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Where To Find Diamonds In Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond

In Subnautica Below Zero, diamonds play an essential role in crafting, though arguably a bit less so than in the first game. Still, you’ll need them fairly early on for Enameled Glass, which is required for a few upgrades and for tools to advance the story. But, just like the first game, diamonds can be a pain to find if you don’t know where to look. If you want an easier time finding these all-important gemstones, let me be your guide.

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Discovering diamonds in Subnautica Below Zero safely

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Koppa Mining Site

There’s a load of places and biomes in Subnautica Below Zero that can offer you a veritable hoard of diamonds. The downside is, very few places are safe. If you want to get your hands on easy diamonds, your first port of call should be the Koppa Mining Site. This site can be found below Delta Island, with the entrance being located on the island’s West side. If you start from the Delta Island Dock and follow the Western coast about halfway down the island, you should find it quite easily, being just after the second lava geyser crevice. You should probably bring a Seatruck, though – air is quite sparse in the mine.

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Koppa Mining Site

Once you’ve parked your Seatruck at the entrance to the Koppa Mining Site, you can head on inside and down the shaft in the center. Diamond can be found readily throughout the entirety of the mine, so grab what you need and head back to the Seatruck for air when necessary. There are also a few Prawn Suit fragments down there, so be sure to scan them as well. You can return to the Koppa Mining Site once you’ve built the Prawn Suit to harvest the large diamond deposits, if you need a few more down the line.

If the Koppa Mining Site doesn’t cut it for you, head back outside and go back towards Delta Island Dock. Along the way should be two small crevices that lead down to lava geysers. In these little caves is a trove of diamonds and other resources, though you’re likely to get burned getting them. Bringing a Gravity Trap can be helpful to grab them without getting hurt, but keep in mind that the geysers can damage your device as well as you. Despite the heat, you can quickly fetch a couple dozen diamonds in minutes, which will give you more than enough to craft a few important pieces of equipment. Better yet, you won’t have to brave the dangers of the other biomes that contain diamonds.

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Braving dangerous depths for diamonds

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond Deep Twisty Bridges

If you don’t have the Prawn Suit required to mine the large diamond deposits, or you like your diamonds with a side of death, you can go to the Deep Twisty Bridges biome. It’s an easy one to find, and chances are you’ve even stumbled across it already. From your lifepod, head over to the Twisty Bridges found directly to your South. Once there, you can just head steadily deeper, following the cracks and crevices that lead to deeper and darker waters.

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A Seatruck will be handy here, giving you much-needed air and protection from the denizens of the deep. It isn’t essential, though – you’ll be perfectly fine with a Seaglide, a Rebreather, and upgrades to your diving equipment. You can follow the oxygen plants on your way down, and swim back to the surface pretty quickly when you need to.

Deep Twisty Bridges

Once you’re down in the Deep Twisty Bridges, you should be on the lookout for two things. Diamonds are naturally one of them, which can be found readily all over the biome. There is a high concentration of diamonds in a couple of little pits close to the bottom, so keep an eye out for those. The second thing you should be watchful for is the family of Squidsharks that call this biome home. They’re dangerous enough to the Seatruck, but when you’re diving without any vehicles, they can be absolutely lethal.

All it takes is a couple of hits from these guys, and you’re fish food. If you plan on venturing into the Deep Twisty Bridges for diamonds, you’d better keep your head on a swivel. Squidsharks can sneak up on you pretty easily, and it doesn’t take long for them to close any distance. If you can’t bring a Seatruck with you, I’d recommend only brief visits to this biome to avoid being eaten.

Mining diamonds in Subnautica Below Zero

In addition to the Koppa Mining Site, there is a second mining station for large diamond deposits. If you’ve got a Prawn Suit with a drill arm, I’d recommend bringing it to the bay roughly West of the Twisty Bridges. There’s a hydraulic bridge that connects two portions, but you’ll need to repair it first. On the other side of the bridge is a small cave that leads further inland, with a diamond mining station close by. There’s a whole lot of diamonds to be extracted from here, and it’s completely safe to do so. Just be careful you don’t venture much further inland, or else you’ll be stepping onto the turf of an Ice Worm Leviathan.

What can you craft with diamonds in Subnautica Below Zero?

Diamonds can be used to craft a fair few items in Subnautica Below Zero, with pretty much all of them being quite useful. There’s also a story item that can be crafted, but I won’t spoil what that is. Other than that, here’s what you can craft:

  • Enameled Glass: You’ll need this pretty early on for a few initial upgrades, so it pays to get this quickly. You’ll need glass and lead as well as diamond.
  • Laser Cutter: While not used as regularly as in the first game, the Laser Cutter is needed for some story-related stuff, in addition to accessing a few otherwise missable rooms in wrecks.
  • Reinforced Dive Suit: This suit is incredibly handy to have. It halves the damage you take from fauna and is resistant to extreme heat. It won’t make fighting a Chelicerite much easier, but being more resistant to damage will go a long way overall.
  • Seatruck Energy Efficiency Module: The Energy Efficiency Module is a decent upgrade to have for long trips. It’s fairly expensive to make in the early game though, so you might want to spend your diamonds elsewhere.
  • Prawn Suit Drill Arm: This arm is vital for mining large resource deposits and getting more diamonds. It isn’t essential, but I’d strongly recommend prioritizing this if you want an easier time obtaining resources in the future.
  • Modification Station: This last use for diamonds isn’t an item, but it’s useful all the same. With the Modification Station, you’ll be able to craft some pretty important upgrades that make exploring with your vehicles a lot easier. You also need it for the Thermoblade, which you should craft if you intend to go up against the Leviathans.

Final Word

That’s everything you need to know about finding diamonds in Subnautica Below Zero. There are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on them, so finding diamonds is pretty much as difficult or as easy as you make it. You’re best off doing it early on for the vehicle upgrades, as your exploration of Sector Zero will be made all the easier.


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