Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform In 2023? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

ArK Survival Evolved

Though it’s been on the scene for a while, Ark: Survival Evolved has firmly retained its position as one of the most popular survival games. Ark has maintained a high position on the Steam popularity charts, occupying the 17th spot as of this date. But, as any perpetually popular game knows, the gaming landscape changes … Read more

Elden Ring Multiplayer: How Does it Compare to Past Games?

Elden Ring Multiplayer

The run-up to the release of Elden Ring has, naturally, come with plenty of questions. What of the combat? The story? The Lands Between itself? While these questions are important, there is one other at the lips of FromSoft veterans – will there be jolly cooperation? More importantly, might we visit the worlds of other … Read more

Valheim Mistlands Update: What We Know So Far

Valheim Mistlands Update

A mere month after the release of Hearth and Home, Ironside have announced the next big update they have in development – the Mistlands. It currently exists as one of the three unfinished biomes, though certainly the most eerie and mysterious. Players are keen to know what exactly lurks in the eternal darkness of the … Read more

Final Fantasy 14 Races: Which to Choose as Your First Character?

final fantasy 14 races

Creating a character is always the hardest choice in an RPG, MMO or otherwise. It’s an important choice to get right, given that your character will be with you for a great deal of the game, if not the entire length. In Final Fantasy 14, there are quite a few races available, with each being … Read more

Everything New in Valheim Hearth and Home

valheim hearth and home

Valheim’s recent Hearth and Home update has given us a bunch of new ways to spruce up our Viking villages, alongside a multitude of other additions to the 10th realm. From Lox mounts to tar pits, let’s explore every new addition in the Valheim Hearth and Home update. New building pieces, furniture, and decorations The … Read more