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How To Get Hardwood In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Hardwood

Stardew Valley has a whole host of materials for you to gather and build with. Some are common, some are rare, but all have a use at some point or another. Unsurprisingly, wood is one material that you’ll need in spades early on for many of the common crafting recipes. For the more advanced crafts, however, you’ll need sturdier stuff.

Hardwood is precisely that. This material is exactly what it sounds like, being a hardier type of wood required for various useful crafting recipes. While certainly helpful, this means that Hardwood is a much rarer material, one that can be a pain to get when you need it. To get large quantities, you’ll need to set aside weeks to gather up a bunch, which can make it a tedious task indeed. Thankfully, you can use a few tricks to efficiently gather Hardwood, if you take the time to prepare in advance.

Harvest stumps on the farm

Depending on your farm, you can obtain a small amount of Hardwood to get yourself started. The Forest Farm has the most Hardwood logs, with a total of eight stumps that respawn daily. This can give you a steady source of 16 Hardwood, which is a good amount for some of the first intermediate crafts that require the material. Other farms have their own Hardwood stumps and logs, but they won’t respawn, only earning you a single haul. You won’t be able to harvest these logs and stumps immediately, however; a Bronze Axe is required to cut through the tough bark of a Hardwood stump, and a Steel Axe to cut through the logs.

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Visit the Secret Woods

Stardew Valley Hardwood Secret Woods

If you didn’t choose the Forest Farm at the start, there is another way you can get a reliable source of Hardwood. The Secret Woods has six stumps that respawn each day, netting you 12 Hardwood for only a little effort in a morning. It’ll take time to build up a good haul of Hardwood using this method, but it’s certainly worth doing in the early game.

However, you won’t be able to access the Secret Woods immediately. The entrance is blocked by a large log, which can only be cut using a Steel Axe or better. Getting one will probably mean a few trips to the Mines and a good chunk of gold, but they’re easy enough to get by mid-Spring, even if you don’t make it a priority. Once you have your Steel Axe, head to the west side of Cindersap Forest and go behind the Wizard’s Tower. In that corner is the entrance to the Secret Woods. Destroy the large log and head inside for the Hardwood stumps and other goodies.

Lumberjack profession

Moving onto more mid-game methods of Hardwood gathering, the Lumberjack profession is an excellent way to gain an endless amount of the material. The profession gives you a chance to obtain Hardwood from every tree you chop down, regardless of axe or type of tree.

While you’ll certainly get a good haul of Hardwood over time with this profession, it’s not the best in the long run. You’ll get more utility out of the increased income from the Tapper profession, and there’s a good argument for taking the Gather profession line over Forester in the first place. Plus, there are better ways of getting Hardwood that don’t sacrifice increased income or better forageables, so you’re better off prioritizing them instead.

Farm Mahogany trees

Mahogany trees provide ten Hardwood for each tree you chop down. While initially not present in Stardew Valley, Mahogany seeds are easy to find, and grow into their respective tree much faster than other tree seeds. Each tree grows in stages, with a percentage chance of the tree growing each night. This growth process can be sped up significantly using Tree Fertilizer, increasing your Mahogany’s chance of growing to the next stage from 15% to 60% per night.

At stage five, the Mahogany tree will be fully grown. This makes Tree Fertilizer an integral part of making a Mahogany tree farm, as it drastically reduces the time it takes to grow a forest of Mahogany. You’ll need 5 Fiber and 5 Stone to make the Fertilizer, and a great harvest of Hardwood will be yours in around a week.

To obtain Mahogany Seeds, you’ll need to visit specific areas outside your farm. The first is the Secret Woods, as the Slimes there often drop Mahogany seeds. You can also get Mahogany Seeds from chopping up Large Stumps and Large Logs, though you’ll quickly exhaust this method without the help of the Mines. Lastly, you can head over to Ginger Island and harvest the Mahogany trees there. Not only will you have access to a replenishing supply of Hardwood, but you’ll also get a steady stream of Mahogany Seeds for your own farm.

Dangerous Mines

For a truly massive supply of Hardwood, you should spend a day down in the Dangerous Mines. Mahogany trees and Hardwood stumps can be found in spades down there, granting an intrepid spelunker a near limitless amount of Hardwood for a relatively low time investment. That said, it is a serious step up in difficulty from the standard Mines, and you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to unlock it.

If you want to journey into the Dangerous Mines, you’ll need to venture to Ginger Island first. There, you must unlock the Golden Walnut Room by collecting 100 Golden Walnuts. These walnuts can be exchanged to open up the Walnut Room, allowing you to meet a new NPC, Mr. Qi, and take on his challenges. By accepting his challenge, “Danger in the Deep”, you will activate the Dangerous Mines, and can now use it to farm Hardwood.

I strongly suggest updating your equipment to include the best tools and weapons you can get, alongside a large supply of healing items, bombs, and other utility items, before taking on this quest. Not only will it massively increase the difficulty of the Mines, but you have only one week to reach the bottom and complete the quest.

These methods are some of the best for obtaining a decent amount of Hardwood. The material has quite a few uses, from important crafts to quests, and you’ll even need some for Community Center bundles and to unlock other areas in Stardew Valley. Since you’ll need a lot, it’s a good idea to start harvesting some Hardwood early; you’ll make your job farming and exploring that bit easier.


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