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Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Platform?

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross-platform

Monster Hunter is a great series to play solo, but it’s made all the better with friends. Having a couple of buddies to back you up during a hunt can take the pressure off for newer hunters, and it makes exploring the locales all the more fun. Besides, you’re bound to run into a monster you have trouble with sooner or later, so being able to fall back on your fellow hunters is always a nice option to have.

Despite the multiplayer being such a great feature of the Monster Hunter franchise, crossplay doesn’t tend to be implemented. Monster Hunter World, the latest game before Rise, didn’t include this functionality. Even so, Monster Hunter Rise is a new game developed much more recently, and the demand for cross-platform compatibility has only increased. As of the game’s release on PC, many hunters are asking, “is Monster Hunter Rise cross-platform?”. Let’s answer that question.

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Is Monster Hunter Rise cross-platform compatible?

Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross Platform Compatible

As cross-platform functionality can be broken up into three separate categories, it’s best to give a summary of what they are to make sure we’re all on the same page. If this isn’t your first cross-platform rodeo, feel free to skip ahead and get your question answered. If it is, let me explain the parts of cross-platform functionality that make up the whole.

The first part of cross-platform functionality, and the one most people tend to have in mind, is crossplay. Crossplay is the most important part of the cross-platform trinity, being the feature that allows players to connect regardless of their device. In practice, this means that you’d be able to join your buddy on Playstation while you are on an Xbox.

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The second feature of cross-platform functionality is cross-generation. In short, this is pretty much backward compatibility, allowing you to play a game on newer consoles, despite it being initially released on an older one. Bloodborne, being initially released on PS4 but playable on PS5, is one example of this.

The third and final feature that makes up cross-platform functionality is cross-progression. This feature essentially allows players to continue their saves on different devices. For example, cross-progression would allow you to continue playing your character or account on Playstation, despite having created it on PC. Unsurprisingly, this feature tends to come with a linked account, and is most often used by MMOs that are released to multiple devices.

Does Monster Hunter Rise have cross-platform functionality?

Monster Hunter Rise Cross-platform functionality

Now that I’ve summarized what makes up cross-platform functionality, it’s time for the main question. Unfortunately, the answer is likely not satisfying, but it is a quick one – no. As it stands, Monster Hunter Rise is not cross-platform between Nintendo Switch and PC, which are the only platforms the game is currently available on.

Whether this remains the case or changes in the future is anyone’s guess, and it’s probably more worthwhile to hope that Monster Hunter Rise will be released to other consoles before hoping for cross-platform functionality. It’s unknown whether there are any future console releases in the pipeline, but Rise did come to the PC late, and its predecessor, Monster Hunter World, saw great success on consoles in the West. Whether this will be enough of an incentive for Capcom to port it over to consoles or not is unclear, but I wouldn’t rule it out for sure. If it makes an appearance on other consoles, who knows, it might be a marker for future cross-platform functionality, or other multiplayer features.

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Is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak cross-platform?

As with the base game, the expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak, had a late PC release. Considering this release, it’s not unnatural to ask if the situation regarding Monster Hunter Rise cross-platform functionality has changed. Unfortunately, it has not. The release of Sunbreak has not changed the status of Monster Hunter Rise cross-platform functionality, nor does it seem like there is any impending release to other platforms.

Final Thoughts

However, it is worth mentioning that the developers have left the door open to pursuing cross-platform functionality in the future. There aren’t any definitive statements as yet, but the developers behind Monster Hunter Rise have recognized the popular request for cross-platform functionality and have looked into it, but cannot implement this feature at the moment. Maybe we can look forward to Monster Hunter Rise becoming cross-platform compatible in the future, or maybe fans of the franchise will have to wait for the next installment for a cross-platform Monster Hunter. Only time will tell.


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