How To Find and Defeat Nosk In Hollow Knight

Nosk Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight has no shortage of bosses and other secrets hidden off the beaten path. One of these secret bosses is Nosk, a denizen of the Deepnest. While out of the way, it is easily one of the most memorable battles in Hallownest, only partially due to his unique attacks and the difficulty of the … Read more

Should You Save Zote In Hollow Knight?

Zote Hollow Knight

During your forays into the Hallownest, you’ll encounter a few NPCs on their own adventures. Some will be willing to sell you interesting items and information, while others will keep you company in brief moments of respite. Zote the “Mighty” is neither of these. He is a self-proclaimed knight of renown with delusions of grandeur, … Read more

Hollow Knight Love Key: How to Unlock the Tower of Love

Hollow Knight Love Key

If you’ve been thoroughly exploring the City of Tears, you may have come across a curious-looking tower on the right-most fringe of the area. If so, you’ll have found that it is locked, with the key nowhere nearby. Cracking open this door into the tower is a pretty good idea given what’s inside, and for … Read more

Hollow Knight Pale Ore: How to Upgrade Your Nail

Hollow Knight Pale Ore

Hollow Knight is full of secrets and rare items that make the Knight stronger. Arguably the most valuable of these items is Pale Ore. A few chunks of this Pale Ore, some Geo, and a trip to the Nailsmith can turn the Knight’s rusty old nail into a weapon of legends. Unsurprisingly, this prospect makes … Read more