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How To Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly

There’s a whole host of items and materials in Stardew Valley. Some can be obtained pretty easily, through farming, foraging, received as gifts from villagers, or through other accessible means. Others aren’t so easy, often requiring you to go well out of your way in order to get your hands on them. Prismatic Jelly falls into the latter category. To obtain this item, you’ll need to accept a special order, which can only be done later on in the first year.

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Accepting the special order for Prismatic Jelly

Prismatic Jelly Special Order

Prismatic Jelly is a fairly unique item in that you can only obtain it once a particular quest is active, and it will despawn after it ends. This quest isn’t one you can accept from Pierre’s bulletin board, though. Instead, you’ll need to wait until Fall 2, Year 1, at the earliest. On this date, you’ll get an event once you walk into Pelican Town from any direction. This event unlocks the special order board outside Mayor Lewis’ house.

This board houses what are effectively expanded quests from Pierre’s bulletin board; you won’t be fetching one or two items anymore, but instead, one or two dozen. For your additional effort, you’ll have much more time in which to complete these special orders and receive a much higher payout once you do. You’ll also get a whole lot of Friendship points with the relevant villagers, plus a unique recipe for most special orders, so they’re worth doing.

Sooner or later, this special order board will feature a quest posted by the Wizard. There are no prerequisites to this quest; you’ll just have to wait until it appears. The special order board refreshes every week, so I suggest you check in every Monday to see what’s there. Special orders do count down even if you haven’t accepted them, so it’s always good to accept them early to have as much time working on them as possible. You don’t want to accept the Wizard’s quest on Friday only to have a couple of days to complete it. You can also have multiple special orders active at a time, so don’t worry if you haven’t completed one before taking on the Wizard’s. Once you’ve accepted his quest from the special order board, it’s time to get working on it.

Locating Prismatic Jelly

As you’ve probably surmised from the special order description, you can’t make Prismatic Jelly. Instead, you’ll need to venture down into the mines and hunt a slime that can spawn as soon as you’ve accepted this quest. If you didn’t know, you can reach the mines by following the river in Pelican Village north, walking past the carpenter’s house on your left, and crossing a wooden bridge over the Mountain Pond. Head inside the shaft to enter the mines. On one of these floors will be the Prismatic Slime, which must be slain for your Prismatic Jelly.

Finding the Prismatic Slime

Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly Location

You’re best off setting aside the majority of a day to search for the Prismatic Slime. It can only spawn once the Wizard’s quest is active, and even then, it’s a rare spawn. Depending on your daily luck, every single slime has a chance of spawning as the Prismatic Slime, repeated for every floor you go to. The base chance for this is 1.2% for each slime, but this can increase or decrease depending on your luck.

As luck is important, it’s best to go into the mines with your luck stat as high as possible. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of encountering a Prismatic Slime and finishing the special order with much of the day left. Once you accept the special order, you should check your TV in your house and watch the fortune teller.

This channel will tell you what your daily luck is, with displeased spirits meaning bad luck and happy spirits meaning good luck. It’s only worth going into the mines when the spirits are feeling good. If you want to increase your luck even more, you can also eat meals that boost your luck stat, like pumpkin soup or fried eel. You could also equip the Lucky Ring, but that will require you to visit the Skull Cavern or get extremely lucky panning. Once your luck is high, head into the mines.

Sooner or later, you’ll encounter a Prismatic Slime. For the sake of speed, you should only be on the lookout for slimes, dropping to the next floor if you don’t find any. Fighting this slime isn’t terribly difficult, but it will pay to have some decent equipment. The Prismatic Slime does have 1000 HP, plus 35 damage, so you’ll need a bit more than a wooden sword to have an easy time of it.

That said, something half-decent will be enough. All you really need to do is back the slime into a corner and whack it repeatedly. Slimes need a bit of a wind-up for their attacks, so keeping it cornered will make the fight more or less one-sided. Once you’ve killed the Prismatic Slime, it has a 100% chance of dropping Prismatic Jelly. Claim your trophy and head out of the mines.

Turning in the Prismatic Jelly

With the Prismatic Jelly in hand, all that’s left is to bring it to the Wizard in his tower. If you haven’t yet paid him a visit, you can find his tower on the western side of Cindersap Forest, just south of the entrance to the Secret Woods. Head inside and speak to him to turn in the quest. You’ll lose any Prismatic Jellies you still have in your inventory, and Prismatic Slimes will no longer spawn. You aren’t missing out though; Prismatic Jelly can’t be sold nor used for anything other than this quest, so it isn’t worth getting more than one.

Completing this quest will reward you with a cool 5,000 gold and the recipe to craft Monster Musk. This item is pretty handy for other quests like this one, as it doubles the number of monsters you’ll encounter in dungeons for 10 minutes. Perfecting for farming monster drops or grinding those quests for the Adventurer’s Guild.


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