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Best Places to Find Lithium In Subnautica

Subnautica Lithium

Lithium is one of the earliest minerals you’ll come across that is required for more advanced crafts. It isn’t exactly rare, but it isn’t nearly as common as materials like Titanium, either. Since you need it for important crafts and upgrades, like depth modules and improved Oxygen tanks, you’ll need to have a fair amount stored up. I’ll be walking you through the easiest ways to source your Lithium, so you’ll have ample supplies for when you start making advanced gear.

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Where to look for Lithium In Subnautica

Subnautica Lithium Mushroom Tree

Lithium can be found fairly easily in most of Subnautica’s biomes. While it can be occasionally found by breaking open Shale Outcrops, it can also be found lining the sea bed and cave walls. Once you have the Prawn Suit, you can make use of the mech’s drill arms to harvest the large deposits of Lithium that can be found in certain areas.

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Though you’ll find a fair amount of Lithium with ease as you explore, like down in the Jellyshroom Caves found early on, there are a few places to search for a reliable source. One of the best places to find Lithium is the Mushroom Forest. In general, this biome is fantastic for resources, being a great place to find the Gel Sacks required for Aerogel, which you’ll need for some Cyclops upgrades.

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It’s pretty safe too, being home to Jelly Rays which will leave you to your resource gathering. To reach the Mushroom Forest, travel roughly 1000 meters from your lifepod following a Northwest bearing. You can use Lifepod 13 as a landmark if you have the beacon unlocked. Once at the Mushroom Forest, search the shallow trenches nearby the big tree for lots of Shale Outcrops and Lithium chunks. Loose Lithium can also be found in spades around the roots of the big mushroom tree.

Subnautica Lithium Mushroom Forest

Though the Mushroom Forest is the safest option for a good supply of Lithium, you’ll deplete its reserves sooner or later. If you haven’t built a Prawn Suit at this point, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your Lithium. While you can find both Lithium chunks and Shale Outcrops dotted about Subnautica, it’ll be tough to find as reliable a source as the Mushroom Forest. That said, there is another place if you’re up for a risky expedition.

Roughly 1500 meters Southwest from your Lifepod is the Sea Treader’s Path. This biome is home to a unique Leviathan that can be quite helpful, if a bit lethal to the inattentive. These big guys kick up Shale Outcrops from the sea bed, giving what is effectively an infinite supply of Lithium, Diamond, and Gold. This is the only infinite supply of resources, so it’s a good place to keep in mind. That said, getting here can be a bit dangerous.

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To reach the Sea Treader’s Path, you’re best off traveling through the Sparse Reef, given the relative safety of the biome. Passing even slightly south of this leaves you vulnerable to a sneak attack by a Ghost Leviathan, which isn’t nearly as helpful as the friendly Sea Treader. If you plan on visiting the Sea Treader’s Path, you should bring a Seamoth with storage modules and a mostly empty inventory. Risking this journey to bring back only a handful of Lithium doesn’t sound like a good time to me.

Where to find Lithium deposits

Building the Prawn Suit gives you a bunch of advantages. Not only can you swing around Leviathans like an underwater Attack on Titan, but you can also harvest the large resource deposits you’ve doubtless found throughout your playthrough. If you don’t fancy the journey to the Sea Treader’s Path, drilling these deposits is a great alternative.

Once you’ve got a Prawn Suit equipped with a couple of drill arms, you can make your way back to Lifepod 13. You can find large chunks of Lithium nearby the Lifepod, as well as other large resource deposits, which can give you anywhere from 8-16 chunks of Lithium. Large deposits can also be found in the Mountains, the Lost River, and a few other places, but none are anywhere near as safe as the Mushroom Forest.

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What you can craft with Lithium

Harvesting Lithium will let you craft a whole load of vehicle upgrades, items, and materials. These crafts are important, with some being absolutely necessary to reach the end of the game. Here’s a summary of what you can craft with Lithium:

  • Ultra High Capacity Tank – This is a massive upgrade from the preceding O2 tank, allowing you to stay underwater for 225 seconds before resurfacing. Must have for deep sea diving and cave exploration.
  • Ultra Glide Fins – These fins help you swim faster without a Seaglide, which can help you get the most out of your Oxygen. Also handy for avoiding incoming jaws.
  • Seamoth Storage upgrade – This is an easy-to-craft module for your Seamoth. Helpful for transporting materials.
  • Seamoth Hull Reinforcement upgrade – Reduces damage taken by colliding with the environment. Not terribly useful for careful pilots, as it does not reduce damage taken from creatures.
  • Seamoth Torpedo upgrade – A nice upgrade for bringing the fight to the Leviathans.
  • Prawn Suit Drill Arm – Required for harvesting large resource deposits. Comes with the Prawn Suit when first built.
  • Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm – Quite like the Seamoth torpedoes, this is useful for combating the Leviathans.
  • Prawn Suit Grappling Arm – This arm is vital for exploring with the Prawn Suit. Massively boosts your mobility and can help you survive Leviathan attacks.
  • Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon – Useful for relocating structures outside your base, as it can lift even Thermal Plants.
  • Prawn Suit Jump Jet upgrade – Another vital module for mobility, pretty much a requirement for exploring certain areas in Subnautica.
  • Prawn Suit Depth Module MKII – Another necessary requirement, you’ll need this to explore deeper locations.
  • Cyclops Decoy Tube – This module is very useful for navigating dangerous areas with a high concentration of Leviathans. It lets you load more decoys in the decoy tube, which can mean the difference between a hair-raising escape and a watery grave.
  • Reinforcement – If you intend to build a large-scale base, you’ll need some Reinforcements or Bulkheads to keep your integrity high.
  • Plasteel Ingot – This material is needed for another set of important crafts and structures, some of which are crucial to the main story of Subnautica.

Final Word

That’s everything you need to know about Lithium in Subnautica. Though it’s used for a fair few items, each craft only needs small quantities of Lithium, so you shouldn’t struggle to gather a good supply. A few trips to the Mushroom Forest and a keen eye during your travels should be more than enough to craft most of what you need.


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