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Elden Ring Maiden Blood: How to Earn the Lord of Blood’s Favor

Elden Ring Maiden Blood

If you intend to progress through White Mask Varre’s questline, you’ll need to get your hands dirty in order to obtain certain items. Maiden Blood is one of these items, requiring you to do a bit of defiling to obtain it and progress to the latter stages of Varre’s questline. As with many quests in Elden Ring, however, how you get Maiden Blood isn’t terribly obvious. Allow me to change that.

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Obtaining the Lord of Blood’s Favor

Elden Ring Maiden Blood Varre

If you’re after Maiden Blood, I’ll assume that you’ve already started White Mask Varre’s questline and have progressed it until he asks you to invade other players. If you haven’t, simply do what he says at the start of the game until he leaves Limgrave and moves to Liurnia. After a few stages of his quest, he’ll move to the Rose Church in Liurnia, south of Raya Lucaria Academy and slightly northeast of the Boilprawn Shack. This is where he’ll be for the bulk of his quest.

Once at Rose Church, Varre will give you a Festering Bloody Finger and ask you to invade three players using this finger. You don’t have to kill these players or even fight them; you can immediately leave with the Finger Severer once you’ve arrived, and it will count for this stage of the quest. Once you’ve done so, return to Varre and accept his offer to join the order of the Bloody Lord. As a welcoming gift, he will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor, the first step to obtaining Maiden Blood.

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Maiden Blood Magnus

If you aren’t a fan of multiplayer in Elden Ring, don’t worry, you aren’t locked out of progressing this quest. You can instead travel to Writheblood Ruins and invade Magnus the Beast Claw for the same effect. I’d suggest invading him three times by using a combination of Festering Bloody Fingers and the Finger Severer, just in case invading him once and killing him doesn’t satisfy Varre. Head back once you’ve done your invasions to obtain the Lord of Blood’s Favor.

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Soaking the Lord of Blood’s Favor in Maiden Blood

The next step to Varre’s quest is where you’ll really need to dispense with your morals; you’ll need to disturb the dead or kill the innocent in order to move forward. To get the necessary Maiden Blood, you have three options to choose from, some being worse than others.

Finding Maiden Blood at the Church of Inhibition

Church of Inhibition

The first and most convenient place to find Maiden Blood is at the Church of Inhibition. If you’re going for the Frenzied Flame ending, you should definitely take this route while doing Varre’s questline. This Church has a crucial item for that ending. You can find this Church quite easily, being placed atop a cliff close to the Grand Lift of Dectus Grace.

Travel there and head back out onto the Bellum Highway, then turn left and head up the hill. You’ll see a tower close to the top, which will be a pain to deal with for the slow. It has a group of frenzied villagers at the top creating an orb of Madness, which can kill you quickly if you aren’t careful. To deal with this tower and for the easiest way to the Church of Inhibition, check out our guide for a helping hand.

Once at the Church of Inhibition, and with the miniboss dealt with, all that’s left is for you to claim your Maiden Blood. Head inside and to the corpse at the back of the Church; there is your maiden. You’ll need to interact with this corpse to obtain your prize.

Finding Maiden Blood at the Chapel of Anticipation

Maiden Blood Four Belfries

This method is probably the worst of the three, since it’s quite out of the way and can be a pain to reach. To get to the Chapel, you’ll need to go to The Four Belfries, a location on the westernmost point of Liurnia. There, you will find a chest that has an Imbued Sword Key, which will be used to open the Waygate to the Chapel of Anticipation.

With the Key in hand, you’ll need to head back down to the first Belfry, place the Key into the gargoyle, then pass through the Waygate. Here, you’ll meet an old acquaintance that you’ll have to deal with before reaching your Maiden Blood. With this acquaintance felled, head up the steps leading to the Chapel of Anticipation and head inside. Laying against the left-hand wall is the corpse of a maiden. As with the previous Church, you can interact with this maiden for your Maiden Blood.

Obtaining Maiden Blood by force

Elden Ring Maiden Blood Irina

The third and final method of gaining Maiden Blood is fairly easy, but will require you to extract it by force. You have two NPCs to choose between, Irina and Hyetta, with their death granting you your coveted Maiden Blood. If you’re going for the Frenzied Flame ending, do not take this route, as Hyetta is vital to that ending, and Irina needs her quest progressed slightly for Hyetta to move to her first place.

If you’ve settled on this method of obtaining Maiden Blood, killing Irina will be the easiest. Head to the Weeping Peninsula and look to the stones opposite the bridge. She’ll call out to you, so you shouldn’t miss her unless you’re charging through. If, for some reason, you’d prefer to kill Hyetta, you need to get Irina’s letter and head to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace in Liurnia. Hyetta will be there waiting for you to start her quest. Kill either NPC for your Maiden Blood.

Continuing Varre’s questline with Maiden Blood

Once you’ve soaked your Lord of Blood’s Favor in Maiden Blood, head back to Varre and show him to progress his questline. He will give you a Bloody Finger, a reusable item for invasions, and a Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This medal will allow you to complete the final stages of Varre’s questline and conclude his story.


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