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The Forest Crafting Guide: How To Craft Every Item

The Forest Crafting Guide

If you want to survive your impromptu vacation to the peninsula, you need to get acquainted with The Forest’s crafting system. There’s a whole load of items and tools to make in the game, and you’ll need most of them to fend off both Mother Nature and the local residents.

Each craft requires several materials to make, requiring some exploration to obtain everything. To make your life easier, and hopefully stave off death a little longer, I’ve listed every craftable item in The Forest and the materials required. Consider this your definitive Forest crafting guide.

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The Forest

The first thing on your to-do list is finding a place to set up camp. Ideally, you should choose a location that has easily accessible food and water nearby. When you’ve found a decent place, you need to get established. Here’s what you can make:

  • Temporary Shelter – 26 Leaves & 14 Sticks: If you haven’t found a good spot by nightfall, you might want to build one of these to rest. It saves your game, but is destroyed after one use.
  • Hunting Shelter – 6 Sticks, 6 Rocks, 4 Logs: This is little more than an upgrade from the Temporary Shelter. It won’t offer you much other than a save point and a place to sleep, but at least it’s permanent.
  • Log Cabin – 35 Logs & 14 Sticks: A Log Cabin will give you a comfortable place to sleep, plus a bit of protection from the elements and The Forest’s inhabitants.
  • Repair Tool – 2 Sticks, 1 Rock, 2 Cloth, 10 Sap: If you’re building a few static structures, you’ll want a Repair Tool at some point. The cannibals will pay a visit to your camp, with or without you, and they’ll wreak a bit of havoc while there. You’ll need this tool to fix things up.
  • Basic Fire – 6 Leaves & 2 Sticks: You’ll need some kind of fire early on to cook food and keep warm. Make sure to collect fuel.
  • Water Collector – 4 Sticks & 1 Turtle Shell: If you don’t have a good water source, you might want to build a few of these in your base. They collect rainwater, and can save you from dehydration. Don’t rely on them forever, though.

There’s a whole lot more to build in the Forest, but having these basic structures built as soon as possible will improve your chances of survival.

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The Forest Weapons

Once you’ve got a location for your camp, plus a source of food and water, you need to craft yourself some protection. Here are all the weapons you can make in The Forest:

  • Upgraded rock – 1 Rock & 1 Cloth: Truly a feat of weapons engineering, the Upgraded Rock will deal a bit more damage than a non-upgraded rock.
  • Upgraded Stick – 1 Stick & 1 Cloth: Another stellar innovation, the Upgraded Stick does more damage than a non-upgraded stick. It has a bit more range than a rock, but is otherwise not ideal as a weapon. However, you can light it on fire, which can be useful in dark areas or setting enemies aflame.
  • Weak Spear – 2 Sticks: The Weak Spear is a step forward, good for keeping enemies at range and kickstarting your spearfishing career. If you didn’t know, you can find fish in the sea, in ponds, and in the lakes that can be found in The Forest.
  • Upgraded Spear – 1 Weak Spear, 3 Bones, 2 Cloth: This is a much better weapon than the last three. It deals more damage than the Weak Spear, and is great at keeping the cannibals at arm’s length.
  • Incendiary Spear – 1 Upgraded Spear, 1 Cloth, 1 Booze: The best in The Forest’s polearm technology, the Incendiary Spear is very effective against cannibals. You can use one as an improved molotov, throwing it at an enemy for it to burst into flame. Great for buying you time to run.
  • Crafted Ax – 1 Stick, 1 Rock, 1 Rope: The ax doubles as a weapon and a tool. You can use it to deal decent damage to enemies and chop down trees.
  • Crafted Club – 1 Stick & 1 Rope: The club is a fairly good weapon, capable of dealing decent damage to the cannibals. It is quite slow to swing, however.
  • Slingshot – 1 Stick, 1 Cloth, 1 Electrical Tape: You can use small rocks as projectiles with this weapon. It isn’t great at dealing with The Forest’s inhabitants, but it can be useful as a hunting tool and for annoying your fellow survivors.
  • Crafted Bow – 1 Stick, 1 Cloth, 1 Rope: If you’re looking for a decent ranged weapon, this is it. You’ll need to craft the arrows for it, but you’ll be doing decent damage from a distance. You should also keep a melee weapon for when the cannibals and mutants get close, though.

