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How To Reach Rose Church in Elden Ring

Rose Church Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Rose Church is a crucial quest location. It provides valuable loot and recipes while advancing White-Mask Varre’s questline. This collaboration unlocks a secret area and access to an important boss.

Where to find Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Location

Rose Church is easily found in Liurnia of the Lakes near the western shore, adorned with large Bloodroses and visible signs of Scarlet Rot.

To reach it quickly, either fast-travel to the Fallen Ruins of the Lake Site of Grace and head west or start from Raya Lucaria Academy, go west, reach the Temple Quarter, and proceed south to locate the Church, not far from the Albinaurics’ ruined den.

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Points of Interest at Rose Church

Rose Church features several points of interest. White-Mask Varre is a significant attraction. He relocates here after you acquire your first Great Rune and speak to Enia at Roundtable Hold.

For those not keen on Varre’s questline, the Church offers valuable loot, with some items available without advancing in his story.

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Items at Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Items

When it comes to obtaining items at Rose Church without progressing White Mask Varre’s questline, here are the three items you can collect:

  1. Bloodrose:

    • Bloodrose is the first item that can be easily farmed around Rose Church.
    • There are a total of nine bushes near Rose Church that spawn Bloodroses.
    • You can harvest them by resting at a Site of Grace, or you can expedite the process by allowing yourself to be defeated to respawn at the nearby Stakes of Marika. This method is quicker.
  2. Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (12):

    • You can find the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (12) along the southern wall of Rose Church.
    • This cookbook will teach you the recipe for Cursed-Blood Pots, which mark a target for your summons, making them aggressively focus on the marked enemy.
    • This can be useful for concentrating your summons on a specific target while you deal with other enemies.
  3. Festering Bloody Finger:

    • White Mask Varre will give you the Festering Bloody Finger when you speak with him at Rose Church.
    • This item is used for invading other players in multiplayer mode. If you wish to acquire more items, you’ll need to engage in multiplayer invasions.

These items can be obtained at Rose Church without the need to advance further in White Mask Varre’s questline.

Enemies at Rose Church

Rose Church Elden Ring Enemies

When approaching the center of Rose Church, you’ll encounter the Lesser Sanguine Noble, a nimble and challenging enemy that can inflict the hemorrhage status ailment. If you’re low-leveled, be cautious, as the ailment deals significant damage when it accumulates.

Take a defensive approach if needed. Defeating this enemy may yield a Bloodrose, although farming them from nearby bushes is more efficient.

Outside Rose Church, you may also encounter a few Albinaurics. While not too threatening, it’s wise to remain vigilant to avoid ambushes.

These weaker enemies drop a small number of runes, along with occasional low-value weapons and armor. There’s also a chance to obtain Albinauric Bloodclots, useful for crafting Albinauric Pots, which can interrupt healing in PvP.

White-Mask Varre’s questline

Rose Church serves as the continuation point for White-Mask Varre’s questline. To proceed with this questline, you must have collected your first Great Rune, spoken to Finger Maiden Enia and interacted with Varre.

Varre will be at the Church to induct you into his order. To advance, you must use the Festering Bloody Fingers he provided to invade other worlds, or you can choose to invade the NPC Magnus the Beast Claw. You don’t need to eliminate anyone; invading and using the Finger Severer is sufficient.

After this, Varre will entrust you with the Lord of Blood’s Favor, instructing you to soak it in Maiden Blood. You can do this by visiting the Church of Inhibition, the Chapel of Anticipation, or defeating Irina in the Weeping Peninsula.

Once you’ve soaked the favor in Maiden Blood, return to Varre and show him your progress. Your reward for this quest is the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, a teleportation item to Moghwyn’s Palace, offering an easy way to reach the location.

Moghwyn’s Palace is where you’ll face the optional boss, Mogh, Lord of Blood, who drops a Great Rune, a Remembrance, numerous Runes, and unlocks an achievement. While there are alternative routes to reach Mogh, having an on-demand teleporter from Rose Church is valuable.


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