Is The Forest Cross-Platform In 2022 [PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch]

The Forest

For the uninitiated, The Forest is a survival-horror game developed by Endnight Games. It’s a perfectly good game to be enjoyed solo, what with the many areas of the island to explore, secrets to find, and mutants to fight. However, your unplanned holiday on the mutant-infested island is much more enjoyable with a few friends. … Read more

Is Rust Cross-Platform Compatible? (Xbox, PS4, PC)

Is Rust Cross Platform

Rust is another of the survival heavyweights, boasting a stable player base well into the tens of thousands. Multiplayer is the key draw of the game, pitting players against one another in a barren wasteland, with only your wits and (hopefully) teamwork seeing you through to the next day. No matter how long you last, … Read more

How to Build the Cyclops in Subnautica


Subnautica’s Cyclops is the ultimate vehicular goal for survivors on planet 4546B. It is by far the largest vehicle in Subnautica, easily surpassing the Seamoth and Prawn suit. It also has a vehicle bay and an initial crush depth of 500 meters, making it a perfect mobile base of operations. Presented with a vehicle practically … Read more