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Project Zomboid TV Schedule: Improving Your Skills

Project Zomboid TV Schedule

Your first week in Project Zomboid is arguably the most important. Zombie populations will be at their lowest, giving you the opportunity to scavenge items and resources, improve your skills, and find a suitable base for long-term survival. Whether you accomplish these goals, and how well you do them, will greatly impact your chances of … Read more

What To Do If You Get Bitten In Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Bitten

Sooner or later, your survivor will get into a sticky situation and find themselves used as a zombie chew toy. Maybe the helicopter caught you by surprise, maybe you got stung by a house alarm with terrible timing, or maybe you got ambushed by one of those infamous stealth zombies. However it happened, the zombies … Read more

Project Zomboid Trapping Guide: How to Survive in the Wild

Project Zomboid Trapping Guide

In Project Zomboid, trapping is a skill every budding survivor should include in their repertoire. The game can be brutally difficult, pitting you against the dangers of nature and the zombies that now roam it. You’ll face sweltering heat, bitter cold, disease, loneliness, and of course, ex-humans that see you as a walking buffet. In … Read more

Project Zomboid Farming Guide: How To Grow Your Own Crops

Project Zomboid Farming Guide

In Project Zomboid, unless you are wedded to the nomadic lifestyle, you’ll want to set up a farm sooner or later. Sourcing your meals means supply runs, which means leaving your safehouse and braving the infested municipalities. Once the electricity fails, food will become increasingly scarce, and your supply runs will take you further from … Read more

Project Zomboid Infections: How to Treat Illness & Injury

Project Zomboid Infection

Death can come quickly in Project Zomboid. Sure, the zombies are the most obvious threat, the one that usually ends a survivor’s story, but an untreated cut can kill a survivor just as easily as the undead hordes. Untreated wounds can kill through blood loss, debilitate a survivor and make them easy prey, or make … Read more

Surviving the Project Zomboid Helicopter Event

Project Zomboid

It’s happened to us all. You’ve survived for about a week. You have your base, a wealth of supplies and weapons, maybe an outpost or two. At this point, what could possibly stop you? Many a new player has reached this point, brimming with hope at their survival ability. Only to have it dashed by … Read more

How to Hotwire a Car In Project Zomboid

Hotwire a Car Project Zomboid

If you intend to survive for the long haul in Project Zomboid, you’ll need a vehicle sooner or later. Before long, the area nearby your safehouse will be picked clean, and scavenging runs will take you further and further from home. If you want to optimize your supply expeditions, make them a bit safer, and … Read more