Sekiro Prosthetic Tools: How To Get A Complete Arsenal

Sekiro Prosthetic Tools

Sekiro can be a pretty grueling game at times, in keeping with FromSoftware’s punishing tradition. Fights can be challenging, and death is always close at hand. But, there are ways to make your playthroughs a bit easier. Collecting all the Gourd Seeds is one way, giving you more heals and keeping you in the fight … Read more

How To Enter The Lost River In Subnautica

Subnautica Lost River

Subnautica has a bounty of beautiful biomes, each clearly distinct from the last, and with its own secrets to explore. The Lost River is no different, being a treasure trove of resources, interesting sights, and secrets regarding the end of Subnautica’s storyline. If you want to uncover the secrets held in the depths of Planet … Read more

Elden Ring Preserving Boluses: Where to Get a Large Haul

Elden Ring Preserving Boluses

To say there are a lot of items in Elden Ring would be an understatement. There’s an enormous number, with many being quite useful, but others not so much. Preserving Boluses are a part of the former category, especially once you start venturing into Caelid. These boluses will cure you of Scarlet Rot, a status … Read more

Elden Ring Maiden Blood: How to Earn the Lord of Blood’s Favor

Elden Ring Maiden Blood

If you intend to progress through White Mask Varre’s questline, you’ll need to get your hands dirty in order to obtain certain items. Maiden Blood is one of these items, requiring you to do a bit of defiling to obtain it and progress to the latter stages of Varre’s questline. As with many quests in … Read more

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location: Where to Find Your First Kill

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location

V Rising has a bunch of creatures waiting to slake your vampire’s thirst. Most are little more than mobs, offering little resistance against you, assuming you have the right gear level for the fight. Others are more like bosses, proving to be quite the challenge to even a well-equipped vampire, and requiring some combat prowess … Read more

How To Reach the Church of Inhibition In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Church of Inhibition

The Church of Inhibition is a difficult place to get to, but it’s a necessary detour on your journey through the Lands Between if you intend to get all the endings. The Church of Inhibition is one of several locations you need to reach in order to complete Hyetta’s questline, which itself is a prerequisite … Read more

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations (Complete List)

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum

Elden Ring boasts quite a roster of interesting creature designs. From colossal deities to elegant blademasters, the Lands Between has it all. The Walking Mausoleum is one such creature that has caught the attention of many a would-be Elden Lord. While their appearance is striking enough to catch your eye, there’s more to these lumbering … Read more