Weapon Upgrades

Upgrading your weapons can improve your combat effectiveness with melee weapons. Several can be applied at once per weapon, making even relatively weak ones a trusty companion. Here’s every weapon upgrade you can make in The Forest:

  • Damage Upgrade – Any weapon, 1 Tooth, 1 Sap: Damage upgrades increase a weapon’s damage, and marginally increases attack speed.
  • Damage+ Upgrade – Any weapon, 1 Booze, 1 Sap: Does the same as a damage upgrade, only better.
  • Speed Upgrade – Any weapon, 1 Feather, 1 Sap: Speed upgrades improve a weapon’s attack speed, though slightly decreases the damage.
  • Poison Upgrade – Any weapon & 4 Twinberries/ 4 Snowberries/ 1 Jack Mushroom/ 1 Amanita Mushroom: As it sounds, a Poison Upgrade inflicts poison upon landing a hit. Poison will deal damage overtime, while also periodically stunning the enemy.
  • Fire Upgrade – Any weapon & 1 Cloth: A Fire Upgrade adds a flammable cloth to your weapon. This can be lit for a time, enabling you to set enemies on fire.
  • Flashlight Upgrade – Any ranged weapon & 1 Flashlight: While it doesn’t improve your damage, it adds a bit of extra visibility in dark areas.


In addition to the arrows you can find throughout the game, like in the archery camp, you have a few different types to craft. These arrows are:

  • Arrows – 1 Stick & 5 Feathers: This is the basic craftable arrow. They do a little bit of damage, being most suited to hunting. Animals will only take one shot to kill, while cannibals and mutants will take a fair few. You’ll need other arrows for combat.
  • Bone Arrows – 5 Bones, 1 Stick, 5 Feathers: These arrows are a huge step up from the previous. They aren’t perfect, but they do almost double the damage from basic arrows, capable of killing a cannibal in one hit.
  • Poison Arrows – 5 Arrows & 4 Twin Berries/4 SnowBerries/1 Amanita Mushroom/1 Jack Mushroom: Any arrow can be used in the recipe. Cannibals hit will suffer damage ticks, plus be slowed and staggered. They become normal arrows once shot.
  • Fire Arrows – 5 Arrows, 1 Cloth, 1 Booze: This arrow is pretty self-explanatory. It deals burning damage to cannibals and mutants, making them panic for a few seconds. You can use this time to run or change up your attack. Fire Arrows can also be used as a brief light source.

Armor and apparel

The Forest Crafting Guide

Next up in this The Forest crafting guide is armor and apparel. While weapons are crucial, you’ll end up taking a few hits along the way. Good armor is needed to keep you in the game. Here’s all the armor you can make in The Forest:

  • Bone Armor – 6 Bones & 3 Cloth: The best armor to make is Bone Armor. It provides a decent amount of protection, and the materials are easily procured. You can wear six in total.
  • Lizard Skin Armor – Lizard Skin: While it doesn’t provide as much protection, it’s easily obtained. All you need is Lizard Skin, which can be taken from skinned lizards. Six can be worn at once.
  • Stealth Armor – 1 Lizard Skin & 15 Leaves: A step up from Lizard Armor, Stealth Armor grants you the same protection while making it harder for The Forest’s residents to spot you.
  • Rabbit Fur Boots – 3 Rabbit Fur & 2 Rope: These boots make you a little warmer, though not enough for the snowy mountain.
  • Warmsuit – 1 Raccoon Skin, 4 Boar Skin, 6 Deer Skin, 1 Rabbit Fur, 2 Cloth, 2 Rope: The Warmsuit is a useful testament to your hunting skills. While it doesn’t provide much armor, it keeps you warm in frosty climates. You’ll need this to survive long periods in the mountains.
  • Snowshoes – 5 Sticks & 2 Rope: Snowshoes are another must for the mountain and its snowy surroundings. Without them, you’ll sink into the snow and be slowed dramatically. Snowshoes keep you on the surface, giving you normal movement speed on the snow.


