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V Rising Alpha Wolf Location: Where to Find Your First Kill

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location

V Rising has a bunch of creatures waiting to slake your vampire’s thirst. Most are little more than mobs, offering little resistance against you, assuming you have the right gear level for the fight. Others are more like bosses, proving to be quite the challenge to even a well-equipped vampire, and requiring some combat prowess to bring down. That difficulty is rewarded with something other creatures can’t provide – Blood Abilities. These abilities make your vampire much more powerful, improving your combat effectiveness, resistance to sunlight, and more. To start your journey off on the right foot, you’ll need to challenge the Alpha Wolf and gain your first ability.

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Preparing for the hunt

Alpha Wolf Location Blood Altar

Before you set off on the hunt for the Alpha Wolf, you have some preparation to do first. Your first priority should be to build a Blood Altar, which will allow you to track the general locations of these noteworthy creatures known as V Blood Carriers. Without it, you’ll be searching blind. Other than that, all you need is some decent gear.

The Alpha Wolf is level 16, so you’ll probably want to upgrade the equipment you got while leaving your crypt. Basic upgrades to your armor and weaponry will do; you won’t need to get anything better than Bone to stand a good chance against this boss. The Alpha Wolf isn’t the toughest boss, being the first major foe you’ll face, but it can still pack a punch against an unprepared vampire. Once you’ve got some acceptable gear, it’s time to head out on the hunt.

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Hunting for the Alpha Wolf’s location

The Alpha Wolf’s location is in Farbane Woods. It’s pretty easy to spot, being a wolf’s den carved into the middle of the woods. But, although easy to find, there are three distinct dens that might be home to the Alpha Wolf. Where he spawns for one vampire might not be the same for another. That said, you won’t have to adventure far if the Alpha Wolf isn’t in the den you expected to find him. The three dens are in the same area, so all you’ll have to do is head to the indicated area and follow the V Blood Carrier tracker, and you’ll find the Alpha Wolf no problem.

Fighting the Alpha Wolf in V Rising

The Alpha Wolf will be different from the enemies you’ll have faced up to this point, being essentially an end-of-tutorial boss that will mark your entrance into the main part of the game. He’ll hit hard, take a lot of punishment, and just generally give you a hard time if you’re unprepared. Make sure to begin the fight at night, though – sunlight will cover a lot of the Alpha Wolf’s den, limiting where you can stand and dealing damage if you stay out in it long enough. While it might not make the fight a guaranteed loss, it’s best not to risk it.

Your first task should be to dispatch the wolves in and around the den before you engage the Alpha Wolf himself. These wolves aren’t much of a threat, but they’ll limit your maneuverability whilst fighting the Alpha Wolf and could cause some trouble. Using a ranged attack to pull a wolf out of the den makes them easy to kill off one by one, leaving you to face the Alpha Wolf alone.

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Fighting the Alpha Wolf without the rest of his pack is fairly easy. He hits hard, sure, but has a long wind up for his heavy charge, and his attacks are fairly slow. You should be able to dodge the heavier attacks no problem and tank a couple of the lighter ones. For most of the fight, you should stay close to the Alpha Wolf and focus on melee attacks, pulling back every now and then if you need to heal. Once the Alpha Wolf starts to wind up for his charge attack, pull back and to the side, then dodge once he stops tracking you. He’ll charge right past you if you’ve timed it correctly, and you’ll be able to score a few hits to his back before he can turn to fight you again.

While fighting the Alpha Wolf, you’ll need to keep an eye out for his ability to call for backup. At roughly half health, the Alpha Wolf will call for support, summoning two normal wolves to help him out. You’re best off taking these guys out before continuing your fight with the Alpha Wolf; they’re just going to bog you down and make it easier for the Alpha Wolf to land his big hits. After this point, you should try to kill him quickly, otherwise he’s probably going to get a chance to summon another pair of wolves and prolong the fight.

Rewards for killing the Alpha Wolf

The main reward for killing the Alpha Wolf is your vampire’s first blood ability. This lets you transform into a wolf, letting you move a bit faster and preventing other wolves from targeting you while in this form. They’ll still attack if you turn back to a vampire in their presence, though. You’ll also get a large amount of Bone and Animal Hide, and you might also get an Unsullied Heart for your trouble.


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