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Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring: How To Defeat Elder Dragon Greyoll

Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

To obtain Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring, you must defeat the Sleeping Dragon, known as Elder Dragon Greyoll, located just outside Fort Faroth. If you are having trouble finding it, I can help you get started:

  1. Start by finding the passage leading to the Church of the Dragon Communion, hidden in the Coastal Cave in Limgrave.

  2. On this small island, you’ll discover the ruins of a church where the hearts of dragons can be consumed in exchange for powerful spells and incantations.

  3. You’ll need to obtain five Dragon Hearts from Elder Dragon Greyoll. This dragon can be found near Fort Faroth.

  4. The battle with Elder Dragon Greyoll can be challenging, especially if you face her at a low level. Ensure you’re well-prepared with good gear and abilities before engaging in this fight.

  5. Once you’ve defeated Elder Dragon Greyoll, you’ll receive the Dragon Hearts as your reward.

Defeating the Sleeping Dragon is challenging but rewarding, and obtaining Dragon Hearts early in the game can greatly enhance your character’s abilities and spells in the Elden Ring.

Sleeping Dragon Location 

Sleeping Dragon Location

To reach the Sleeping Dragon in Caelid, close to Fort Faroth in Elden Ring, you have two options: traveling on foot or using teleportation. Here’s how to reach the Sleeping Dragon using teleportation:

  1. Start by visiting Summonwater Village in Limgrave. You’ll likely pass through this village on your way to Fort Faroth.

  2. In Summonwater Village, defeat the Tibia Mariner to obtain Deathroot. Collect this item and take it to D in Roundtable Hold. This will initiate Gurranq’s quest and allow you to access a Sending Gate from Limgrave to a location near Gurranq’s spot in Caelid.

  3. Locate the Sending Gate near the Third Church of Marika, situated in a small lake. Use this Sending Gate to teleport to Caelid, where you’ll find a Site of Grace deep in the new area, which is close to the Sleeping Dragon.

  4. After teleporting, head south past the Minor Erdtree and continue west until you reach a fork in the road.

  5. From the fork, ride south, and you’ll soon encounter the Sleeping Dragon.

Using teleportation is a convenient way to reach the Sleeping Dragon, saving you time and effort. Make sure to be well-prepared for the challenging battle against the Sleeping Dragon to obtain the Dragon Hearts you seek in the Elden Ring.

Sending Gate

In my opinion the other route is more dangerous and difficult. But still if you are up for the risk, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start from Summonwater Village in the northern part of Limgrave.

  2. Travel east from Summonwater Village and cross the border into Caelid.

  3. After crossing into Caelid, locate the first Site of Grace. From this point, follow the road as it bends around to an area with large dogs.

  4. In this area, you’ll come across a large aperture and a cliff with a shack on top. Look for a suitable spot to jump over the crevice.

  5. Continue following the road to the east until you reach a fork in the road.

  6. At the fork, head south, and you’ll soon find yourself face-to-face with the Sleeping Dragon.

This route will take you through more of Caelid and allow you to explore the area, but it may present more challenges and dangers along the way. Be prepared for various encounters and enemies as you make your way to the Sleeping Dragon.

Fighting the Sleeping Dragon

Greyoll doesn’t have any attacks or skills in particular, save for a roar she uses to call the small dragons nearby and lower your stats a bit. In my experience, this does make the fight easy, but if you mismanage your position and get cornered by the little dragons, you’re an easy kill.

Greyoll has an obscene health pool, especially if you’re in the early game. 

To bring her down, you have two options – focus on the small dragons, as each one killed will do a big chunk of damage, or attack her where the small dragons can’t reach you. If you have any weapons that can inflict bleed or hemorrhage, they will be useful here.

Fighting the small dragons

If you choose to engage with the small dragons near the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring, here are some tips for a more manageable fight:

  1. Avoid Getting Cornered: Be mindful of your positioning and avoid getting cornered by the small dragons. Maneuver in a way that keeps you mobile and prevents them from surrounding you.

  2. Fight Them One by One: Try to engage the small dragons individually, as they are less threatening when confronted one at a time. This will help you control the battle more effectively.

  3. Recognize Telegraphed Attacks: The small dragons telegraph their attacks clearly, making it relatively easy to anticipate and dodge their strikes. Pay attention to their movements and act accordingly.

  4. Beware of Charging Attacks: Be cautious of the charging attack, which is usually preceded by a distinct scream from the dragon. This charge can rapidly close the distance between you and the dragon, potentially putting you in a challenging position. Dodge this attack carefully and try not to aggro additional small dragons in the process.

  5. Focus on Killing the Small Dragons: Eliminate each of the small dragons one by one. Each dragon you defeat deals a significant amount of damage to the Sleeping Dragon, and the encounter with her will conclude after all five small dragons are dealt with.

Following these strategies can improve your chances of defeating the small dragons and, ultimately, the Sleeping Dragon.

Fighting Greyoll directly

Choosing to engage the Sleeping Dragon directly can be a viable strategy if you are well-prepared in Elden Ring. Here are some key considerations for this approach:

  1. Use Hemorrhage-Inflicting Weapons: Hemorrhage is a crucial status effect to exploit when facing the Sleeping Dragon. Hemorrhage damage is based on a percentage of the target’s maximum health, making it an effective choice for dealing damage regardless of your character’s stats or proficiencies. Having a weapon capable of inflicting Hemorrhage will be highly beneficial.

  2. Focus on the Tail: When battling the Sleeping Dragon, position yourself behind her and target her tail. This position minimizes the risk of being attacked by the smaller dragons, as they may have difficulty reaching you from this angle. Concentrate your attacks on the tail to maximize your damage output.

  3. Small Dragons’ Demise: A notable advantage of this strategy is that defeating the Sleeping Dragon will lead to the demise of the smaller dragons. This can make the overall encounter quicker and more manageable.

By employing these tactics and using Hemorrhage-inflicting weapons, you can effectively take on the Sleeping Dragon and the accompanying smaller dragons in Elden Ring. This approach can offer a faster and more controlled method of dealing with the challenge.

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Rewards for slaying the Sleeping Dragon

Dragon Communion

If there is one thing I assure you, defeating the Sleeping Dragon is a rewarding endeavor. Here’s what you can expect to gain upon your victory:

  1. Runes: You will receive a substantial 50,000 Runes for defeating the Sleeping Dragon. This is a significant amount of currency in Elden Ring.

  2. Dragon Hearts: Besides Runes, you will acquire five Dragon Hearts as loot. These items are crucial for unlocking powerful spells and incantations.

  3. Greyoll’s Roar: To further enhance your arsenal, you can visit the Church of Dragon Communion and exchange three of the Dragon Hearts you obtained for Greyoll’s Roar. This incantation may deal a small amount of damage, but it provides valuable debuffs to both attack and defense on any affected enemies. It also features a useful area of effect (AOE) property, making it an excellent choice for one-hit boss builds and ambush tactics.

Defeating the Sleeping Dragon grants you valuable resources and expands your options for magic and incantations, enhancing your capabilities in the Elden Ring.


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