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Where To Find Cuddlefish In Subnautica: Hatching a Companion

Cuddlefish Subnautica

Surviving the ocean world of Planet 4546B is a lonely affair. Although you’ve got no shortage of creatures that are willing to get up close and personal with you, there’s a distinct lack of anything friendly, above or below the waves.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way for the entirety of your stay. With a bit of exploration, you might be able to find eggs of an amiable species, the Cuddlefish. With the right equipment back at base, you’ll be able to hatch these eggs, getting you a pet and making your survival efforts that bit more manageable. But, these eggs are rare, and you won’t find them lying around just anywhere, either. If you want to know where to find these eggs, let me be your guide.

Where to find Cuddlefish eggs

Unlike the other creatures of Subnautica, Cuddlefish cannot be found swimming out in the wild. There are no fully grown specimens, requiring you to find and adopt a baby, instead. To do so, you’ll need to find one of the five Cuddlefish eggs and place it in an Alien Containment. Finding one of these eggs may prove difficult, as each is found either nearby dangerous predators, deep beneath the waves, or both.

If you want to find each egg, you’ll need some equipment first. Having upgraded oxygen tanks will make your life easier, but as each egg is more than 100 meters deep, having a rebreather will be essential. It’s also a good idea to bring vehicles, at least for the deeper ones. A Seamoth will do the trick, with whatever Depth Modules you can craft. The final egg will require a more extensive set of equipment, but I’ll get to that later. For now, let’s stick to the Cuddlefish eggs that are fairly easy to reach.

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Cuddlefish egg in the Northeastern Mushroom Forest cave

The first two Cuddlefish eggs can be found in the cave systems below the Mushroom Forest biomes. These two eggs are the safest ones to obtain, with pretty much no aggressive creatures and no Leviathans at any point between your Lifepod and these eggs. If you’d just like one or two companions, I’d suggest going here first.

The first egg is in the Northeastern Mushroom Forest. Starting from your Lifepod, head northeast, through the Grassy Plateau biome and into the Mushroom Forest. Once you reach the border between the two biomes, you should continue to head northeast, but keep an eye out for the Alien Vent roughly at the center of the Mushroom Forest. In front of the vent is a cliff. Follow this cliff face around until you spot a hole in it; this is the entrance to the cave system. Fair warning; this system can be a bit mazelike, so having a Seamoth outside for air is going to help you. The Cuddlefish egg is found roughly 200 meters below, so follow the winding passages down until you see an open room at this depth with a plinth-looking rock in the middle. On it is the Cuddlefish egg.

If you’re struggling to spot the Alien Vent, you can head to Lifepod 4 if you have the beacon. If you don’t, it’s the upside-down Lifepod that splashed down quite close to the Aurora, just on the border between the Mushroom Forest and the Crash Site biomes. From Lifepod 4, head due north, and you should swim straight into the cliff.

Cuddlefish egg in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest cave

The second egg is found in another cave system over to the west, and is about as safe to reach as the first one. Starting from your Lifepod, travel northwest, through the Kelp Forest, and into the Mushroom Forest that borders it. Roughly at the center is a massive Mushroom Tree, which is a great landmark to use for orientation. The cave system can be accessed at the base of this tree, and is equally windy as the last cave system. You’ll want to traverse up the passages to a depth of roughly 150 meters. The Cuddlefish egg can be found on a small mound of sand.

Cuddlefish egg in the Deep Grand Reef

Cuddlefish Subnautica Deep Grand Reef

The next egg is a fair bit more dangerous to reach than the last two, but isn’t likely to cause you much trouble, provided you keep your wits about you. Within the Deep Grand Reef is a Degasi Seabase, the last of three. The Cuddlefish egg is inside, along with a variety of other loot. To reach this seabase, you can follow the beacon that appears after you’ve found the other two bases.

If you don’t have this beacon, head over to the Floating Island, then dive to a target depth of 500m. You’ll have to slip through holes and cracks in the seabed to reach this depth, though. Assuming you stick close to the Floating Island, you should have no problem spotting the Degasi Seabase sitting atop its perch, and the Crabsquids that surround it. Keep your lights off while near them, or they’ll charge up an EMP that will completely drain your power and leave you helpless for a few seconds. Once inside the seabase, make sure you check it thoroughly for various items and PDAs. You’ll want to make sure you take the Orange Tablet, as well as the Cuddlefish egg that can be found in the same room.

Cuddlefish egg in the Dunes

Subnautica Dunes Sinkhole

The next and by far most dangerous Cuddlefish egg location is the Dunes. Specifically, you’re looking for the sinkhole pretty much right in the middle of the biome. Starting from your Lifepod, head northwest to the Mushroom Forest biome, then go right up to the giant mushroom tree. From there, head due west, and you’ll see the sinkhole without issue.

What you will see with an issue, however, is the many Reaper Leviathans that call this area home. A couple like to patrol the sinkhole itself, with the rest dotted about throughout the rest of the biome. If that wasn’t enough, there are a few Warpers in the area, too. If you’re unlucky, a Warper will bring you out of your Seamoth and straight into the jaws of a Reaper. If you can make it to the sinkhole, dive down to the bottom where the thermal vents are. The Cuddlefish egg is in the middle.

Cuddlefish egg in the Lost River

Cuddlefish Subnautica Lost River

The final Cuddlefish egg can be found in the Lost River. This egg can be reached with just a Seamoth, but it can be a decent idea to head in with a Cyclops and a Prawn Suit, especially if you want to explore it fully and establish a permanent base there. You’ll also need an Orange Tablet, so I hope you picked one up from the Degasi Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef.

The best entrance to take for the Cuddlefish egg is near the Degasi Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef. Head out and go down to the green pools of brine nearby. Follow these pools down and into the Lost River. You won’t be able to bring your Cyclops through this entrance, but there are other entrances big enough for your sub. Check out this guide to the Lost River if you want to know how to reach them.

Once inside the Lost River, turn left and follow the corridor along. Continue on until you reach the skull illuminated by a few overhead lights, then turn left. At the top of the ridge is a doorway leading to an Alien lab, which can be opened with the Orange Tablet. Head inside and turn right. The fifth and final Cuddlefish egg is on the table.

Hatching a Cuddlefish

Once you have as many eggs as you like, it’s time to hatch your new companions. You’ll need an Alien Containment built at your base first, then all you have to do is place the eggs inside and wait. Before long, the eggs will hatch, and you’ll have a bunch of little friends to make your time surviving on Planet 4546B a little less lonely.


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