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How To Reach the Church of Inhibition In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Church of Inhibition

The Church of Inhibition is a difficult place to get to, but it’s a necessary detour on your journey through the Lands Between if you intend to get all the endings. The Church of Inhibition is one of several locations you need to reach in order to complete Hyetta’s questline, which itself is a prerequisite to the Frenzied Flame ending.

Spotting the Church of Inhibition

Elden Ring Church of Inhibition Bellum Highway

The Church of Inhibition is difficult to spot, and isn’t the easiest place to reach either. You can just about see it atop a seemingly unscaleable cliff from the Bellum Highway, up in the northernmost part of Liurnia. If you’ve found the Sites of Grace up here, you could either fast-travel to the Grand Lift of Dectus Grace, or the Bellum Church Grace. From either of these Graces, head onto the Bellum Highway and go to the point nearest the Grand Lift of Dectus. From there, head around the back of the cliff; your journey to the Church of Inhibition begins there.

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Journeying to the Church of Inhibition

Inhibition Madness Tower

The first leg of your journey to the Church of Inhibition is a bit of a gauntlet run. A large tower overlooks the entire area you need to cover, and it will drive you mad if you don’t deal with it. A group of frenzied villagers stands atop it, creating an Eye of Sauron orb that, while pretty cool looking, will rapidly build Madness in you and deal chip damage while in its gaze. Once that bar fills up, it’ll deal massive damage to you and knock you to the ground, even off Torrent. You don’t have much time between intervals either, so it’s easy to be killed by this orb.

While not strictly necessary, your main priority should be to kill the villagers at the top of the tower. Doing so will make the orb dissipate, never to return. This will make your journey to the Church of Inhibition and the fight there significantly easier. You’ll also get Shabriri’s Woe from a chest while you’re up there, which is a decent addition to your repertoire if you’re a magic user. However, you could just leave the orb and race past, if you want to add an extra challenge to your trip.

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Assuming you aim to kill the villagers, your first step should be to follow the rocks and use them as cover as you approach the tower. The easiest path to follow is down by the left, following the branching path that starts about halfway up the hill to the tower. The eye can’t really see you here, but you can still pick up a bit of Madness in certain places. At the end of this path is a spirit spring, allowing you to jump up and onto the main hill.

It’s best to time this jump with the end of a Madness interval, but not in between them. This will give you enough time to land and move into a better position once you’re back on the main hill. Either climb up the tower and kill the frenzied villagers, or continue on to the next landmark – the Frenzied Flame Village.

Passing through the Frenzied Flame Village

Frenzied Flame Village

Not far from the tower is the Frenzied Flame Village, which you must pass through to reach the Church of Inhibition. Before you enter, you should first touch the Grace sheltered under a rocky outcrop, not far from the village’s entrance. You don’t need to worry about resting here; the frenzied villagers don’t respawn, so the orb is gone for good.

There isn’t a whole lot of value in the Frenzied Flame Village, with a couple of items being very easy to find. Unless you’re a completionist, you can skip these and pass straight through the village and up the hill behind the village square. This will lead you up to the Church of Inhibition and onto an important fight in Hyetta’s questline.

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The battle for the Church of Inhibition

Festering Fingerprint Vyke

As you approach the Church of Inhibition, you’ll be invaded by Festering Fingerprint Vyke. If you like, you could just dash past him and touch the Grace inside the Church of Inhibition, letting you challenge him again without having to go through the Frenzied Flame Village. Otherwise, you can fight him for the right to enter these hallowed grounds.

Festering Fingerprint Vyke isn’t that remarkable of a fight. He’s nimble, hits fairly hard, and takes a bit of punishment, but that isn’t unusual for invaders and other minibosses in Elden Ring. What sets Vyke apart is his ability to inflict Madness. Each of his hits, even ones that are blocked, will lead to a buildup of Madness, which will deal a lot of damage once it fills up.

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This can lead to a swift death, as only a few small nicks can kill you when combined with the Madness buildup. Vyke also has a few spells and skills up his sleeve that can deal AOE damage with a heap of Madness mixed in too. Keeping your distance is the best approach to fighting Vyke, dashing forward and scoring a flurry of hits when you see an opening. The plus side is that Vyke is fairly easy to stagger, so it only takes one good hit to put him on the back foot.

Festering Fingerprint Vyke’s drops

Vyke drops a few valuable items once he’s defeated. You’ll earn his War Spear, the very same weapon he fought you with, equipped with the same ability to inflict Madness. You’ll also get a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and, most importantly of all, a Fingerprint Grape. This item is necessary to progress Hyetta’s questline, and is the item that makes your journey to the Church of Inhibition worthwhile. Once Hyetta is waiting at Bellum Church, you can take this item to her and progress to the final stage of her questline.


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