Subnautica Aurora Codes: How to Unlock Every Door in the Aurora

Subnautica Aurora Codes

When you first climb out of your lifepod at the start of Subnautica, you’ll notice two things – why people are scared of the ocean, and the massive ship, the Aurora, sticking out of it. After a bit of playing around in the Shallows, you’ll probably want to check out that very ship. You certainly should, as there’s a fair amount to be salvaged from the wreckage.

As you’ve probably guessed, it won’t be as simple as strolling in and snapping up anything that catches your eye. You’ll need a reliable way to get there, some basic equipment to make things easier, and a few tools to break through to the valuables. You’ll also need a few codes to get through certain locked doors. Though there’s a fair bit to do, I’ll be guiding you through everything, from the equipment you need, to the Subnautica Aurora codes. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Equipment needed to find the Aurora codes

Equipment needed to find the Aurora codes

Before you venture into the ship to look for the Aurora codes, you should first stock up on some equipment. The Aurora has seen better days, and you’ll need some gear to move about the ship properly. If you’re already suited up, feel free to skip this next section. If you need a hand with getting your inventory together, then I’ve got you covered.

Radiation Suit

The most important bit of gear you need is the Radiation Suit. Without it, you won’t get anywhere near the Aurora, let alone the Aurora codes. The recipe is pretty simple, needing only two fiber mesh and two lead. These materials will earn you three bits of gear; the Radiation Suit, Radiation Gloves, and Radiation Helmet. While you can switch out each piece of gear for another, you’ll need all three equipped to explore the Aurora safely. As a side note, the suit is no longer required once you repair the Aurora’s drive core, which I’ll get to later.

Laser Cutter

You’ll need the Laser Cutter to force your way into closed rooms in the Aurora, as well as other areas in Subnautica. It’s a little more expensive to make, with the recipe requiring two diamonds, one cave sulfur, one titanium, and a battery.

Propulsion Cannon

To easily acquire the Aurora codes, you’ll need a Propulsion Cannon to move about the interior properly. Given the Aurora’s unplanned landing, debris is scattered all about the interior and blocking some areas on the exterior. To build it, you’ll need a wiring kit, a battery, and one piece of titanium. If you have one, a Repulsion Cannon will also work perfectly, though it’s a little more expensive to build if you don’t have one already.

Repair Tool

The Repair Tool is the final mandatory tool you need before you can properly explore the Aurora. Unsurprisingly, it fixes things that are broken, and the Aurora has no short supply of those. To build it, you’ll need one piece of titanium, one silicon rubber, and one cave sulfur.

There are a few electronic locks you’ll need to fix, helping you navigate the Aurora’s insides easier and access those all-important Aurora codes. More importantly, you’ll need a Repair Tool to fix up the Aurora’s drive core, which is the source of the radiation leak. Ten damaged parts of the core need to be fixed, with a fair few being submerged. Once they’re fixed, the radiation will dissipate automatically, taking up to three in-game days depending on how soon you started repairs. Afterward, you can explore the Aurora and its surroundings without the Radiation Suit.

Exploring the Aurora

Exploring the Aurora

Once you’ve got the necessary equipment, you can start exploring the Aurora in its entirety. While not strictly necessary, you might want to bring some food, water, and medkits. You’ll probably be exploring the Aurora for a while, and the ship has become home to a few nasty critters. You should probably build a Seamoth, too – you’d hate to be caught floundering if there’s something fast and hungry nearby, wouldn’t you?

Subnautica Aurora

Once the Aurora melts down, which your PDA will notify you about, your exploration of the Aurora can begin. For the safest route inside the Aurora, stick close to the port side of the ship, and follow it to the partially submerged bow. You’ll be able to slip into an exposed and flooded deck area, with a ramp leading up and into the Aurora proper.

You’ll have a few different paths leading inside to explore, with a bunch of different compartments and rooms to check out. You should be thorough, as the inside of the ship contains not only the Aurora codes, but a load of other valuables too. You can find upgrade modules, Prawn Suit fragments, Cyclops fragments, collectibles, assorted items and resources, and lore items. That only includes the stuff that isn’t protected by the Aurora codes. Once you’ve snapped up all the goodies, it’s time to start looking for the Aurora codes.

What do Subnautica’s Aurora codes unlock?

What do Subnautica’s Aurora codes unlock

As you’ve explored the Aurora, you probably noticed a handful of locked doors in between stuffing your pockets with any not nailed down. Each of these doors has a keypad, which requires one of the five Aurora codes to be opened. If you’ve come to the Aurora late in the game, you probably have most if not all of these codes already. If not, then fair warning – both where to find these codes and some of what waits behind the doors is quite lore-heavy.

You can find most of the Aurora codes through exploring story areas, most of which are inside the Aurora itself, and one through the radio. If you get impatient and crack these doors open prematurely, expect a few spoilers to Subnautica’s story. With that warning out of the way, here are all of Subnautica’s Aurora codes:

  • Cargo bay door code – 1454
  • Cabin 1 door code – 1869
  • Lab door code – 6483
  • Robotics bay door code – 6666
  • Captain’s quarters door code – 2679

The doors are pretty clearly signposted, so you won’t have any trouble knowing which go where. Once you’ve unlocked each door requiring an Aurora code, you can consider the ship fully explored. Now all that’s left is to plumb the depths of planet 4546B. Good luck.


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