The Forest Throwables

In addition to the spears, you can make a few throwable grenades to help you through the more dangerous areas of The Forest. These grenades are:

  • Molotov – 1 Cloth & 1 Booze: A name known to all, the Molotov needs only a lighter to create a large area of flame. This fire can do pretty big damage to anything caught within, while also creating a good bit of distance between you and the cannibals. They aren’t terribly keen on running through it.
  • Bomb – 1 Circuit Board, 1 Coin, 1 Booze, 1 Wrist Watch, 1 Electrical Tape: Bombs are, unsurprisingly, throwable explosives. They’re pretty damaging to both cannibals and mutants, though it might be difficult to deal a good hit on a moving target.
  • Sticky Bomb – 1 Bomb & 1 Sap: Sticky Bombs deal the same amount of damage as a normal Bomb, but are ideal for dealing with compact groups of enemies. Stick one on an enemy, and you’ll easily dispatch moving targets, too.
  • Head Bomb – 1 Head & 1 Bomb: Head Bombs deal the most damage out of any explosive, though they don’t have much reach. Throw them at closer enemies for easy kills.


For longer expeditions, you’ll want to craft a few items to help you carry supplies. These items are:

  • Pouch – 2 Rabbit Fur: A Pouch is almost a requirement for journeys once you run out of carryable food. Pouches can hold berries and mushrooms for eating later, which is handy for satisfying both hunger and thirst.
  • Water Skin – 2 Deer Skin & 1 Rope: Quite like a Pouch, a Water Skin can store water for on-the-go use.
  • Quiver – 3 Rabbit Fur & 1 Rope: A Quiver increases the number of arrows you can hold by 20.
  • Small Rock Bag – 1 Rabbit Fur & 1 Rope: A Small Rock Bag increases the number of Small Rocks you can carry by 25.
  • Spear Bag – 2 Deer Skin, 2 Boar Skin, 2 Cloth, 3 Rope: A Spear Bag increases the number of spears you can carry by 4.
  • Rock Bag – 1 Boar Skin, 1 Cloth, 3 Rope: A Rock Bag increases the number of Rocks you can carry by 5.
  • Stick Bag – 1 Rabbit Fur, 3 Cloth, 2 Ropes: A Stick Bag increases the number of Sticks you can carry by 10.


During your expeditions, you’ll probably end up taking a few knocks from The Forest’s inhabitants sooner or later. You can heal your wounds with these medicines:

  • Herbal Medicine – 1 Marigold & 1 Aloe: The standard Herbal Medicine heals a good chunk of your health, though it won’t heal you from near death to full.
  • Herbal Medicine+ – 1 Marigold, 1 Aloe, 1 Coneflower: An upgrade from the standard medicine, this version will heal you completely with one use.
  • Energy Medicine – 1 Chicory & 1 Coneflower: This heals stamina rather than health, just as soda does. It won’t heal you all the way, though.
  • Energy Medicine+ – 1 Chicory, 1 Coneflower, 1 Aloe: Quite like the Health Medicine upgrade, this version will restore your stamina from none to full.

That wraps up this crafting guide for The Forest. This covers pretty much everything you can build, barring the slew of buildings you can make with logs. The recipes for those can be found in your survival guide. With that, good luck surviving in The Forest. If you’re looking forward to Sons of the Forest, check out our breakdown of what we know so far!


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