How To Reach Rose Church in Elden Ring

Rose Church Elden Ring

Rose Church is one of many locations relevant to quests in Elden Ring. You’ll need to make it here to get your hands on some decent loot and recipes, in addition to progressing White-Mask Varre’s questline. This can be well worth doing, as working with Varre will give you access to a somewhat secret area, and an important boss you might otherwise miss.

Where to find Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Location

Rose Church can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, relatively close to the western shore. It’s quite easy to spot from afar, provided you aren’t in any of the wooded areas on the lake’s fringes. Rose Church is covered in large Bloodroses, with evidence of Scarlet Rot bursting from the walls, so you certainly can’t miss it.

If you don’t fancy searching for the Church, simply fast-travel to the Fallen Ruins of the Lake Site of Grace and ride west from there. You will encounter the Church pretty quickly. If you don’t have that Site of Grace, you can instead head to Raya Lucaria Academy, then hug the wall and follow it westward. You will encounter a ruined area called Temple Quarter before long. From there, head south and keep an eye out for the Church; it isn’t far from the Albinaurics’ ruined den.

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What’s there to do at Rose Church?

There are a few points of interest at Rose Church. Probably the most important draw to Rose Church is White-Mask Varre, who has moved here from outside the tutorial dungeon in Limgrave, after you’ve obtained your first Great Rune and have spoken to Enia at the Roundtable Hold afterward. If you aren’t interested in continuing Varre’s questline, you might be interested in the loot that can be found at Rose Church. Though much of it is given by Varre, not everything requires you to continue with his quest.

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Items at Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Items

As far as loot goes, there are three items that can be obtained at Rose Church without continuing White Mask Varre’s questline. Bloodrose is the first item, one that can be farmed here with ease. There are a total of nine bushes nearby Rose Church that spawns Bloodroses, and they can be harvested in quick succession by way of resting at a Site of Grace, or dying to respawn at the nearby Stake of Marika. The latter is much faster.

In addition to Bloodroses, there are a couple of extra items you can get from Rose Church. You can find the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (12) along the southern wall of the Church, which will teach you the recipe for Cursed-Blood Pots. These pots will essentially mark a target for your summons, causing them to aggressively focus on whatever you threw the pot at. Good for focusing down a particular target, or having your summons fight one enemy while you deal with another.

The final item that can be gained without progressing Varre’s questline is a Festering Bloody Finger. He will give this to you once you speak with him at Rose Church, instructing you to use it to invade other players. If you want any more items, you’ll have to do just that.

Enemies at Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Enemies

You can also fight a Lesser Sanguine Noble that spawns when you approach the center of the Church. This enemy can be a bit of a challenge if you’re low-leveled, as it’s a nimble fighter that can inflict hemorrhage with physical blows and magic attacks. This status ailment will deal an awful lot of damage to you once it’s built up, so take a defensive approach if you aren’t confident. Upon defeat, this enemy has a chance of dropping a Bloodrose, but farming them from the nearby bushes is by far the better method unless you want a few extra runes to boot.

In addition to the Lesser Sanguine Noble, a few Albinaurics skulk about outside Rose Church. There aren’t many, and they don’t tend to get too close to the Church without reason, but it’s worth keeping an eye out, so you don’t get ambushed. These enemies are much weaker than the Lesser Sanguine Noble, so they shouldn’t be a problem, provided they don’t get the drop on you or swarm you.

Since they’re small fries, they don’t drop much of use, only yielding only a handful of runes and a chance at some throw-away weapons and armor. That said, there is a chance to obtain Albinauric Bloodclots, which can be used to craft Albinauric Pots. These pots can be thrown to interrupt healing, which can be used to decent effect in PvP.

White-Mask Varre’s questline

Now for the main attraction. Although there are a few bits and pieces lying around Rose Church, the main reason to pay the place a visit is to continue White-Mask Varre’s questline. Assuming you’ve spoken to him a bit, collected your first Great Rune, and spoken to Finger Maiden Enia, Varre will be waiting here to induct you into his order. Before that, you’ll need to use the Festering Bloody Fingers he gave you to invade other worlds, though you can invade the NPC Magnus the Beast Claw instead of other players. You don’t need to kill anyone for the quest either; merely invading, then using the Finger Severer, will be enough.

After getting your hands dirty, Varre will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor, asking you to soak it in Maiden Blood. This can be done by visiting either the Church of Inhibition, the Chapel of Anticipation, or killing Irina in the Weeping Peninsula. Once you’ve soaked the Lord of Blood’s Favor in Maiden Blood, head back to Varre and show him your handiwork. He will reward you with the final item obtainable at Rose Church – the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This item will teleport you to Moghwyn’s Palace, and is the easiest way to get to the location. The alternative is to reach the Consecrated Snowfield and use the teleporter linked to the area.

Moghwyn’s Palace is home to Mogh, Lord of Blood. He is an optional boss, though not one I’d suggest passing up. Not only is he a fun fight, though some might disagree, but he also drops a Great Rune, a Remembrance, and a whole load of Runes. Defeating him also unlocks an achievement, if that’s up your alley. Although you can reach his area through other means, having an on-demand teleporter to the Palace makes the detour to Rose Church more than worthwhile.


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