush game.

Crafting the obliterator in Valheim

Once you’ve got the necessary materials, head back to your base and build yourself a forge, if you don’t have one already. This station is required to build the obliterator, functioning pretty much like an upgraded workbench. Once you have a forge, build the obliterator wherever you like and start turning your worthless items into something more useful.

Using the obliterator in Valheim

Valheim Obliterator Used

The obliterator essentially acts as a recycling machine, taking in useless items and equipment, then spitting out coal, something infinitely more useful than dust-gatherers. All you have to do is put your unwanted items into the obliterator, then flip the lever on its side. After a short time, lightning will strike the obliterator, destroying the inserted items and potentially granting you a reward. Your reward depends on the quality of items you deposit, with one coal being gifted per the following:

  • 1 Trophy of any kind
  • 5 Wood of any kind
  • 20 arrows of any kind
  • 10 of any item other than the above. A mix of different items is fine, as long as you put in 10.

Final Word

There you have it, one obliterator to help you dispose of your unwanted items. Make sure you step back once you’ve flipped the lever, as the lightning does a hefty amount of damage and has a decent area of effect. You should probably keep the obliterator away from your buildings, too, unless you want Thor’s gifts to have the unintended side-effect of destroying your creations.


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