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Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: How to Play the Glass Cannon

Huntress Risk of Rain 2

The Huntress in Risk of Rain 2 was among the first batch of survivors, available upon the game’s release. She is also a returning character, having been a part of the first game, Risk of Rain. She is by no means a second-rate holdover – the Huntress was a powerful character in the first game, … Read more

Sekiro Prayer Beads: How to Make All Ten Prayer Necklaces

sekiro prayer beads

Quite like the Gourd Seeds, Prayer Bead necklaces are a set of key items that are critical to increasing your survivability. Unlike the Gourd Seeds, however, these necklaces are much more of a challenge to get, requiring you to search off the beaten path, and defeat minibosses that will give you a run for your … Read more

Subnautica: Where To Find Kyanite

Subnautica Kyanite

There’s a load of resources waiting to be found in the depths of Planet 4546B, some being more valuable than others. Kyanite is one of these valuable resources, being a prerequisite for items and machinery needed to finish Subnautica’s storyline. To get your hands on this endgame material, you’ll need to prepare for a great … Read more

Project Zomboid Infections: How to Treat Illness & Injury

Project Zomboid Infection

Death can come quickly in Project Zomboid. Sure, the zombies are the most obvious threat, the one that usually ends a survivor’s story, but an untreated cut can kill a survivor just as easily as the undead hordes. Untreated wounds can kill through blood loss, debilitate a survivor and make them easy prey, or make … Read more

Undead Bone Shard: How To Find Each Location In Dark Souls 3

Undead Bone Shard Dead Souls 3

While the Estus Flask is by far the more important healing item in Dark Souls 3, Undead Bone Shards are a must to unlock its full potential. While a little more challenging to find than Estus Shards, each Undead Bone Shard burned at the Firelink Shrine bonfire will considerably boost your health recovery. This will … Read more

Surviving the Project Zomboid Helicopter Event

Project Zomboid

It’s happened to us all. You’ve survived for about a week. You have your base, a wealth of supplies and weapons, maybe an outpost or two. At this point, what could possibly stop you? Many a new player has reached this point, brimming with hope at their survival ability. Only to have it dashed by … Read more

Sekiro Headless Mini-bosses: How to Find and Defeat All Five


As if the other mini-bosses in Sekiro weren’t enough, FromSoft decided to add in these beastly creatures. Found tucked away in dark, solitary areas, the Headless will no doubt, if you haven’t stumbled across them already, prove to be a test of your nerves alongside your combat ability. Though, like much of the other side … Read more

Best Places to Find Lithium In Subnautica

Subnautica Lithium

Lithium is one of the earliest minerals you’ll come across that is required for more advanced crafts. It isn’t exactly rare, but it isn’t nearly as common as materials like Titanium, either. Since you need it for important crafts and upgrades, like depth modules and improved Oxygen tanks, you’ll need to have a fair amount … Read more