Elden Ring: How To Complete Boc the Seamster’s Questline

Boc Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of characters whose stories intertwine with the would-be Elden Lord’s. Some have grandiose ambitions, aiming to fundamentally alter the Lands Between, sweeping away the old order and ushering in a new age. Others have more humble ambitions, wishing only to follow in the footsteps of someone close to them. Boc the Seamster is part of the latter, though his questline is a pleasant diversion from the usual somber happenings in Elden Ring. I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to complete it.

Where to find Boc in Elden Ring

Boc Elden Ring Location

It’s easy to miss Boc the Seamster in your first playthrough, and subsequent playthroughs, for that matter. His location isn’t obvious, and nobody else talks about him, so finding him without a tip-off is down to pure chance. He can be found in Limgrave, close to the bridge north of Agheel Lake. For an easy time finding him, you should start from the Gatefront Ruins just before Stormgate. Follow the road east, then listen closely as you approach the bridge. Boc will call out to you along this path, though he will appear as a bush until you strike him, dispelling the illusion.

Once you’ve kicked him, exhaust Boc’s dialogue to open up the first stage of his quest. He’ll tell you that he was thrown out of his cave, and that he intends to sneak inside for something valuable. He’ll also give you ten Mushrooms for breaking the spell on him. Rest at a Site of Grace or fast travel to initiate the first stage of the quest.

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Saving Boc at the Coastal Cave

Boc Elden Ring Coastal Cave

The first step of Boc’s questline requires you to visit the Coastal Cave in Limgrave. If you’ve already discovered the cave, fast-travel to its Site of Grace and head a little deeper inside to find a wounded Boc. If you haven’t yet been to the cave, head west from the First Step Site of Grace and follow the slope down to the beach. Then, double back and ride south along the beach, with the sea to your right. After a short distance, the Coastal Cave entrance will be on your left.

Unfortunately for Boc, his return home didn’t go as planned. Speaking with him isn’t required to progress the quest, but doing so will result in him telling you what happened. Head deeper into the cave until you encounter the Demi-Human Chiefs, the two minibosses of the area. It’s best to thin the herd, then deal with each miniboss one at a time, especially if you’re a low level. They aren’t particularly difficult, but it can be easy to get swarmed if you rush in. Once defeated, the two Demi-Human Chiefs will drop Boc’s possessions – his Tailoring Tools, and his Sewing Needle. Return them to him and exhaust his dialogue.

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The quest for the Gold Sewing Needle

Boc Elden Ring Golden Sewing Needle

The next step of Boc’s questline will take you to Liurnia of the Lakes. Specifically, you’ll need to travel to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace to find him again. This is the grace just behind Stormveil Castle, overlooking the southernmost part of Liurnia.

Speak with him, and he will offer to enter your service as Boc the Seamster. If you accept, he will be able to alter your apparel, changing the appearance of your various armors. Doing so is mostly an aesthetic choice, but altering a garment will drop its stats a bit. This can be useful for dropping the weight of certain armor pieces to drop below the threshold for faster rolls, as the stat drop is negligible. Although he has offered you his service as a tailor, he will not be able to alter legendary armors, such as those you can get from killing Shardbearers. For that, you’ll need to obtain the Gold Sewing Needle.

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The search for the Gold Sewing Needle will take you to the Church of Vows. This Church can be found on the eastern side of Liurnia, close to the cliff overlooking the central lake. If you haven’t found it, start on the eastern side of the map from wherever is convenient for you. Head north and try to keep to the winding path. Eventually, it will split, with a path leading north, one further east and down, and one to the west up a hill. Take the latter path to find the Church of Vows. Once inside, open the chest along the right wall for the Gold Sewing Needle.

This step of the quest is not yet finished, however. You’ll need to travel to the East Raya Lucaria Site of Grace, where Boc should now be. Speak to him, then rest at the grace, where there should be the option to speak with Melina. She will comment on Boc the Seamster, unlocking the ability to give him the Gold Sewing Needle. Do so to progress his quest.

To the Altus Plateau

Boc Elden Ring Altus Plateau

The final steps of Boc’s questline will take you to the Altus Plateau. Starting from the Grand Lift of Dectus, head east along the main path until you reach the large flight of steps. To the left is the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, Boc’s second-to-last location. Here, he will reaffirm his loyalty to you, asking you for permission to be called lord. If you accept, you will receive the “My Lord” gesture, and Boc’s undying devotion.

After this encounter, Boc will move to his final location, next to the East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace. This is where he will remain until you end his questline, which has two outcomes depending on your decision.

Ending Boc the Seamster’s questline

Once at the East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace, speak with Boc again to initiate the final step of the quest. He will comment on his appearance, lamenting his own ugliness. He will ask for your opinion, with your answer determining the outcome.

If you agree that Boc is indeed unbearably ugly, you can give him a Larval Tear for him to be reborn by Rennala. To unlock this option, you must defeat Rennala first, requiring you to reach the top of Raya Lucaria Academy. He will then leave the Capital to be reborn by Rennala, returning as a human. However, this is no happy ending; Boc will be unresponsive, and once you rest at a grace, he will die, his wish to be a master seamster left unfulfilled.

Alternatively, you can disagree with Boc, instead saying he is beautiful, at least in his own way. To do this, you must obtain the “You’re Beautiful” Prattling Pate, which can be found in Mt. Gelmir. You’ll need to head to Hermit Village, which can be reached by following SeethewaterRiver until you reach the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace. If you didn’t know, this river is behind Wyndham Ruins, which is a good way north of the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Once at the Terminus, head left of the castle and past the Magma Wyrm, if you haven’t killed it already. Slip between the crevice behind him, pass through the graveyard, and then ride up the hill populated by Demi-Humans. At the top is the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace, with Hermit Village situated a little further ahead. Go inside the village, then look out for the purple item at the door of a building to your right. There lies the Prattling Pate.

With the Prattling Pate in hand, head back to Boc and use the item in front of him. Speak to him, and tell him that it was your voice telling him he was beautiful. He will be touched by your gesture, and once again pledge his undying support to you as your Royal Seamster. This will conclude the quest, giving you one of the only happy endings in Elden Ring.


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